Lost In The Now

It is a most wonderful experience to be Lost in the Now. We would have to travel back to our childhood to reconnect with how it feels to be constantly in the present moment.  Lost in the Now

When we were infants that is all that existed for us, but as time passed we lost more and more of this most precious state. It did not take long for outside influences to condition us away from the present and into the state of confusion, worry and stress.

Is it any wonder that we are drawn to the sheer beauty and innocence of a newborn baby?


How To Stay In The Present Moment?

Once our habits and routines kick in it is not surprising at all that many of us do not even realize we are trapped in the past and future. We actually believe we are in the present.

For an example of what it is like to be immersed in the present just observe small children and animals. They are a perfect example of being Lost in the Now.  Enjoying the Now

Our perceptions are so easy to buy into that we will argue on and on that things are just the way they are, and we have absolutely nothing to do with it. Isn’t it obvious that this event or situation is just what it is.

It takes a bit of practice to increase our awareness to the level where we are able to recognize what is really going on, and then realize we can do something about it if we so choose. We re-establish our Power to Choose Consciously in the Present Moment.

Here’s the Secret to all this: All the Power in our great gigantic Universe resides in the Present Moment.

Getting a grip on this will lead us to a new level of awareness, and ability to consciously steer our lives in the direction we desire to go, instead of ending up somewhere else and asking, “What the heck happened?”

So how do we stay in the present moment? The easiest way to get started is to ask a simple question to ourselves on a consistent basis. This question is: “Am I present Now?” That’s it.

When we ask that question it snaps us back into present time, and we are then able to recognize that we were drifting away with some thoughts in our mind about “whatever”. The precise content doesn’t matter. It’s the very fact that we were more engaged with focusing on past or future stuff, and neglecting what is going on right now, and more importantly we missed our opportunity to utilize our Power in the Moment in order to effectively create the life which we so much desire.


Learning To Love “Uncertainty”

A big part of our unwillingness to let go and surrender to what is going on, is our insistence on having to know how things are going to turn out ahead of time. We avoid uncertainty like the plague.  Embracing Uncertainty

But there is a difference between the uncertainty of the journey (full of many surprises and learning opportunities), and the uncertainty of the outcome. The outcome is actually guaranteed (that or something even better) once we know it is, and let go worrying about how it’s going to come about.

All our treasures lie down the path marked uncertainty and discomfort (exploring new things always brings a bit of anxiety, fear, and doubt with it), so is it any wonder that so few of us choose that path, when we can stay on the path of what we know to be certain and more comfortable.

But is it really that comfortable or are we just kidding ourselves? Ignoring our dreams and true desires because of fear, doubt, or a lack of knowledge may appear to be comfortable now, but that decision is full of much sorrow and regret once we are able to see and accept what our choices have created for us to experience.

Learning to live more and more in the Present Moment allows us to come face to face with our fears, but also allows us to discover our courage as well. Anytime we are willing to experience our fear, the part of us who is Fear-LESS  kicks in and brings us many unexpected gifts and surprises.  The Gift of the "Present" Moment

When we learn to trust ourselves by releasing all resistance to the Now or Present (there’s a reason it’s called the Present because of all the gifts it provides), we then are able to enjoy the Uncertainty of the Journey in a way which guarantees the Certainty of our Outcome.


The Gift We Give To Ourselves   

We are the only ones who are able to unlock the door to our magnificence, potential, and power. Once we realize this we would not want anyone else to do it anyway. We hold the key once we wake up to this fact. It’s like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz not realizing she just had the click her ruby slippers together to obtain anything she desired.   Accessing the Magic

So let’s be nice to ourselves by accepting what is going on right now, determine if this is the direction we desire to continue to go, and then consciously make any needed adjustments. It is best to start with small things in our life, and then move up to larger issues once we have proven to ourselves we can achieve a desired result.

There is no greater gift we can give to ourselves than to be Lost in the Now, and access our true Power and Potential. Let’s all spend more time drifting to the Present Moment rather than immersed in the confusion and distraction of the illusionary past or future.


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Enjoy the Present for the Gifts it provides,




4 thoughts on “Lost In The Now”

  1. Joseph,
    Eckhart Tolle, in his book “A New Earth” , had this to say about staying in the present. “The decision to make the present moment your friend is the end of the ego. The ego can never be in alignment with the present moment, which is to say, aligned with life, since it’s very nature compels it to ignore, resist, or devalue the Now. Time is what the ego lives on. ”
    In essence the ego lives in the past or the future, it hates the presence. The key, like you point out, is awareness.

    • Thank you so much David for your comment. Eckhart Tolle is one of my favorite authors and I have personally benefited much from his writings over the years.


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