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Imprisoned Mind

An imprisoned mind is not a very efficient machine. Our minds are so powerful that without all the false data which we have accumulated over time, we would be performing at peak levels in all areas of our lives.   Imprisoned Mind

The powers of the mind are dissipated greatly when we run our lives on false assumptions and beliefs. In order to break free from this self-made prison requires much effort and diligence on our part.


A Prison of Our Own Making

Since we have unknowingly imprisoned ourselves, it is quite possible to “consciously” free ourselves. We hold the power within ourselves to create any result we desire once we acknowledge and embrace our power.

As children before the age of seven (7), for the most part we were confident and free. The world was a space of unlimited potential and adventure.

It was only after hearing the dreaded “no” enough times did we begin to get frustrated and actually doubt ourselves. This obviously differed for each one of us dependent on our specific environment and personality traits.

Many of our current beliefs and assumptions which limit ourselves today actually served a useful purpose when we were young. When confronted with pain and scary events, we sought ways to protect ourselves even when it involved lying to ourselves and others, and creating a story that seemed to make sense to explain things.

An accumulation of this sort of baggage carried over to adulthood does untold damage in limiting what we conceive as possible, and thus restricts our experiences. What once we would have approached with courage and anticipation, we now find reasons and excuses not to move forward.


The Dilemma of Being Reasonable

We will jump through a lot of hoops to make sense of our lives, even when what we do is not in alignment with who we are and what we desire. After many years of schooling and traditional training, we have learned it pays to be reasonable and safe.

We actually think by being reasonable it will get us what we want, but it actually short circuits our potential and allows us to merely fit in with the herd. We sacrifice who we really are by pretending that we are satisfied by being reasonable. We say things like, “It only makes sense to do it this way.” “Can’t you see how obvious this is?” “This is just the way life is.” And many more similar statements, which keep us confined within our own Imprisoned Mind.

It is much easier to be reasonable, even when we make stuff up to do so, than venture out of our comfort zone into the great unknown. Uncertainty frightens us to such an extent that we much rather sacrifice our potential gain, than risk any unnecessary pain.


The Good News and The Bad News

The bad news is that no one can cripple ourselves and our efforts as much as we do. In becoming a prisoner of our mind, with all the limiting assumptions and beliefs which go along with that, we are our very own Jailer.   Our Own Jailer

But ironically that is also the good news, as being the jailer we have the Keys which will unlock our cell and release us from the Prison of our Mind. We are both the Jailer and the Jailed.

Now it is time to do some soul-searching and brain storming. It is certainly possible to uncover those keys which we possess right this very moment. This will allow us to release ourselves from fake realities, and be free to pursue any endeavors we choose with the confidence and knowingness that our ultimate success is a done deal.


Unlocking the Door

The very thing that imprisoned us can set us free. It is our Conscious Choice. At many points in our lives we made choices based on fear and protection. Because of what we experienced, we went into survival mode, and made choices to protect ourselves. By doing this a number of times, it basically became an automatic way to respond to certain things, regardless if those choices served us well or not.

It’s time to dig these false assumptions and beliefs out of the ground of our mind, and stop creating “fake realities” for ourselves. We owe it to ourselves and others to face these nasty fears and doubts, and consciously choose and claim our inherent birthright, which is based on our Unlimited Potential to express ourselves fully and share our gifts and talents with the world.   Unlocking the Door

When we Go to Give we never need to concern ourselves with receiving. We will be so involved with Living our True Purpose that prosperity and abundance are a given, and will naturally and automatically flow our way.

Be Never afraid to look within to discover what resides there which may be holding us back. When we look and accept what is there, we are empowered to Change.

Observation and Acceptance will allow us to discover things about ourselves which will dissolve these fake assumptions and perceptions. We can then “decide” what we desire, figure out a way to get there, and proceed one step at a time toward our goal making any necessary adjustments along the way. Once we our on our journey, we will discover more and more which will speed our way to our destination.

And most of all, never forget to Enjoy the Journey!


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To your Eventual Success which you Already Possess,




8 thoughts on “Imprisoned Mind”

  1. What you have written is so amazing. I believe that God has placed in all of us gifts and talents that are justing waiting to be tapped into so we can create that world that we often daydream about. Like the saying goes “the mind is a terrible thing to waste “if we tap into our God-given abilities and let our minds work those abilities we will have much success and life will take on a whole new meaning with wonderful experiences.

  2. Your writing hits home with me and I have often wondered about if we had been raised without so many ‘you can’t do that’ or ‘that’s wrong’ how different our minds would be. It is very difficult to ‘unlock’ some of the limiting beliefs, especially since most of them were put there by our parents. Thank you for this wonderful article… I am reminded that I can believe in anything, even my own success.

  3. Wow! What an eye-opener!
    Looking back so many years ago when I was 6 or 7 I wanted to make stuff like watches. I actually gathered some materials and made one, which did not work at all! But I had this strong belief that I can make things. Later on, as a teenager, I dreamed about inventing a device with which I could control everything and anything. I was free. But as I grew older and began conforming to societal expectations, all my inventor traits evaporated.

    We are indeed the prisoners of our own minds. Thanks for reminding us that we can free ourselves and attain greatness beyond our own beliefs!
    I’m gonna unlock and throw the key in the ocean!
    Great job!

  4. It was very good and made me think of my life and what I have been doing with it for the past 82 years. When I was young did not do well in school. This belief makes me what I am today. I had to do things that hard way and make them work. I did this very successfully. I had the determination to make it happen my way, and I did that. Thanks for you good story.


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