Breaking Habit Routines — Including Procrastination & More

Breaking habit is about realizing that we have the power to change with the right amount of commitment and determination. Change becomes automatic in a positive way when we make the decision to progress.breaking habit

These routines of habit are not who we are. They are merely ways of doing things that we have developed, mostly unconsciously over time, that do not serve our purposes in advancing our dreams and desires.


“Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.”

— Edward de Bono —


Breaking Habit — The Willingness to Progress

When we are stuck in certain ways of doing things as a result of thinking in a certain way for a very long time, it becomes essential for us to develop the willingness to break free, Our current conditioning is our default pattern of thinking and doing.

This has become so automatic that it dominates our perception of how we see ourselves, others, and the world. We become convinced that this is just the way things are and of which we have very little control if any.

We have isolated ourselves in a box of illusions that we totally believe are true. With over ninety (90%) percent of our thoughts being the same every day, the probability is high that our mindset will not change.

Once we realize that this is just our current paradigm or conditioning, this little bit of awareness can provide the willingness to change things up a bit. It takes our willingness to break the inertia of being stuck, to be able to break free and progress in a different direction that is more suitable to our goals and true destiny in life.

We all have a unique purpose in life based on our individual talents and abilities. By recognizing and fulfilling our purpose we are best able to serve others and achieve the fulfillment and joy that we most deserve.

Breaking Habit — Igniting the Fire

Once our eyes are open to our current conditioning and we have the willingness to proceed, we are now positioned to make constructive changes in our everyday routines. This is a step-by-step process based on defining exactly where we are and where we want to do.

Once we obtain enough clarity we will have changed our mindset enough to ignite the fire of our inspiration. Once this is ignited we will be obsessed with making progress and be most willing to handle any resistance or roadblocks along the way.

We will actually look forward to taking the next step on our journey to our most cherished dreams and goals. Now, let’s take a few practical steps on our journey to breaking habit routines.

Creating a New Routine

The best way to break up old routines that do not serve us well is not by willpower but by the “willingness” to progress as I mentioned above. Since our old conditioning is based on false ideas about ourselves and our capabilities, we do not have to exert any more energy to change this habit routine, but merely redirect our focus (which turns our energy) to what we truly desire.

This is a heck of a lot easier and much less stressful. Let’s now outline a few practical steps to take.

  1. Identify areas of life dissatisfied with and desire to improve
  2. Identify specifically the current situation while acknowledging both mistakes and accomplishments
  3. Determine a specific outcome/goal/objective
  4. Create a plan of action based on current information (this will change during the process of advancing to the goal)
  5. Recognize that there will be resistance along the way
  6. Determine the first step to take on the journey
  7. Allow each step to lead to the Next Step as new information and guidance are discovered
  8. Be consistent with this process regardless of immediate results or lack thereof

The key to breaking habit routines and instilling new habits is consistency. It requires constant reminders and taking action toward the desired outcome.

Now, this may not be the easiest thing to do, but it is so worth it when the outcome or desire is something we really want to happen. When we feel we deserve the best we will do whatever is necessary to create that type of lifestyle.

Breaking Habit — Losing the Procrastinationbreaking habit

Once we have re-designed the way we look at things and create new expectations, there is no way we will procrastinate since there will always be something we are willing to do to advance our position in the direction of our goals. The key is that these goals need to mean something to us.

Our desires need to be heart-felt so that when we do confront the resistance to change we will embrace the challenge and deals with the situation creatively. We will be solution-minded rather than problem paralyzed.

When we redirect our energy to solving problems we eventually enjoy the process as they allow us to grow and become stronger. Breaking habit routines have both immediate and long-term benefits. We get more done today and become much more capable and confident people over time.

Let’s now utilize some intuitive poetry to source some additional information along these lines.

“How can I best create new habits that serve me well in all areas of my life?”

The Habit Trap

– Lost within

A repetitive spin

Doing things by default

With no hope to win


– Taking for granted

Things as they are

Unable to maneuver

Or get very far


– Things seem rather hopeless

With my current mindset

A new way of thinking

Is what I must get


– Breaking a habit

That doesn’t serve well

May be quite a challenge

To get things to gel


– Being willing to change

Is only the start

As we quickly observe

That transformation is an art


– No need for dismay

Or any fear to arise

What once seemed inescapable

Has become a pleasant surprise!

— Joseph William Stasaitis — 5/30/2022


It is so important for us to have an awareness of our power in the present moment that can be used for or against us. When we are within the habit trap of conditioning we do things by default and our results will vary based on our current paradigm of belief.

Once we recognize this we are able to sort things out a bit by keeping what works and eliminating what doesn’t. It takes a bit of time and constant reminders of the truth to move beyond our current state of affairs, but it is very doable.

By breaking habit routines we consciously put in place routines that are favorable to reaching our goals and desires. With patience and taking one step at a time we are able to realize our most heartfelt desires.

Have fun and enjoy the Journey,

Joseph William

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6 thoughts on “Breaking Habit Routines — Including Procrastination & More”

  1. This is an awesome post! I’m sure every person especially aspiring entrepreneurs can benefit from reading this article.

    Breaking bad habits are hard! I can relate. I do procrastinate A LOT!

    But i do agree that creating new routines is very important and sticking to them!

    This goes as well for those who are looking to get into better shape and living a healthier lifestyle!

    It takes dedication and hard work, but do it for a few weeks and it’ll be easier!

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Lorenz. I appreciate your comments. It’s really forming the habit to do things consistently even when you don’t feel like doing them. Commitment and determination are key.

  2. This is really a very valuable post. I just saw a post like this. A lot of people worry about having a habit break. But in this post I have explained in great detail how to do it. I really want to do this too. Because I also want to make a new routine and give life a new lease of life. Thanks so much for posting like this. Keep up the good content.

  3. This is quite inspiring, especially for me. I am at a stage in my life where I struggle with being consistent with things that will bring positive changes and happiness to my life. I keep setting goals and plans but I don’t keep to them. Procrastination has become my very bad habit.

    I learned a lot from this article and I hope to apply them in my life starting from today. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks, Bethel. Always remember it is just one step at a time no matter how small the step. You will be pleasantly surprised by the increased motivation you gain along the way as the momentum toward your goals and objectives increases. It all starts with one small step. No positive action is insignificant.


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