Why Am I Falling Asleep All The Time? — A Perpetual Snooze

When someone asks why am I falling asleep all the time, the first thing that comes to mind is some sort of sleep apnea or other sleep disorder. But that is that what I am referring to here. Why Am I Falling Asleep All The Time -- Fast Asleep

What I am going to discuss in this article is the type of “waking sleep” that results from living through a perceptual field that we create based on our experiences and heredity. This type of sleep keeps us locked into an illusionary world that seems so real that we are inclined to feel powerless and quite often play the victim.

Fear Induced Sleepiness

This is actually an overall drowsy state that results from fear and anxiety that we possess regardless if we are aware of it or not. As a result we compensate in many ways in order to protect what we believe to be our true self-image.

At this point we are reactors instead of being the creators which is our true inheritance. When we take our rightful place as a creator we do not react to circumstances, rather we “respond” based on what it is we most desire to see or accomplish. We are able to visualize and think truth regardless of what we see “out there” in terms of images of poverty, scarcity, lack, disease, or any other type of weakness or challenge.

The tendency is to be afraid of this and fall into a self-induced type of trance in order to keep ourselves within some type of safety zone. It is a way to flee from the problem rather than confront it.

Thinking as a creator when faced with evidence of suffering and lack is not an easy thing to do. We have conditioned ourselves to such an extent that it has become habitual to default to fear and flee to safety.

This type of fear induced sleepiness can only be changed once we recognize it, and then make a conscious decision to do something about it. Just as much of our current conditioning was induced by some emotional or traumatic occurrence, it usually takes some sort of upheaval to cast us out of our comfort zone enough to confront our challenges and wake ourselves up a bit.

Wakey-Wakey Why Am I Falling Asleep All The Time -- Totally Awake

No matter how much we resist, there comes a time when we are inspired or just plain sick and tired of the way things are that we begin to awaken. We realize we have been living just a different version of our nighttime dreams. We assumed that because our physical eyes were open that we were really awake. Unfortunately, we were mistaken.

Kids understand this and get it a lot quicker than adults because at an early age they are still connected to their creative selves, and more easily recognize the truth. When working with young children in the mental health field, I would often kid around with them and say that we are just dreaming all this up, and to a large extent they would get it.

Our true reality in an awakened state is beyond the perceptions that we bought into and held in place by our most cherished beliefs. Those beliefs were formed by a combination of thought and emotion of which we were quite aware during that particular experience, but over time forgot that it was us that created the belief that is now running our lives on a habitual basis.

The key here is to wake up enough to understand that we do have a bunch of habits that are directing our actions and results. As long as we have these habits, it might be a good idea to mix things up a bit and create some good habits along the way that actually benefit us, and take us in the direction we most desire to go.

The Resistance to Think for Ourselves

On the surface you would think that this is something that we would readily embrace. But thinking for ourselves when we have been conditioned not to do so, is not an easy think to do. There is just so much evidence “out there” to the contrary, that it is much easier to default to current conditions and let others do our thinking for us, especially if we view those “others” as experts or some type of authority figure.

And even when we think we are thinking for ourselves that may not be the case. I read somewhere recently that only 2% of people actually think constructively, 3% think that they are thinking correctly, and 95% don’t have a clue. Now it doesn’t matter where we are on this sace of thought awareness, it is important what we do from here. The critical idea to keep in mind is that everything that we perceive actually is our witness to our current conditioning or thought system.

Our current paradigm is in place and we are acting according to how we view ourselves, others, and the world in general. This habitual pattern of thinking creates our actions and inevitable results. We think things are happening to us when we are actually writing the script and playing it out.

That is why we feel so much resistance to change. We are going against our current view of reality when we try to think outside the box, even though outside the box is a much truer vision of reality. It doesn’t pay to beat ourselves up for not making any changes that we desire. The cards are stacked against us, because we just don’t know how to think for ourselves.

Breaking Through the Matrix

In order to think differently and make constructive changes in our lives we must get a better perspective on things. We have to take the “Red Pill” so to speak, and see what lies beyond our illusionary images that we are currently viewing. An awareness and understanding of this process is a vital first step.

Then it is necessary to spend some quality time changing things up in our subconscious mind where things are operating on an automatic basis based on instructions we gave to it so long ago that we don’t even remember. But these very instructions or beliefs (thoughts backed by emotion) are what is running our lives. Our past thinking is what we are currently viewing, and our present thinking is setting up what we will continue to experience well into the future.

Check out my free videos on Getting Stuff Done and Taking the Next Step so that you can get a better idea on how to turn this around. It takes consistency in terms of being diligent in observing our thoughts, and replacing them as needed with thoughts that build ourselves up with the qualities that we desire to express. Over time through repetition, we will break through the matrix of our limiting perceptions and beliefs. and experience our preferred version of reality.

This all takes place in the present moment. That is where all our power resides. The magic is Now and always has been. Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, we merely have to click the heels of those ruby slippers to experience the freedom and liberty of being our creative selves.

1) Determine exactly what you desire with heartfelt emotion

2) Acknowledge where you are now and be grateful for all that has brought you here (both positives and negatives)

3) Understand that where you are this very moment has prepared you for your Next Adventure into Self Discovery

4) Allow the resistance to any change to surface and recognize it for what it is (limiting ideas & beliefs)

5) Understand that all your Power is in the Present Moment

6) Begin your journey by taking the Next Step (the size of the step does not matter as long as it takes you in the direction you want to go and creates some momentum in that direction)

7) Keep repeating the process until you arrive

Doing this on a daily basis will most definitely get you beyond the matrix and into the new reality you desire to experience. But remember, it has to be a heartfelt desire, or you will not have sufficient emotional fuel to keep the momentum in place until you experience the snowball effect when the subconscious mind puts all this on automatic.

Enjoy and have fun with this process. There is a term which I value very much and it is neoteny. I consider this my guiding principle. Neoteny is retaining childlike qualities into adulthood. In other words, not losing our innocence and belief in ourselves and what we are capable of. I enjoy expressing childlike qualities and living in the moment. That’s probably why I was effective working in the mental health field working with children who were experiencing many kinds of challenges.

Anyway, I think you get the point. You HAVE the Power right this very Moment. Instead of using that energy to hold you back, do what is necessary to change direction and get it working on your behalf. It’s just a matter of changing around the marching orders that we give to our subconscious minds.

All the very Best.

With much Love and Peace within your Heart,


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Why Am I Falling Asleep All The Time -- Online Marketing

6 thoughts on “Why Am I Falling Asleep All The Time? — A Perpetual Snooze”

  1. This article you have got here is so rich in knowledge and information. I have gotten to learn quite a lot from reading this article, especially the aspect of sleepiness induced by fear. I never had a clue that fear can make one sleepy. I always thought it was the other way round – “who would want to fall asleep when scared?”

    But haven read this article, I’ve been able to know better now and stand corrected. Thanks for this educating article.

    • Thanks for your thoughts and comments Kelvin. Fear can make you want to stay in bed and avoid confronting certain life issues or even just day-to-day living. Here I am using sleep as a metaphor for not being aware of how we think and that our thinking is actually responsible for how we perceive things. All the Best to You.

  2. This is very interesting, it is amazing how the human mind works I guess in helping to bring relief. I never thought of that. I guess this is a way if I can say that the body protects itself? this is amazing.

  3. I love this, thanks for sharing. I felt the fear/anxiety sleepiness a few times and didn’t like that feeling. I get tired sometimes day dreaming at the W2, imagining how it would be like once I actually get free and live life on my own terms.


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