When Undecided, What Is The Perfect Time?

What are we waiting for? There seems to be a mindset which we picked up at some point in our lives, which creates the illusion that we need to wait for just the right time to do certain things. Well then, what is the perfect time? The Perfect Time

Exploring this issue a bit may help us discover a few insights which will not only help us to break out of any inertia we may be experiencing, but also inspire us to gain the clarity we need in order to sustain that effort.

And once we gain this clarity, life takes on a much different outlook based on our new viewpoint of what is possible, instead of “I’ll do it when the time is right”.

Manufacturing a Variety of Excuses

When I think back over the years of all the excuses I came up with when I did not want to do something, I just have to laugh. It definitely was not funny at the time, as this was serious business. It was extremely important that I come up with something, at least somewhat believable, so that I could get out of doing what I didn’t want to do.

Sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn’t, but that did not deter me from getting creative the next time I needed an excuse. This went on for quite some time, until one day a very good friend opened my eyes to the reality of the Excuse Factory.

We were doing some work in a personal development group, and her and I were discussing how excuses hold us back from getting stuff done. She then said to me, “Joseph, when you need an excuse any old one will do. There is no need to overthink it or get too fussy about it”. With those few words, a light went off in my head, and I just knew that excuses would no longer work for me. I had to let go of my Excuse Factory.

Although excuses most definitely get in the way of us getting things done, there are even more pressing issues which inhibit our efforts, and get us to buy into the Perfect Time Illusion.

Planning our Way into Oblivion

One of those issues happen to be planning. Yes, I know it has been said many times by numerous business and self development experts that “if you fail to plan you plan to fail”. And this is excellent advice when it is not misinterpreted. Planning is an important step in the process of accomplishing things, but only a step.

Planning is meant to be setting up a game plan, which is then implemented in order to take action in efficient and effective ways. It is not meant to be an end-all, where we again find ourselves waiting for the perfect time to implement that plan. Many folks spend a good part of their lives planning to do things. They never seem to get the plan just right, so of course they cannot begin implementation of an unfinished or faulty plan.

Unless we are some type of research scientist in search of certain discoveries, this type of over planning is not necessary at all. In fact, it kills the magic of the moment. The moment when we are inspired to implement that plan.

Detours are Okay Detours

Getting started in the direction of our goals with a plan in hand gives us a good idea on how to proceed. But a good plan is flexible, and allows us to adapt to unexpected challenges and situations. Kids have no problem with this. They get going and figure stuff out along the way.

Taking a detour to get where we want to go is perfectly okay, and is to be expected. No plan, no matter how much time and effort went into creating it, works out exactly as conceived. What makes the journey to our destination so much fun are the challenges and course corrections along the way. Actually, it would be quite boring if everything went exactly to plan.

We are grateful for these detours because they provide us with learning experiences which guide us back to the correct path to our objectives. Also, we discover that it is okay to make mistakes, as they lead us to the correct actions to take.

A Process of Self Discovery

Some of the most important things we learn when embarked on any endeavor to achieve something, is Who We Become in the process. It’s not only about achieving this or that one time; it is becoming the person who “knows” how to get results on a consistent basis, and has the confidence to get stuff done.

When we have this type of confidence, we are able to duplicate this mindset in all areas of our lives. At this point, waiting for the perfect time to get started is not even an issue. We know what we want, and we are confident we will get it.

Situations and problems which bothered us before will no longer register on our radar, since the problem may be an eight (8) or nine (9) on a scale of ten (10), but our confidence and mindset is at a nine (9) or ten (10). We may not know exactly how we are going to solve the problem or accomplish our goal, but we know that we will. The information to get it done has just not shown up yet. Self Discovery

We have left a fear-based existence and entered a world filled with expectation of success. No longer do we wait for others to do it for us, or for some unexpected event to fall into our laps. We act like we know because we do know. We have discovered our Authentic Selves. We have re-introduced ourselves to the confident person we once were when learning to walk. We just figured stuff out along the way.

There is No Pefect Time

When we get to this point of self discovery, this conclusion is a no-brainer. It becomes plainly evident that when we ask ourselves what is the perfect time to do something, the answer is “Now”.

The fear and apprehension we once had may still be there to some degree, but instead of stopping us, it fuels our efforts. We now are able to accept our current state of affairs (both internally and externally) and move forward anyway. The reason for our being is so strong that we do not allow anything to get in our way.

Life becomes an adventure even when doing the simple day-to-day stuff, because we truly see and understand the importance of getting things done effectively, not only for our benefit, but also for the benefit of whomever we are privileged to encounter in our daily affairs. This is a viewpoint which we are proud to duplicate.

I encourage us all to awaken to our Authentic Selves, and embrace all that life has to offer in a way that makes a positive difference in the lives of others. Many times, all it requires is a simple smile to turn around someone’s day. Yes, there is no perfect time to be our best. That time has always been Now.

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May your Perfect Time be Now,


16 thoughts on “When Undecided, What Is The Perfect Time?”

  1. I am constantly on the lookout for any snippets of ‘wise words’ that will help me on my own journey. Straightaway I recognised my old friend ‘Procrastination’ he who wrote the book on never finding the perfect time. When you mentioned childrens outlook on life, without care, it reminded me of one of my sons’ words from many years ago. He was about to go and meet friends, without a coat. His mother mentioned that it might rain, to which he replied “Then I’ll get wet and when I get home I’ll get changed and I’ll be dry”. 

    Facing life’s challenges or problems, head on, is how we grow. Like you said, it is how we find our authentic selves. Each time we overcome, we add a little something to ourselves, or maybe we reveal something to ourselves. Either way it’s a far better approach than avoidance. If we try and fail, we just get back up and try again. 

    • Thanks so much for your comments and insights.  Yes as kids we were much more adaptable and willing to just experience life on its terms.  We are  never to old to become more flexible and adventurous.  All it takes is the willingness and a simple choice.  All the Best to You.

  2. I really appreciate this article. I most enjoy the section on “detours”. Sometimes changes in plans come up and I tend to adjust my sails. The best part is there is no rule that says I cannot. I especially like the fact there is no age limit on retiring to become an entrepreneur. I am enjoying the ride and excited to see what opportunities it will bring. Great post!!!

  3. Hi Joseph,

    This is s great post and is very relevant to lots of people. I have made some serious life decisions in the past few years and  each time I have realised that there is no perfect time to do anything. Since I started my own online business, I have been scared all the way, with the thought of “what if this doesn’t work?”. But, I am loving the adventure and it gives me the flexibility to do what I want. I really want to make it work, but if it doesn’t, I will just have to find something else.

    • Thanks Tom for your comments.  Given persistence and the willingness to adapt to changes within the midst of uncertainty will get you there.  There are always solutions available.  We just need to hang in there long enough to discover them.

  4. I really appreciate this article. I most enjoy the section on “detours”. Sometimes changing in plans come up and I tend to adjust my sails. The best part is there is no rule that says I cannot. I especially like the fact there is no age limit on retiring to become an entrepreneur. I am enjoying the ride and excited to see what opportunities it will bring. Great Post!!!

  5. Hi, Joseph and thanks for this, (I have to say it), uplifting post. Bottom line, this is about procrastination.

    You’re absolutely right, and I really didn’t understand until I read “There Is No Perfect Time”.  There is no perfect time because the only time we have IS now, I said to myself and then you said it in your next paragraph.  “BAMM!”  Yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn’t here yet so, all we have is NOW.  

    The biggest excuse of all is “I’ll do it tomorrow”.  It’s an endless cycle like your friend says, any old one will do.  I’m not good enough,  I’m not built for success, I have to do this first, I don’t have any experience, there is so much to learn and, the list goes on.

    I was going to say WE all know what we have to do.  I need to change that to “I know what I need to do so I should just “Do It”  as Niki says.  JUST DO IT!  

    Can I give an example?  I am going to be 70 years old tomorrow, (feel more like 45) and I have a goal to hike up a local mountain that I have climbed before, many years ago.  I know that I have to train for this to happen so I have committed to doing long walks every 2 days in order to make it happen.  In this case, I have decided to “Just do it” and so far I have been “SUCCESSFUL” in doing so.  I am practicing the “NOW” principle.

    I/we need to have that same “NOW” principle when it comes to other things I want to have success at in my life.  For me, the one thing I want to be successful at “NOW” is gaining financial freedom through my OWN website and it’s not going to happen until I get that “NOW” mentality.  Putting it off until tomorrow isn’t going to work.  I have to do what I need to do NOW or it will never work. 

    That is why I am saying thanks for this UPLIFTING post because that is what you have done for me today.

    It’s “NOW” or never.  Sad that it took me so long to figure it out.  Time to move forward,


    • Happy Birthday and your’re most welcome.  Thanks so much for sharing your journey.  You have proven you have what it take by the mere fact that you have been so diligent and persistent in your training for your climb.

      Transferring what you do successfully in other areas of your life to what you desire to accomplish makes it much easier to accomplish.  You will be successful in any area you desire given the time and persistence.

      All the very Best to You.

  6. So right, Joseph, there is no perfect time!
    People often make so many excuses not to do things and procrastination can be a real problem for a lot of people.
    There is no time like the present, however.
    Do it now, I say before it’s too late!
    Great article 🙂

  7. The time is NOW! there is no perfect time because if we are waiting just for everything to be right then we will be waiting forever. We should start where we are with what we have, this is the way that success is achieved. Thanks so much for sharing this awesome information,

    • Thanks Norman. Your comments are much appreciated. It certainly is now and always has been now. That is for sure. This is not a dress rehearsal. We just go for it and make adjustments along the way.


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