Wasted By Time — Who’s In Control?

Normally we are cautioned against wasting time, but what about “allowing” ourselves to be wasted by time? This is definitely a different twist on the subject of time.Wasted By Time

Let’s delve a bit into this and see what we can learn that will help us to live a fuller life with maximum results. It’s all about extending ourselves and our inborn gifts on a consistent basis.

How are We Wasted by Time?

“The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.”

— Bertrand Russell —


Even though we quite often waste our precious time with numerous distractions that are readily available all around us, there is a state that occurs that wastes us as well. Although occurring just below the surface, it does have a detrimental effect on our overall joy and happiness.

This is where we relinquish our power because of self-doubt based on misperceptions about ourselves. We are then caught in a time web of past and future and totally ignore the present moment.

At this point, we are vulnerable to being wasted by the time long past and also anticipated. In both places, our power does not exist.

We get caught up in the future/past web and ignore the present where our Power actually resides. Being out of control we operate by default based on our beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world in general.

We constantly feel that there is never enough time to get stuff done and that we never do enough.

With this type of mindset, we are essentially brainwashed into believing in a dream world that does not actually exist. Is it no wonder that we each see the same event from a different perspective that most likely has nothing to do with what actually has occurred?

By not being in the present moment we find ourselves caught in this web of time that wastes our efforts because our power is depleted. Additionally, we cheat ourselves out of the happiness and joy found in the “now”.

Avoiding the Waste

We are able to maximize our efforts and do things in a more efficient and effective way when we connect with the present moment and stay alert with focused attention. This does take time and effort to achieve as we have conditioned ourselves to avoid the present through the many distractions from memories and future fears or desires.

Needless to say, this does require a firm commitment to being entirely clear on our purpose and goals.

The means will be supplied once we define the goal and that can only be done by being in touch with our true desires in the present moment. Actually getting things done that we really want to do is the easy part; the challenge is to remove the distractions and baggage.

No Longer Wasted by Time — The Miracle WithinWasted by Time

Would we continue to look outside ourselves for answers if we completely understood and “knew” that there really is nothing out there? This may sound a bit odd, but what if this really is the flip side of our nighttime dreams?

Our belief system is so strong that this is extremely difficult to accept. It can only be experienced by altering our perception and seeing things in a different way.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”

— Marcel Proust —

Enjoying life is never a waste. Our temperature gauge should be “Are we happy now”? Do we feel good now? Are we joyful now?

When we are truly happy we are in the present moment where happiness resides. We are not wondering what to do next as we are content right this instant, and trust we will be guided along the way.

This is truly “being in the flow” of life where we trust our Intuitive Self to lead the way, and to answer all our questions. Time is now our partner and friend rather than our nemesis.

All the power within ourselves can now be expressed in ways that support our overall purpose in life and lead us to accomplish what we are here to do.

Our destiny can only be fulfilled when we are attuned to our ever-present Guide within ourselves that leads us effortlessly in all our given tasks.

A Few Practical Steps to Take

Well, how do we actually connect with the inner Source of miracles and guidance? It begins with a willingness to identify the resistance to awakening to our reals Selves.

Since this resistance to change can be quite ingrained due to many years of living by default to our limiting beliefs and perceptions, it will require patience, diligence, and consistency.

Even though we may think that we intellectually understand this, and it may even make a bit of sense, the application is a bit challenging when attempting to break the spell of our conditioning.

Here are a few ideas to get started:

  1. Identify a small step to take to break the inertia (any step in the right direction is important)
  2. Feel the difference in accomplishing this small step. The experience is what counts the most.
  3. Practice being in the present moment by asking ourselves “Am I present now?”. Just by doing this we break our trance of past/future focus and experience the nowness of time even for a few brief moments.
  4. Pay attention to the resistance that surfaces as we strive to break free from the past/future trance.
  5. Document the limiting beliefs and feelings that arise.
  6. Choose to replace those beliefs with life-enhancing ideas based on truth.
  7. Be consistent in our efforts on a daily basis.
  8. Enjoy the experience.

As we do this more and more we will begin to experience newfound freedom that has been lingering all the time in the background hidden by a thin veil of nothingness that we were simply afraid to look behind.

Instead of being wasted by time, we now can use time effectively in reaching our heartfelt goals and desires.Wasted By Time

Wasted By Time No More

Taking control of our lives is only a decision away. Within that decision, we begin on a new path where we take total control of our lives with no excuses or alibis.

We realize that by denying our mistakes and not recognizing our weaknesses we only do ourselves a disservice. When we are totally honest with ourselves we are able to make the needed corrections minus the guilt and self-pity.

It is at this point that we are no longer wasted by time but use time effectively to accomplish our goals and live life in a much more peaceful and serene way. We no longer rush around worried about arriving on time or getting things done.

We are in the flow in the present moment.

This all begins with a willingness, a decision, and taking the first step.

Let’s eliminate the waste and increase our productivity and happiness.

All the very Best,

Joseph William

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10 thoughts on “Wasted By Time — Who’s In Control?”

  1. What I find funny is stepping back and taking 30 seconds extra to look over a project can open doors to saving a half hour or more because you develop a real plan and a total sense of urgency. Thanks for a stunning post.

  2. I was struck by this comment regarding the past and the future: “In both places, our power does not exist.” I had never even thought of that, but it’s true. we only have power in the present moment. My mind often gets stuck in the past, and there is no use because you can’t change it or do anything about it anymore. I suppose that thinking about the future, like dreaming about the goals you want to achieve, is not really a waste of time because you use the present moment to work towards that. But, the future isn’t there yet, so one can’t waste too much time there either 😉

    What can someone do when he/she answers the following questions with a “no”?
    “Are we happy now”? Do we feel good now? Are we joyful now?

    • Thanks for your comments, Christin. Saying “no” to those questions is a step in the right direction by acknowledging and not denying how we are presently feeling. By being honest with ourselves we position ourselves for positive change by using the power of the present moment to “choose” to be happy now regardless of how we are feeling. That choice sets up a whole new set of circumstances. All the best. Joseph

  3. I like the premise of your website and the idea behind this article is very intriguing. I like the idea of not letting time pass us by or being “wasted.” My favorite part of this article is the practical steps you have listed. I relate to them and I think they are actually useful when discussing how to break the “spell of our conditioning.” I like that it starts with something as small as identifying something I can change then I can mentally prepare myself to actually take that step. I often ask myself if I am truly living in the moment or just letting time slip through my fingers. It can be a very difficult topic to even think about. I really enjoyed your words and I plan on implementing some of these steps into my daily routine!

    All the best, 


  4. Hi Joseph

    This article is a great reminder to live in the here and now. It seems to be the human condition to lose focus on the only moment we have, which is this one that we are in. Children do this naturally, sadly, we lose it as we grow and develop into adults.

    Thank you for this article, practical and very powerful.


  5. Great article, Joseph William! Your insights on being wasted by time and the importance of living in the present moment are truly valuable. I completely agree that when we allow ourselves to be caught up in past regrets or future worries, we lose our power and diminish our joy and happiness. Your practical steps to connect with our inner source of guidance and break free from limiting beliefs are actionable and inspiring. Taking control of our lives and using time effectively is indeed a decision away, and your words serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of being present, focused, and aligned with our true desires. Thank you for sharing this thoughtful piece!


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