The Unseen Door To Success

Many times when we are looking for the answer to some of our challenges, we overlook what is right in front of us; actually, staring us in the face. It’s the unseen door to success.

We are so programmed to see what we see by the ideas in our heads, so we are filled with many assumptions and preconceptions of how things are or should be. By doing this, and not being aware of it, we do ourselves and others a great disservice.  the unseen door

Blinded By Our “Sight”

Here is a great quote from a remarkable woman who overcame so much in order to live a fulfilling life and make many major contributions to others.

“It’s a terrible thing to see and have no vision.”— Helen Keller —

Her story is told in the movie “The Miracle Worker”, but she has been an inspiration to so many over the years. Born in Alabama in 1880, she passed on in 1968 in her home in the state of Connecticut. She was the first blind/deaf person to obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Author, lecturer, and political activist, this woman was a stunning example of What IS Possible!

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”— Helen Keller —

So instead of being blinded by what we think we see out there, it may be wise to take a step back and reassess some of our strongly held beliefs and attitudes.

A Simple Test for the Unseen Door to Success

A test to determine whether our current beliefs and assumptions are serving us well is to look at our life, and the results we have. Are we satisfied? Our results don’t lie. Are we not seeing the door that is right in front of us?

Helen Keller had so many reasons to have excuses for not getting things done or accomplished, but there was a driving force within her, that would not let her buy into them. Her inner sight allowed her to “see” the door, and she walked through.

Many years ago a dear friend and accomplished speaker told me that when it comes to excuses, anyone will do. No need to get fussy about which one to grab on to.

We can either buy into our excuses, or buy into our dreams; a simple choice that provides much different results and outcomes.

Right Inside Of Us

We do not have to look far for the answers we seek, as they reside right inside of us. Once we learn to ask the right questions, we will be surprised by the answers we receive.

The truth is we can create and achieve anything we desire, once we “know” we can. Knowing something goes way beyond believing something. When we know something it is certain.

We may “believe” our car is parked outside our house, but if we are not looking at it while we state our belief, someone may have come along and hot-wired it and driven it away.

On the other hand, we “know’ we can pick up a glass of water, so we do. Even if we dropped it, we would go and pick it up again. If we broke the glass, we would replace the cup or glass and pour more water into it, and have a drink. There is no doubt with knowing something, but there can be with believing something.

Walking Through The Unseen Door to Success

Once we have increased our awareness a bit, by challenging some of our assumptions and beliefs that are not serving us all that well, our sight improves, and we can actually see that door that was previously hidden from our view.

It’s like standing close to a boat on a dock but not seeing it because of the fog. The boat is a mere twenty (20) feet away, but it might as well be anchored in a harbor across the sea because to us it is not there.

But once we see this door, we can consciously make the “choice” to walk through. And when we do, we will discover that the unseen door to success is no longer hidden, and many amazing and wonderful opportunities come into view.

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Always follow your Dreams!


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4 thoughts on “The Unseen Door To Success”

  1. Really good strategy of thinking outside the box. What I will also add, is that the energy around us also affects the way that we think, whether positive or negative. Unfortunately, if our family members or friends tend to bring us down when we want to work towards our dream, it has a direct impact on our confidence in its accomplishment. The hard part is to tell ourselves “I CAN” and shut away the negativity from our minds.

    • Thanks for the comment Reyhanna. I agree that we can get caught up in many distractions both with people and events. Being able to stay focused on our objectives daily by many small actions in the direction we desire to go will eventually dissipate the negative influences of those about us.

      Here are a few ideas on how to First Discover and then Eliminate Limiting Beliefs.

      All the very Best on your Journey.

  2. I have read her story before and have spoken of her over the years to a few persons because her life story is so inspiring because if she had success being both deaf and blind then what about us who can see and hear. We have no excuse none what so ever. Thanks my friend for sharing. May your post be and encouragment to many!!


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