How To Discover Limiting Beliefs

As we move through our lives moment-to-moment, we take so much for granted. We replay much of what we have already thought and experienced. Through habit, we have developed routines, many of which do not serve us well. At some point, it pays to learn how to discover limiting beliefs.  

When we are chained to our habitual patterns, we have no outlet for our creativity and new knowledge. We are not stuck, but merely on rerun, doing and thinking the same things again and again.


How Do I Break Out

In order to escape our self created prison, we have to know who are guard keepers are. The challenge with this is that many of them have been around for so long, that they are invisible. We assume we are making wise choices, when we are not even aware of the assumptions on which those very choices are made.

So, the very first step is to find a way to bring these “keepers of our mind” into focus. It’s not like they are buried deep inside of our subconscious, as many psychological theories may assert. It is just they are in plain view in a different area of our conscious minds, and we happen to be looking in a different direction.

These guard keepers are experts in distraction, as they do wish to stay hidden. Their very survival depends on it.

There are a number of ways we can make them visible to us. One is to trace back our emotions to their source. Another is to write out all our thoughts and ideas about ourselves, others, and the world in general. Lots of crazy stuff will emerge.

Now Wallace Wattles in his book “The Science of Getting Rich” mentions that thinking is the hardest thing we will ever do, and that’s why we resist doing it. Sure we think accidentally all the time, based on “what” we were taught to think, but to learn “how” to think effective thoughts, which support our goals, is too much work for many of us.


There Is A Simpler Way

Even though with enough time and persistence, those methods will produce wonderful results, and contribute to enhancing our progress to, and the achievement of, our goals, let’s look at a much simpler and easier approach. In fact, once you experience some beneficial changes with this, you may be inspired to incorporate the other methods as well later on.

So how do we replace our crooked thinking with clear, meaningful thoughts, which take us in the direction we wish to go?

The quickest way is to challenge ourselves by doing something different. It does not matter what it is. It could be learning to ice-skate or ski, giving a talk at a Toastmaster’s meeting, speaking to a friend or relative with whom we may have had a disagreement, or merely changing our brand of coffee or tea.

Now the interesting part is, we don’t even need to follow through and do it. Just have a notebook or pad of paper with which to take notes of whatever comes up. The mere thought of doing anything new, will immediately bring up resistance, and then a flood of reasons NOT to do it. This is what we are after.

We have now made Real, what before was there, but lurking in the corners of our conscious minds remaining hidden to our awareness.


What’s Next?

Okay, spend the time compiling your list of thoughts, assumptions, attitudes and beliefs, and in another post, I will address how to get rid of them. Eliminating limiting beliefs is not as difficult as you may think.

Make this a fun exercise, because it is. It’s all about learning more about ourselves, and becoming the authentic, powerful being who “we already are”.


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May you always choose to Know what you Already Know,



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