Real-Time Is Now — And Of Course Here As Well

I am not going to go into any major immersion into quantum physics here and the mysteries of the universe, but I did want to broach this subject and give it some attention. Real-time is Now because the present moment, no matter how fleeting it may appear to be, is all there is and all we have.  Real Time Is Now

In addition to this, we are always “Here” experiencing that present moment as well. Let’s spend a few moments exploring the importance of this seemingly simple statement. Then we will have positioned ourselves in a way to embrace the power which we possess to consciously direct our lives.

Here and Now

I can’t think of a better way to get our journey started than to share a musical composition from one of my favorite singers of all time, Luther Vandross.

Now that should have definitely put you in the mood to dig a little deeper into the essence of the present moment where all the “real” action takes place. Stuff like sharing, forgiveness, and unconditional love, are just a few of the attributes of life which are available this very moment for us to embrace.

None of these attributes need to be put off to some idyllic time when things are just right and everything falls into place. Whether we realize it or not, that time is Now. The crazy part of all this is that if we put it off now, we will be putting it off then because that is what we are programmed to do.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

Marcel Proust

Having new eyes is a way to go beyond perception to true vision. In this way, we see things the way they are, and not how we think they are or want them to be. This is a process of letting go of stuff, rather than adding to our bank of data and info. When we release these misguided ideas, beliefs, and images which we have accumulated over time, we can then see with the “new eyes” of which Marcel Proust speaks about. This allows us to consciously experience the Here and Now.

Real-Time Is Now — But What About “Fake” Time

We have been briefly discussing how “real” time exists in the here and now, so what exactly is fake time. Well, when we are not present and aware of what is going on at this very moment, we are off experiencing different dimensions of thought and images which just flicker in and out of our minds.

It is so easy to get caught up in thinking that we “are” these thoughts and images and that they actually mean something. This is the trap into which we all fall. We are trying to make sense of nonsense while living in a fake version of time.

When we are truly present, time as we understand it does not exist at all. Anything past and future actually exists right now. Without those past and future thoughts, all we have is our Presence in the Moment. This is where our power lies, as we are only able to make decisions in the now. Everything else is just mind play or fake time.

Let’s now explore a few ways in which we can more easily experience “real” time; after all, that is where all the action is. It is just a matter of removing a few of the obstacles which we have inadvertently put in our way.

How To Enjoy Each Moment   Real-Time Is Now

On the surface, this may sound like an impossible task given our current circumstances. Let’s dig a little more into this and discover why this is possible, and actually the natural way to be.

The key word here is “Be”, as that is who we really Are. When we get caught up in all the random thoughts which flicker through our minds on a daily basis, we create a false impression of who we are by thinking those thoughts are us. Those thoughts are not only not us, but they are actually meaningless.

It’s like an old recording being constantly replayed in our heads. A few of the lyrics change here and there over time, but we are just replaying the same music in our heads.  It’s all “borrowed knowledge” which we learned, and that we use to create different versions of the same experiences. The form changes but the content remain the same. We can also throw in some worry and fear about future events as well, which is again based on ideas about ourselves that we have developed from our many prior experiences, some of which were very emotional and even traumatic..

The only way we can experience the true essence of the present moment is to first observe this onslaught of thoughts, and then choose to replace them with more life-enhancing ideas related to the Truth of Who We Really Are. The last thing we want to do is resist them, or pretend they are not thereby getting defensive.

Non-acceptance, resistance, and defensiveness are Red Alerts for us to notice, and then choose to go in a more fulfilling direction. When we are present and aware, we can use our old conditioning to our benefit in order to advance in the direction we truly desire to go.

So it is possible to enjoy each moment regardless of our circumstances by choosing to release the intrusions from the past and future. We can choose to think the way we desire to think, and in a way that advances and does not detracts from our goals and intentions.

Real-Time Is Now — Waking Up to Who We Truly Are

It all comes down to a choice between Love and Fear. Each side of the fence presents a totally different picture of reality. One is true and the other fake, but even the fake reality seems so real that we find it hard to accept it is not real.

It’s time to start remembering the truth about ourselves and stop living the lies. Anything fear-based is a lie. Eventually, it will be like having an Internal Lie Detector where we can always detect when something is not right either internally or externally.

A few simple exercises to get us started in this direction is to wake up in the morning, and as we open our eyes, and are still in that in-between state of sleep and wakefulness, we ask OurSelves for guidance during the day on any specific issues with which we may be dealing. The intuitive part of ourselves will then go to work in leading the way or providing answers to any specific questions. The key is to be specific.

Then during the day, we must remind ourselves as often as we remember to do so, that “We choose to be content and happy right this moment” and “We choose to feel good now as well”. This is all based on Presence and Observation. The more we remind ourselves to stay present and observe our feelings, thoughts, and reactions, we then can choose to replace any disturbing stuff with thoughts and ideas which contribute to our overall health and growth.

Once again, we are not pretending that negative thoughts and feelings are not there, but we are choosing to observe them in the present moment, and then making a conscious choice to change direction. Over time this gets easier as the cloud cover begins to dissipate, and our Internal Sun is able to break through and shine.

The Essence of Who We Truly Are has always been there, but merely hidden within the confines of our own self-constructed barriers of fear, guilt, and false impressions. It’s time to break free and experience the life we were “meant to remember” to live.

Real-Time Is Now — Be Prepared for Quite a Ride Real-Time Is Now

As we can see, living in “Real Time” encompasses a lot more than merely finding ways to stay present. It is unearthing much of the garbage we have accumulated, and this can be very uncomfortable to experience while observing and letting this stuff go. But it is a small price to pay in order to break through that cloud cover and release our True Selves.

What we will eventually realize is that things are “good already”, and it does not matter what is happening “out there”. We now understand what is most important is that we can choose to make a Positive Impact in our lives and in the lives of others right this moment, with things exactly as they are or appear to be. Things on the outside do not need to change for us to do our own thing so to speak.

This very insight empowers us as we move forward in accomplishing our business and personal goals, as well as in discovering and fulfilling our Life Purpose whatever that may be for each of us. We are now a Light within the Darkness of Fear and Uncertainty, and we are able to awaken others to Who They Really Are so that they can make their own individual contributions.

So strap on your seatbelts, or not, if you are the more adventurous type, and be prepared for many wonderful and enlightening experiences. Once the roller coaster gets moving and we acclimate ourselves to all the twists and turns and new discoveries, we will not want to live any other way. Fully engaging in the Present Moment is living our lives to the fullest with no regrets.

Let’s all experience Real Time in the Here and Now, and use that time as a learning and communication device to awaken ourselves, and then spread the word in order to awaken others to their true Magnificence. It is quite a ride for sure, but not one to be missed.

All the very Best,


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28 thoughts on “Real-Time Is Now — And Of Course Here As Well”

  1. What an interesting and inspirational post, full of useful and highly practical techniques. It’s so easy to get list in the illusion of “making time” to do things, and struggling with “time management” when both of those things are completely impossible for us humans to do. All we can do is Be Here Now and live every second of this precious gift of life to its fullest. Thank you for making me stop and think about this!

  2. Oh, this is a very broad concept I have to confess. I think encompasses more than just living in the present and I really like it. Living in real time is really now and is here. There are really so much circumstances around what we do and we need to look abouve it. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Whether there is only now or a running time is one of the questions whose answer will always be 50-50. I think again it all depends on the frequency we are tuned to. First of all, thoughts, thoughts trigger emotions, and our emotions eventually give us the result of our actions. When we are with a loved one  or if we are a child who plays time very quickly pass, because the dominant vibration is joy or love. That is why when we are in fear the time will never pass. So I think that our frequency to which we are tuned influences our perception of time. Everything goes from ourselves, we need to nurture our inner world in order to reflect it on the outside. Because if we don’t have anything, how are we going to give it?

    • Thanks Nina for your insights on this.  The simultaneous nature of time will always be a challenge for us when we occupy this time-space dimension.  I appreciate your thoughts on this.  All the very Best.

  4. Wow! Time is all we have and how we make use of it is all that determines what our life is consisted of and what makes us who we are. This article has touched all aspects of who we are and what we project as humans. The only time we have is now and unless we can realize that, it might not ve easy for us to make the right decisions that would rake us above where we are currently. Now is the right time and only efforts made nowcan determine the things we can achieve with our time. Thumbs up on this

  5. Hello Joseph!

    Time is indeed the most valuable resource in our lives; that’s why we always need to seek to use it properly.
    Your post was so interesting for me, I really enjoyed reading it, and it made think about my prioritizes in my life and what I should change in order to live better with purpose. So thank you for that! I also like reading about your point of view, sharp and intelligent.

    I hope to get my hands on of more of your content.

    Have a great weekend,

  6. I believe Time is a living being that should be taken care of in a way that befits one self. Each moment should be enjoyed to the fullest and its should given maximum quality usage. Thanks for sharing this amazing article, its really informative And educative, I’ll share this post to other platforms and I know its gonna be of great help to everyone. Time should be learned, it should be known from its character to how it wants to be treated. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Very interesting topic Joseph. I also believe in living in the now. Positive thoughts at the start of each morning will bring to state of mind you desire. The right state of mind will attract the things you desire. Law of attraction tells us this. Taking life by the horns, a day at a time. Luther said it best in his song you shared. “Here and now.” 

  8. I have come across similar ideas in the writing of Echart Tolle and G.I. Gurdjieff.

    You mention ‘replacing disturbing stuff with positive thoughts; have you heard of the ERT (Emotional Releasement Therapy? ERT uses body tapping goes along with the re-programming of entrenched thought patterns  

    You mention the in-between state of waking and sleeping.  Are you are talking about an altered state of consciousness when our mind is in the alpha state of brain-wave pattern?

    • Thanks Aaron.  Yes I am speaking of the alpha state which we are in when we awaken.  Also I am familiar with the tapping technique.  There are many systems and techniques of value which lead us down to road to awakening.  Whatever works as far as techniques can be different for each person.  It’s the end result that counts.  All the Best.

  9. oh, this is a very good post you have here. I think it is very correct that one should seize the moment and make use of the time we have. Many times, we fail to do this and tomorrow might be too late. You have also explained here how to enjoy the moment and that’s very cool. Thank you for this. I will make sure to put all this in mind. Cheers!

  10. Time is everything and realising that now is the only time we have is the best way to go about everything around us. Time is money, time is life, time is everything that exists. Hence, realising this and giving it much more priority is the only way possible to get on top of all things. The time we have is now and of course, this moment must be exploited maximally. This is very awesome to know of. Thumbs up for sharing!

  11. Hey Joseph,
    Thank you so much for this post. About the ‘enjoy each moment” point
    I do remind myself always that life is grand and my moments are enjoyable. Really, Sometimes I just feel a little overwhelmed with the lack of hours in the day and also the inability to organize to get done what I plan to get done. Still, I am an optimist at heart and I keep plugging away in spite of myself, and until my mood changes. 🙂

    This post is worth sharing. Nice-write up.


    • Thanks Jordan.  We all get overwhelmed at times and have to deal with all the craziness as well.  It is just part of the life experience which we can learn to accept.  All the Best.

  12. We should do all that we can to enjoy each moment, investing our time wisely which will in return give us rewards that will help us to get in ahead in life and stay positive. Time is so precious so we should do all that we can each moment of each day to improve our lives.

  13. Hi Joseph

    Great post! Luther Vandross was one of my favorite singers as well. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. Your post is very informative and you’ve given me knew ways to look at situations.

    I like at the end how you talk about discovering and fulfilling ones life purpose. Most never find it. I hope your post will spark their interest to look. Thank you for such great insights.

    Much Success



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