How To Get Stuff Done

Two of the plagues of the modern world are overwhelm and stress. Wouldn’t it be nice to know how to get stuff done in a more relaxed, efficient, and enjoyable way?  

Personally, I think so. There’s only so much time in the day, and it is not only how we choose to use it, but also out attitude and state-of-mind while using it.


It Starts With A Plan

There’re many sayings about failing to plan, so then we are planning to fail, but I want to make this far more practical for you. This is not complicated at all, and not a hassle to do. In fact, it becomes quite enjoyable after awhile, as you see yourself getting things done more effortlessly and easily.

It’s very helpful to have overall goals and plans as we approach our main objectives in life. But at the same time, all the action takes place on a daily and weekly basis, so this is where I suggest we focus our planning efforts.

At the end of each week, or over the weekend, plan out roughly what you need to get done the following week. If you are anything like me, this can change minute-to-minute, which is fine. But having an outline set out, makes it much easier and less stressful to make adjustments along the way.

Next, review your daily plan first thing in the morning before you get started. This gets things organized for you, and also allows you to review possible scenarios in your mind when necessary. This increases confidence, and you are less likely to rush, as you now know you have plenty of time to get things done.


Getting Stuff Done

By no means do you have to enjoy every task or every aspect of every job. The important thing is that it is something which is on your Priority List, and thus it becomes a Must Do.

Must Dos as well as Must Not Dos take priority over all other items on your list. These are the things that when completed, bring us a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

We don’t even have to think positively about what we are doing, because we can think as positive as we want, and still not do it.

For us to get things done, it has to make sense to us as to “Why” we need to do it, and then we know the importance of the End Result. At that point, it will be very hard for us not to do it. The harder we try not to do it, the more we will want to do it.


Breaking Down The Steps

There are only a few basic steps to complete any task, but dependent on the complexity of the job, it can have many sub-steps which also need to be completed along the way. These sub-steps are the individual, specific actions we need to take to complete the overall step.

Here are the Basic Steps:

1) Know exactly where you are Now.  What is your “exact starting point”?

2) Determine where you want to Go or what you want to Have.

3) Work backwards from your End Result and create a series of Sub-Steps ending with the first action you can conceive as being possible.

4) Determine Who you would Be if you had already arrived at your destination.

At this point you assume the role of the person who has already achieved the objective, because you really already have, simply because you know what you truly desire.  Even if you can’t conceive the Big Picture yet, you can conceive one or more of the beginning steps, and you know the additional steps by which you will arrive to your goal.

5) Acknowledge and celebrate your wins (so very important as this solidifies your progress and makes it real to you).

There’s nothing mysterious about this. Possibly, you will change, add to, or eliminate some of the steps along the way, but if and when you do, it will make sense, and be the obvious thing to do.


Right Thinking Rather Than Positive Thinking

You can think positively all day long, and still not take appropriate action for whatever reason. Right now, the reason isn’t important, but your thinking and choices are.

Right thinking leads to Right Action. Then each additional action builds on your prior effort, and thenyou know you are on the Right Path.

That’s why it’s so important to know specifically where you want to end up, or what you want to have, so that you can put an appropriate Plan of Action into place, which consists of all your steps and sub-steps.

What we think about and Focus on the majority of time has our Attention. And it is the very things to which we pay attention that end up coming into our lives.

So spend some time considering “exactly” what you desire, and then put together a Plan of Action which leads right there.


One Last Tip:  When you are going about your day, and suddenly have a flash of insight about getting something done (no matter the size the issue or task), either do it right away or make a note of it on your phone or a piece of paper.  This allows you to un-clutter your mind by making you aware of all the big and little things that you want to complete.


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Here’s to Getting All the Right Stuff Done with the Least Possible Effort,



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