How To Be A Productive Person Without All The Effort

The other day I was reflecting on my life and all my experiences that have led me to this point. Many successes and failures were part of the mix, but one of the most valuable things that I have learned is how to be a productive person without all the effort and struggle.

That in itself is a major achieveHow To Be A Productive Person Without All The Effort -- Skillsment because it has allowed me to enjoy the process, as well as to understand that the journey is a gift. In other words, happiness and satisfaction are a Now Thing and not a later thing. Let’s spend a few moments and pursue this idea a bit.

From Within to Without

Everything we experience in our lives is a reflection of our feelings, thoughts, and pictures that exist within ourselves. Whether we are conscious of this or not the creative process does its thing. This type of stability and consistency is how energy manifests in real-life experiences and things in our lives. this is something on which we can count.

Just knowing this is reassuring and gives us a sense of security and confidence. No matter whether we are enjoying or liking our current experiences, truly understanding that we are creating our lives through our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs gives us the power to change things up.

If we don’t like what we see, we can destroy the negatives of our old way of looking at things, and create a whole new photograph of our desired condition. It really is that simple. But at the same time not that easy.

Why Isn’t It Easy to be Productive without All the Effort?

Well in the first place, as I mentioned in my previous article, Big Changes — Little Effort, people are lazy. Correct thinking is one of the hardest habits to form because of all of our past conditioning. It is not easy to think the truth about ourselves when faced with appearances to the contrary that seem so very real.

When we are able to see beyond those appearances to the truth of our being and potential, we then are able to recognize all of which we are capable. We then realize it is just a matter of redirecting our energy in a different pattern so that we reflect the pictures that we desire to see.

“The truth is not for all men, but only for those who seek it.” — Ayn Rand —


This may sound a bit esoteric, but it is based on scientific facts that are being revealed more and more in neuroscience and quantum physics. Even though it isn’t easy, it is definitely doable.

The Process of Constructive Change How To Be A Productive Person Without All The Effort -- Think Plan Act

In order to be productive without all of the efforts, we need to change things up a bit. Let’s discuss a few ways to get this done. With a bit of consistency and repetition, we can learn to change our outdated ways of thinking and feeling, and create the happiness and harmony that will make our journey through life one of wonder, joy, and awe-inspiring experiences.

As the great college basketball coach of the UCLA Bruins, John Wooden, always emphasized, excellence in any endeavor is a matter of learning the fundamentals, and then a lot of practice and hard work. When it comes to changing our state of mind so that we experience what we desire rather than what we don’t want, it’s simply a matter of thinking and doing things in a way that takes us where we want to go.

We must be persistent in changing our habits. Repetition of new ways of thinking and doing will get us there. We will have our slip-ups, make plenty of mistakes, and at times want to give up. But by staying the course we will get there as all our constructive choices add up even if they may be intermittent at first.

The battle is within ourselves, and it is a mental and emotional struggle that we face. Once we are able to consciously control our thoughts and feelings, we are then able to be the self-directed person who is capable of achieving whatsoever we desire. All doubt and hesitation have suddenly transformed into courage and initiative. We are now proactive creators of our lives.

Let’s Take a Few Steps in Our Desired Direction

The idea of willpower is quite a paradox. Its usefulness is dependent on how we choose to use it. When used to keep us on course and committed to our goals, it is very helpful indeed. It is the push that we need to take the first step, and then the next on our journey of transformation.

It is only when we use it to force things to happen that is it a detriment to us. This is when we are out of alignment with our thoughts and beliefs. We are thinking and believing one thing, while at the same time trying to accomplish something that does not match up with those thoughts and beliefs. We are actually fighting against ourselves, and even when we do make progress we are totally exhausted from the struggle to get there.

It doesn’t have to be that way. When we do the inner work first, we are inwardly directed to do the right thing at the right time in the right way even though we still may have some fear and apprehension. But we will know how to deal with the resistance and keep moving forward. Our actions will be congruent with our thoughts and beliefs. We will be acting in an authentic way.

Here are a few simple steps to outline this process:

  1. Get clear on where you want to go (specific desire/goal)
  2. Acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses (get honest with yourself)
  3. Work backward from your goal to your present state and create a Plan of Action
  4. Identify the first step to take
  5. Take that first step and complete it as efficiently and effectively as possible without worrying about any results
  6. Once the first step is completed allow new ideas, people, and opportunities to emerge (stay aware)
  7. Recognize any resistance and identify any uncomfortable feelings or beliefs and allow them to dissipate or replace them with more life-enhancing ideas. Eventually, you will step across the Fear Barrier and all that pent-up energy will be used to fuel your journey to your goal.
  8. Take the Next Step and then the next, etc. until you arrive

You will have detours and challenges along the way, but that is merely part of the process. Your momentum will continue to build until you get an avalanche of progress taking to your destination with a lot less effort. You are now in the flow.

Productivity without All the Effort is the Way to Go

Okay, let’s finish up here. We have been covering how to be a productive person without all the effort, and what it really comes down to is being totally and brutally honest with ourselves. Deep within we “know” that we are capable of accomplishing anything that we truly desire. We are powerful beings and there is no denying that when we are being real and authentic.

No matter how much resistance surfaces as we proceed along our journey to our dreams and goals, we are quite capable of handling anything in the present moment where our true power exists. Only by reverting our attention to the past or future do we dilute that power.

Again, when we are brutally honest with ourselves, we realize that it’s all good in the Now. We are existing right this moment as our True Being, and that is enough. There is nowhere to go, and nothing to get to fill any illusionary or imaginary gap in Who We Really Are. When we choose to feel good and be happy right this moment, we ignite the powers of the Universe as we are open to the miracles that are coming our way.

It is in this very state of mind that we develop our true Personality and Character that defines our very existence. Then we suddenly realize that being productive without all the effort was just a bonus of living an authentic life.

May you enjoy Peace and Harmony in the Present Moment. It’s all very good.

Much Love, Happiness, and Peace,

Joseph William

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How To Be A Productive Person Without All The Effort -- Online Marketing

4 thoughts on “How To Be A Productive Person Without All The Effort”

  1. Hello there, Joseph! This is a great article! I think everyone wants to be productive without all the effort and although that seems impossible, there are ways like you mentioned to do so. I really like how you mentioned that it first comes down to being honest with oneself. From there it is finding the correct habits (even if it is uncomfortable) and continuously and consistently practicing it through repetition. There will be slip ups here and there, but I am glad you mentioned that it is pretty much okay because if you remain on the course, we will eventually reach that goal. Thanks for this!

    • You’re welcome, Mike. I appreciate your thoughts and comments. Once those new habits are created we are able to move forward more harmoniously as the resistance has greatly lessened. We start to actually enjoy the process. All the Best.

  2. You know it’s all about proper planning and going through a process and it does take a whole lot of effort. As someone once said only a live first can swim upstream because it takes effort to advance moving forward and going uphill in that upward journey. Without taking that first step that calls for effort we will not be able to accomplish anything so let’s Put in the work.

    • Totally agree Norman. To get to the point of being productive without all the pain and struggle and effort requires setting up new habits through practice and hard work. But then the hard work becomes effortless as it is something that we want to do. All of our small wins create the momentum that takes us forward and fuels our journey. Appreciate your comments and insights.


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