Creating Positive Impact

We are able to find ways to influence people in ways which build them up and encourage them to see new possibilities.  This is a rare gift for us to give. Since there is so much overwhelm and stress in our busy day-to-day world, it is easy to ignore ways o making a difference by creating positive impact.

Positively impacting others

There is much to be grateful for when we take the time to find ways to impact people positively. Our willingness to take the time to do so says much about us and how we view life, people, and ourselves.


Willingness To Serve

Most people who create a positive impact in the lives of others and the world in general do so from a sincere inner drive to serve. Looking beyond their own individual wants and desires, and they find satisfaction and joy in serving others.

This does not mean thant these folks take vows of poverty or refuse to be well compensated for their service, but they see the bigger picture and utilize their unique gifts, skills, and experiences to make things better for all concerned. Since their focus is not on how much they can get, prosperity and abundance flow to them naturally.

When we go to give and not to get, we show that we trust that everything will work out just right. We are able to let go of the destination, and thus enjoy the journey.


Much To Be Done   Having a Great Day

Once we define exactly how best we can serve by creating positive impact in a specific area, we then open up the floodgates of inspiration as we are filled with intuitive insights as to how we should best proceed. These are our Marching Orders.

Each of us can accomplish so much in the area(s) to which we are drawn. The need is great as there is so much pain and suffering in our world.

There is no doubt that we can make a tremendous difference in many lives once we decide to do so. Once that decision is made it is only a matter of time before we get into action. There may be a period of preparation, but our heart (emotions) will push us forward when it is time.


Accepting Our Mission

All of us have a purpose which drives us. It may be concealed for a time, but once recognized there is no turning back. Our purpose will determine our specific mission which we will be inspired to fulfill. Any fears and doubts will melt away or we will ignore them and proceed anyway.

Creating positive impact in the lives of others will be our inspiration. Our products and services will be offered with a sense of purpose beyond any monetary gain. The solutions we provide will enhance the lives of people significantly. At this point we are Living Our Purpose.   Happiness is a Choice

As we proceed with our mission we will no longer deny how powerful we really because we are aligned with our true purpose, which is fueled by our passions. We express our power not in any egotistical way, but to Be our Authentic Self in the service of the Greater Good.

It is quite empowering to connect with Who We Really Are, and live life with Purpose and Meaning. I look forward that we all accept our Marching Orders and make the contribution we were meant to make.


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May we all fulfill our individual Missions with Joy and Happiness,


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