Baby Boomers And Marketing — Creating Additional Income

When speaking about baby boomers and marketing, I’d like to discuss a bit about how baby boomers can supplement their incomes by doing things they like to do. There are many articles out there on how to market to baby boomers, but what about baby boomers creating additional sources of income based on their many years of valuable experience and skills? Baby Boomers And Marketing

For many baby boomers, they may never have thought about doing anything like this. But as a way to keep engaged in enjoyable and interesting projects, as well as adding a few (or many) bucks to their coffers, this may just be the ticket that many are seeking.

Baby Boomers And Marketing — What Types of Marketing to Consider?

Just by doing a bit of research, you can find a lot of ways to supplement or replace your income. From straight sales and business development to MLM (multi-level marketing) or network marketing, you will not be at a loss in finding companies that need in acquiring new clients or getting their products sold.

In today’s day and age, technology is a major factor in saving time and energy in whatever you may be doing. There are many advantages in gaining a few basic tech skills not only to utilize this function to communicate and purchase items online but also to create a profitable business that provides products and/or services of value to the marketplace of your choice.

Online marketing fits this bill really well. This is something a baby boomer can easily get into, and create something of value which will benefit many. Now there are of course both pros and cons to this, but for every con, there is a viable solution.

Some of the Challenges

Let’s briefly discuss a few challenges or problems that may keep someone from even considering this type of marketing.

First, There is the technology aspect of any online business. If that may be a concern, there are many ways to handle this. Some of the basic stuff can be delegated to others, which leaves you time to do the things which emphasize your strengths and expertise, and that you most enjoy. Also, the basics can be learned gradually over time as you build your business. There are some great training platforms out there that make picking up what you need to know easy and fun.

Second, You may not know how to start and don’t want to get all caught up with the many hyped-up promotional offers out there as well as some outright scams. You can spend a lot of time and money going around in circles before finding the right path for yourself. I can most definitely attest to that. My determination and persistence carried me through, but I hit quite a few road bumps along the way. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid the majority of this, although it still will require commitment and persistence to reach your goals.

Third, It is tough to go it alone in learning a new business model and building it over time. Mentors and coaches can be very high-priced. When looking to supplement your income, you may not have the additional money to hire a coach who can guide you along the way. Again, there are online training programs that can get you around this as well. When you have sufficient cash flow from your business, you can then reassess if you want to hire a private coach to help scale your business.

I am sure I can come up with many more challenges to keep a person from ever trying to make a profitable online business a reality. The form and content of the problem do not matter, as they can all be solved with the right information and a high-quality online training platform.

Baby Boomers And Marketing — What I Recommend

As I mentioned above, there are many average to mediocre products out there which promise much more than they deliver. And mixed in with this bunch are several outright scams.

On the other hand, there are a few good quality online training programs out there where the investment of your time and money will produce results given the appropriate time and effort. The prices of these various programs range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand.

What I recommend is cost-effective while providing high-level training and support. Be aware that the support aspect of this online training platform is critical. You need a cost-effective way to be guided along the way and get your questions answered as you build your business.

The program I recommend is Weathy Affiliate for a number of reasons. You may have heard of this program before or maybe not. If you have, and chosen not to join, I encourage you to reevaluate your prior decision and spend a bit of time researching its value. Below is a link to my personal review of Wealthy Affiliate on my blog:

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On that page there will be a link where you can join the program or you can go directly to the Wealthy Affiliate website.

Why Wealth Affiliate? Baby Boomers And Marketing

Well by reading my review of the program and checking out their website, there are many good reasons to join if you have the interest and desire to build an internet marketing business. Again, there are many good programs out there at different price points which will provide you with excellent training and support, but after being in this business for several years, I have found Wealthy Affiliate to be the best value for the price.

Another important point is you have the option of signing up free to get your feet wet before joining the premium membership. It is a choice you have after reviewing all the info. Either way, you will get exposed to the high quality of this training program.

For some additional information on the advantages of affiliate marketing check out one of my prior posts, Affiliate Marketing For Baby Boomers.

Baby Boomers And Marketing — There are No Shortcuts to Success

If you are new to online marketing be advised that you will see many promotions out there with products and services which promise you overnight success, but do not deliver on those promises. Success in this or any type of business takes time, investment of funds, effort, commitment, and a very strong desire.

There are no shortcuts, which is actually a good thing. When you are on the right path, it is just a matter of time for you to reach your specific objectives. And when you have a strong support team assisting your efforts, you have all the encouragement you need to handle any obstacles or roadblocks which occur.

It’s like studying for a test in school. If you do not put in the time and effort in learning your subject matter, you are not surprised when you get a poor grade. It’s the same way here; put is the time and effort doing the things which will produce results (the importance of proper training), and you will get those good grades in terms of income and profit.

Many Ways to Make Money

For those needing to supplement their current income, whether retired or not, there are numerous ways. I mention several ways in several of my previous posts in the Baby Boomers section/category part of my website.

But for those who just want to do a few gigs here and there to make a few extra bucks, check out Wonoloo, which is an app you can download and gain access to notifications of new jobs in your area. You will find administrative, warehouse, fulfillment, and general labor jobs on this site.

But what I am mainly speaking about in this article is a way to reinvent yourself in a way that “makes sense” to you based on your prior experience, skills, interests, and passions. Each one of us has so much to offer to others whether we realize it or not.

I encourage all to wake up to their true magnificence, and create something special not only to increase your income but to share your gifts with the world. Switching careers and accepting new challenges is being done each day by the Baby Boomer generation, and not necessarily out of financial necessity, but to challenge themselves and pursue their passions.

With approximately forty-five (45%) of baby boomers considering themselves entrepreneurs, it is no surprise that baby boomers are twice as likely to start a new business than millennials. The desire and passion is definitely there, so it is just a matter of finding the right vehicle in which to display that ardor.

Once again, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate for the many reasons which I have previously mentioned, and many of which I have not even thought about in a while. You can direct your main interest or passion into one or many revenue streams. Again, this does take work, time, and commitment, but it is “oh so worth it”. Waking up each morning and getting immersed in projects which you truly enjoy is the best elixir for a long and fulfilling life.

So I strongly encourage you to join us in this community of like-minded folks with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. You will then soon be repeating the mantra of my website as well: “Why Retire when you Love what you Do”.

May you enjoy each Precious Moment,


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  1. I am actually 48 but I am looking down the barrel of early retirement due to medical conditions. I came across your review and found it quite interesting Over the years I have looked for way to supplement my income online or even to produce a separate income online. I tried things like Drop shipping and I looked in to MLM which was not for me. I found Wealthy Affiliate while doing some online research and decided to give it a go. I jumped in to their training and soon realised that it was the right place to be. I was only a member for 1 day before I decided to sign up. The free membership was great and it allowed me to set up a site and do some training. It was actually the support network that mad my mind up. I am now 3 months in and enjoying every minute. Thanks for the review. Mark

    • Thanks Mark for your feedback on this.  It is much appreciated.  I look forward to your tremendous success here at WA.  All the Best.  Joseph

  2. Great information for baby boomers here as marketing can definitely be a worthwhile and lucrative pursuit especially for this group. Technology for sure is influential in how people buy things in today’s world, so what better way to capitalize than with online marketing. I appreciate you listing the challenges. It’s this sort of straightforward, honest approach that is not only helpful but also proves that there is integrity in the field. Your Wealthy Affiliate recommendation is outstanding, as it is a tried and true platform with an excellent online community. Readers should definitely check out the links to see what it’s all about. Great post and keep up the good work!

    • Thanks so much Pentrental for your comments and encouraging remarks.  They are must appreciated.  All the very Best to You.

  3. Affiliate marketing is pretty amazing and is helping so many people to have success beating the nine to fine and even going on early retirement. This is a great way to have a second income and even going full time. The training here at wealthy affiliate can help persons to do just that.

  4. Hi Joseph,
    The online marketing gig is full of traps. Shiny objects syndrone is rife, so it is good to see an honest program offering mega value to its members.

    Thank you for putting this specical opportunity out there. I have seen many unfavourable commemnts in the forums by people promoting other programs. So it is good to read the real story.

    So many people have suffered empty wallet syndrone because they bought the sizzle of some program which never delivered.

    Thank you



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