The Never Retire Lifestyle — Part 2

Never Retire Lifestyle

This article, The Never Retire Lifestyle — Part 2, is a follow up on my previous post, Part 1. In this article, we will further discuss the reasons for employing a ‘never retire’ mindset and lifestyle. It is our mindset that is extremely important since it is this that will determine our actions and results. … Read more

The Never Retire Lifestyle — It’s Not A Myth — Part 1

Never Retire Lifestyle

The never retire lifestyle is a rather unique way to live. It is definitely not a myth but a reality for many. Now I am not speaking about those folks who feel stuck because of financial constraints or other undesirable circumstances. What I am talking about as the never retire lifestyle is being fully engaged … Read more

The Best Retirement Planning Options You Never Thought About

Best Retirement Planning

Let’s discuss the best retirement planning alternatives currently available that you may never even considered before. We often limit ourselves, not so much by what we don’t know, but by the unyielding commitment to what we think we know that just may not be so. Granted there is much more to learn in all areas … Read more

Is Retirement A Myth?–Quite Possibly

Is Retirement A Myth

Is retirement a myth? Well, let’s discuss this a bit. This is a follow-up article on my previous one, “Why You Will Never Retire”. I want to add a little more insight into this whole concept of retirement. Retirement in and of itself is not a bad thing. It can be quite enjoyable given the … Read more

Stress Free Retirement Living

Stress Free Retirement Living

This article on stress-free retirement living applies to People of All Ages. The reason for this is that it is never too early to set up your retirement plan and goals. This in itself has a lot of side benefits. On the other hand, it is never too late to improve your current situation no … Read more

Baby Boomers — Who Are They Really?

Baby Boomers

Technically the Baby Boomers are folks born between 1946 and 1964. Falling into this category myself, I do have a special affinity for this group of people. I recently discovered that the Baby Boomer demographic actually falls between the Silent Generation and Generation X. I never heard of the Silent Generation (born between 1928 and … Read more

Empower Retirement — A Few Things To Consider

Empower Retirement

How do we empower retirement? Or maybe it is better said, how do we find ways to empower ourselves when retired to stay focused and energetic while contributing to the welfare of others as well as to society in general? When we are able to answer that question we not only will enjoy our retirement … Read more

Baby Boomers And Marketing — Creating Additional Income

Baby Boomers and Marketing

When speaking about baby boomers and marketing, I’d like to discuss a bit about how baby boomers can supplement their incomes doing things they like to do. There are many articles out there on how to market to baby boomers, but what about baby boomers creating additional sources of income based on their many years … Read more

When Do Baby Boomers Retire?

Retirement Options

Of course there are many people in the Baby Boomer age group (born between 1946 and 1964) who are well financially situated to retire, or have retired already and are in good shape financially. At the same time, there are many for which this is not the case. Let’s spend a few moments, and take … Read more


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