Awakening Heroes Within

Awakening heroes within is about bringing forth the amazing qualities we each possess but have kept hidden either consciously or unconsciously. It doesn’t matter now, for we are to begin a process today that will awaken the greatness within ourselves.Awakening Heroes Within

We all have an inner urge, whether recognized or not, to express ourselves in special ways that are unique to us. When this continues to emerge it can no longer be ignored.

“We relish news of our heroes, forgetting that we are extraordinary to somebody too.”

— Helen Hayes —

Awakening Heroes Within the Present Moment

“Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unfulfilled life within us.”

— Steven Pressfield —

Whenever we discuss personal or spiritual growth, it always returns to the present moment because that is where all the action is. To bring out our heroic qualities it’s vital to spend more time in the present moment.

As I have written in other articles about staying present, it requires a consistent conscious effort to keep our attention in the now. We have programmed ourselves to spend time in past and future scenarios to such an extent that the present is only a fleeting memory.

It all comes down to how much we really want to express our heroic qualities. When it is a burning desire we will do what is necessary to make it happen even when it gets a bit uncomfortable.

Change is never easy especially when our habits are so ingrained, and when we feel protected by staying within the confines of our comfort zone. We convince ourselves to stay put so that things won’t get worse.

But as our inner desire builds this no longer suffices. We are not complete unless we are expressing our authentic selves and that can only occur in the present moment.

If it’s not “now”, it’s never. The apparent safety of staying the same no longer entices us as our awareness increases.

Ways to Stay Present

Although I have discussed ways to stay present in several articles let’s take a somewhat different approach so that we can break out of our self-induced coma. First, we have to realize that we have imprisoned ourselves.

Let’s dig deep and discover what is going on and how we are actually using the tremendous power with which we have been gifted. We either use this power for or against ourselves, so our “choice” is critical.

There is a big difference between wanting and choosing, and when we choose to awaken our hero selves begin to emerge. And that choice is in the present moment.

As I mentioned in a previous article it takes a full commitment to remain present. Our current paradigm keeps us stuck in the past and future.

It requires us to keep “reminding” ourselves daily to stay present. This may require leaving notes all around the house with the question, “Am I present now?” Use reminders that make sense and will work for us.

We then choose in the present moment to feel good and be happy right this very moment. Otherwise, we are stuck in our thoughts and feelings which are not us, but just stuff we have picked up along the way on our current journey.

We are here to learn and time is a friendly tool to be used as a learning mechanism until we fully embrace eternity. Now, the present moment is the closest thing that we have in this dream world that even comes close to eternity.

I encourage us all to commit to staying present while embracing our power and directing it beneficially.

Awakening Heroes Within Our Hearts

“Hard times don’t create heroes. It is during the hard times when the ‘hero’ within us is revealed.”

— Bob Riley —

It is with our hearts that we are able to discover the real hero within ourselves. All heart-based decisions that we make are based on truth because our hearts don’t lie.

When we are confronted with challenges in our lives, that is the precise time that the heroes within ourselves have the opportunity to be revealed. The choices we make at this point determine to what extent we allow our heroes to emerge.

When we are driven by heart-based desires it is only a matter of time before our heroes come to the forefront. It is only when our desire to be our best is a burning flame that we will make the choices consistently to extend ourselves beyond our comfort zones and express our heroism.

Down through time, we have many examples in all areas of life of people expressing talents and abilities under dire circumstances. Many didn’t even realize they possessed these attributes.

It is when we are thrown into the present moment that our hero selves can emerge. We have all surprised ourselves with how we handled a given situation when it suddenly occurred. We simply did what was necessary to do.

We all too often kill things off in our heads by worry and doubt. When we decide and take that first step in the present moment we get things done and then position ourselves to continue to advance.

Let’s continue to practice staying present and embrace our heart-based desires.

Awakening Heroes Within Ourselves and OthersAwakening Heroes Within

“Nurture your minds with great thoughts. To believe in the heroic makes heroes.”

— Benjamin Disraeli —

We are not in this world alone so we not only owe it to ourselves, but also others that we do our best and awaken and express our hero selves. No one is coming to save the day; it is up to us to express our best as this world is in desperate need of positive role models.

Ordinary is no longer acceptable. No longer is it okay to keep our heartfelt desires and talents hidden. They are too much needed in the world at this moment.

Awakening heroes within ourselves has a much broader scope than improving our individual lives. When our hero awakens it is a given that we will be well taken care of. But using our newfound power in constructive ways to make a difference in the lives of others will be our greatest impact.

We will also ignite the flame within others so that they are also inspired to take this journey within. This is all part of the transformation process on a global scale.

Beyond all chaos and conflict, the light shines bright and increases with every person who awakens to their greatness. Let’s enjoy the journey as we awaken and express our hero selves.

In Peace and Love within the Light,

Joseph William

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Awakening Heroes Within

4 thoughts on “Awakening Heroes Within”

  1. I love the way that you word wake up the inner hero in you, it is amazing what we can do or accomplish if we would just believe and put our minds to it. There should never be an excuse because it is amazing what some have achieved even those who have disabilities. 

    Hellen Keller was blind and deaf yet she when to college and graduated, she also was an author so if she and others can wake up the inner hero in them we can do the same as we reach for success.

  2. Hi Joseph,

    Such an inspirational article.

    I have seen books on awakening the hero within ourselves. Basically when we awaken the hero within ourselves, we are in a great position to help others awaken the hero within themselves.

    But, we need to work on ourselves first and focus on making sure we are the hero for ourselves before we can share our gifts with others, and be the hero for them.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the amazing work my friend. Keep being the hero you are for the world.

    All the best,



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