A Question Of Choice

Whenever we make any sort of decision in life we are convinced that we are making a choice based on whatever information we may have at that point in time. This certainly seems like a very practical and intelligent way to go about things given that many choices by some people are made hastily while thet are in a high emotional state. But is it really a question of choice? A Question of Choice

In this article I would like to dig a little deeper into this process of choosing and making decisions. Given a few insights, I look forward that we may all discover a little more of how this process works, and how we may use it more effectively to produce desired results in our lives.

Do We Really Choose?

On the surface the answer to this is a most definite yes as we are making choices continuously throughout the day and night. Only when we are sleeping does our conscious mind shut down for awhile for some much-needed rest. But even at that time our subconscious, or sympathetic nervous system, is doing its thing in running our bodily functions and keeping us alive.

But for now let’s concentrate on our conscious state when we are “so called” awake. Are we really awake and making conscious choices or are we just kidding ourselves? To be totally honest, unless we have gained the awareness to recognize when we are or are not present, we are not really choosing. For the most part we spend the majority of our day sleepwalking through life.

The waking dream state is very real and keeps us caught up with all the past and future drama which had or could occur. This is when worry and anxiety kick in based on the illusions of the past and future.

Whatever did happen in the past may or may not be remembered correctly based on many factors, including how intense the emotional impact of the experience was. So we spend a lot of time worrying about something which has already happened without the full remembrance of all the details, as some may be blocked out or even misinterpreted. We then create our belief system which affects our current programming and results based on these memories.

The future is also affected by our present worries and anxieties by creating the future we are so worried about based on our present beliefs. What we focus on we eventually experience. There is some magic in these realizations which can most definitely change things for the better. Let’s explore a little more.

Are Unconscious Choices Really Choices? wisdom

Getting back to the question do we really choose, the answer is yes and no. When we are present and conscious in the moment we are making choices based on all available data as well as accessing our intuition which is turned on in the present moment. When we are asleep to the present moment and caught up in the torrent of thoughts and feelings based on memories and data, as well as future fears and anxieties of what might happen, we are not making choices. They are being made for us for better or worse by our habitual mind.

When we are programmed for happiness and success, making choices on an automatic basis works quite well. We know we are headed in the right direction, on the right path, and toward our desired destination. The problems occur when this automatic programming is based on fear, memory, and accumulated data which may or may not be true.

When we spend the majority of time in the present moment we can consciously put many choices and decisions on autopilot because it is us in our conscious state making those decisions. They are not a reaction to events and circumstances based on fear and uncertainty.

When we are not conscious in the present moment there is no way we can choose and make decisions. We think we are making them, but actually they are being made for us by our fear-based self.

Letting In The Light Enlightenment

Let’s brighten things up a bit. No matter what our circumstances presently are, they are the result of our current beliefs and expectations. And this is Great News! Since we created them, we can uncreate them, and put in place more favorable ideas and beliefs. We can consciously choose how we desire things to be right this very moment.

When the light turns on we see things maybe for the first time as the way they really are. It’s not other people, the world in general, the economy, wacked out politicians, greedy corporations, or whatever else may come to mind as affecting our present circumstances.

We realize the Power we have Within ourselves right this very Moment in time. Utilizing the power consciously we take one hundred (100%) percent responsibility for our lives.  It is like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz recognizing the Power that was always there in those ruby slippers. She just needed to make the Conscious Choice to bang them together a few times to release all the magic.

I now encourage you to wake up to your Presence and Magnificence and bang those imaginary slippers together, and continue to make choices in the present moment so that you can really say that my life is A Question of Choice.

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Choose consciously and wisely,


6 thoughts on “A Question Of Choice”

  1. Hi, this is courageous, sometimes the decisions we make may lead us to the right part of life whiles some may even lead us to our own death. Choose wisely in choice making and at least brighten up and believe in yourself. This post has really inspired me, I need things like this to keep me going as a widower i am. 

  2. Hey! 

    This is so awesome article with lots of facts of our mind engaging with the anxiety of past memories. From that memory predicting the future as well. Yes, we are wasting our present moment in worries, fear, and anxiety. You are absolutely right that this is not our conscious choice. Your excellent words spell on me. Thank you so much for sharing your encouraging article and for waking me up.

    Best wishes,

  3. Benefits of making financial decisions for your future are enormous. Making the right choices for your future is really important.

    I really enjoyed reading this article and I’ve learned a lot from your post so thank you so much for sharing, Joseph.


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