A Life Of Passion

With the day-to-day routines in which we find ourselves, rushing here and there just to get things done, it is no mystery that passion may have disappeared from our lives. We may need to go back in time to remember what a life of passion really is.  A Life of Passion

When we were very young we were passionate about being alive and exploring new things. Each moment was an adventure to be appreciated and to discover our surroundings and all the familiar and not-so-familiar faces.

This is before we got all caught up in routines and habits of living, which have robbed us of many new discoveries as well as the pure pleasure of being alive.

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

— Nelson Mandela —

A Life Of Passion — Where Have All the Good Times Gone?

I think Van Halen says it all in the song “Where Have All the Good Times Gone”. We really do need to “get our feet back on the ground” and remember the happiness to be derived from the simple things in life.

We can have all the toys and money in the world and still not feel fulfilled. Nothing out there is going to make us content and happy. We have just forgotten that we have the power to Be Happy now. It is a decision we are capable of making.

The funny thing is that when we are happy with where we are and what we may be doing, we are in the perfect vibrational space and state of mind to more easily accomplish whatever objectives and goals which we are pursuing. Since happiness draws more happiness, we soon discover that when we do get to wherever it is we are heading, we will continue to feel happy and fulfilled, and not let down that our accomplishments have failed to deliver the satisfying result that we anticipated.

The good times are Now. A very wise Asian person once told me that everything is “Good Already”. When taken to heart, this can be a very liberating and life-enhancing way to live.

So What About the Passion?

I have not forgotten what this article is about in terms of living a life of passion. Before I get more into this, I am going to recommend a book that I have found quite entertaining as well as eye-opening. It is called “Live Long And . . .: What I Learned Along the Way” by William Shatner.  A Life Of Passion

You may remember him from the old Star Trek series or more recently the TV show Boston Legal.  Here is a man in his eighties (80s) who still has a passion for all aspects of life, and who continues to find ways to challenge himself and experience new things. Do yourself a favor and give it a read. It is quite fascinating.

When we get all caught up in our day-to-day rituals, we lose the spark of possibility and adventure. We become content with the commonplace. This is not to say what we do each day is not vital and important; it’s more about waking up to the fact of just how vital and important it really is and celebrating that fact more often.

We do not have to do outrageous things to live a life of passion; it is how we do them and the satisfaction which we allow ourselves to have while doing them. Every decision we make and action we take is important, not only to us but to all whom we affect. When we are passionate about our lives, this is reflected in all we say and do. Our very presence radiates our passion and joy.

As I have said before there is nowhere to go and nothing to get. All the action and goodies are happening Right Now. Once awakened to this, we see things differently and thus experience life more fully. Passion then kicks in a gradual and natural way.

A Life Of Passion — What About Success?

Many of us are so caught up with this success thing that we miss the real prize. It is so easy to fall into the trap of “I will be happy when_________”. Just fill in the blank. It will be different for each of us, because success means something different for each of us.  A Life Of Passion

Well here’s the thing about success. Success is not about getting somewhere. Rather, it is a decision we make now. We choose to be successful now. This is a different state of mind and beingness which will brings many different results.

When we “try” to become successful we are admitting we Are Not successful, so we are then stuck with this state of mind which will bring results tied in with not being successful. Once we break this down by thinking it through, it becomes evident that we are sabotaging ourselves by the mere “trying” to make things better.

Success is good, but it is only a decision away. Make that decision and then get busy with what will really bring the results you desire. We are now ready to make some real progress.  It’s not about trying, but rather being and doing.

A Life Of Passion — Beyond Success

Now, what can be beyond success? Many of us have spent so much time chasing this elusive success that we are convinced that once we catch it things will play out just fine. Everything will just fall into place once we get there; wherever there is.

In order to live a life of passion, we must be willing to break free. We must let go and allow ourselves to experience all we truly desire with an attitude and presence which is free of fear and uncertainty. In fact, we must welcome uncertainty as a good thing.

When we do this we now live a life of Expansion. We are no longer chasing success, but we expand ourselves in all areas of our lives. It is who we become in the process which will allow us to enjoy the success we have created.  A life of passion

A life of expansion begins with doing each task to the best of our ability with the intention of providing value for ourselves and others. No task is too small to do well.

When we truly understand and get this, we will be expanding ourselves moment-to-moment and creating a much fuller and enhanced existence. We are then caught up in the Passion of the Moment, and that passion carries us wherever we desire to go.

So I encourage you to live a life of passion by becoming so engaged in exploring life just as it is, and thus discovering the miracle which has always been right in front of us just waiting for us to Open Our Eyes.

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To your Continued Success,

Joseph William

A Life Of Passion

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16 thoughts on “A Life Of Passion”

  1. Just this morning while visiting a bank, I saw this one big poster of a student with his parents posing for a graduation picture with a headline “Success!”. I just wish that the young man has chosen a course or a profession he’s really passionate about or else, it will be just an empty success. 

    You’re right when you said here, to live a “life of passion” or else, a worker may soon realize that it’s a fake success finishing his schooling. Yes, of course, we can count it as success, but it’s just a beginning. After leaving college in 2001, I decided to pursue of my passion of starting my own business in spite of my loved ones pushing me to just get a job in a corporate world. I took the path that I always dream about, the path of online entrepreneurship, and it’s worth it.

    • Thanks Gomer.  It’s so great that you followed your dreams and passions and took the road less certain at the time but much more fulfilling and certain now.  All the Best to your continued Success.

  2. Good article. I am just now beginning to develop my passion into an income. I feel if you are passionate about whatever you do it will be beneficial to you. I know most people won’t, can’t, or possibly not even know what would be their passion in life. When you are enjoying what you do your life will be filled with passion, fun, and stress-free.

  3. Thank you for reminding the reader never to forget what their passions are or what they feel passionate about. In this fast-moving crazy world we live in today, it is easy to loose track of what is important for us and we end up chasing things that we are not passionate about

  4. Hi Joseph, 

    Living a life of passion is living life to the full. Many of us only live life for money, acquisitions and success. We don’t stop once in a while to strengthen roses, to feel the comforting warmth of the sun on our skin, to appreciate the beautiful laugh of a baby, to love the process the journey to leads to success. 

    We are too success minded, not knowing that life is not success, life the journey that leads to success. If we fail to enjoy that journey, we would fail to enjoy life. We would lose out on a life of passion. 

  5. Dear Joseph,

    Thanks a lot for the informative & helpful post and I must say I found your post highly uplifting and educational.

    I have made a note on your recommendation and added “Live long and what I learned along the way by William Shatner” on my “To Read” list. Success is about the decision we make now, wow this is an eye opener and it hit me on my head because I was having a set of things like “I will be happy when I make $1000 a month, I will be happy when I buy my own house, I will be happy when I became a super Affiliate” etc., Thanks for the Enlightenment on the different state of my mind.

    Thanks a lot for the great insights and your post made me to think more. Often in working for a living we forget to live. 

    Going to live a life of Expansion and Passion!


    • Thanks Paul.  Appreciate your comments and I look forward to you enjoying the journey to all your goals and objectives.

  6. Nice article from a good author and i must say that the book you recommended sounds interesting and i have every intention of getting a copy because i like motivational books, growing up i planned to live a life of passion but growing up and the day to day rituals of life didn’t let it happen. I thank you for the motivation and words of advice, thanks a lot.

  7. We should live a life of passion because as you said because of the routine of life we have let passion go and are just living. Without having a passion to live and to grow and to learn new things we will be stuck in that old rut of things living a life which is aimless. We should stop and smell the roses along lives journey and appreciate the small things which make such a big difference. Let’s strive to live a life of passion and purpose.

  8. Hi Joseph! We have responsibility concerning what we think. And we usually don’t want to assume that responsibility. A very powerful machine such as the brain can’t go around life moving in any direction.

    Once we manage to take control of our thoughts the next step is to live with passion concerning the things we do. As you have stated, it’s a desicion. Routine can compass around, but we take the desicion to embrace each experience with gratitude and excitement.


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