A “Aha” Moment

A “aha” moment can often occur when we least expect it. That is why it is so important to stay conscious and aware as often as we can. When we stay focused on what is happening “Now”, we have less chance of having these moments of inspiration slip by without us noticing them.  A Aha Moment

These moments are pure gold because they consist of thoughts and ideas from our creative selves, which can lead us in the very direction that we desire to go in order to accomplish our goals and objectives.


A “Aha” Moment — Left Or Right?

Instead of struggling with figuring out which direction is best, we can make life much easier on ourselves by taking the time to pay attention to our intuitive thoughts and ideas. These are the “aha” moments that I have been talking about. This all occurs in the present moment when we let go of living in the past.


When we are confused and appear to be stuck on what to do, it is really only us ignoring our intuition, and being caught in a repetitive loop of the same old thoughts on which we base our actions. And guess what? We get the same old results.

Now we can tell ourselves it’s just bad luck or the world is against us if we want to, but eventually, we will see it is merely a “choice” that we can make right this moment to change the direction of our lives. If we want an excuse, anyone will do. No need to tire ourselves out by coming up with some elaborate explanation.

So whether we go left or right is not the point. It is our conscious intention that matters most. At this point, there are no mistakes, but merely adjustments to be made on our way to our most cherished destination.



Accessing Those Moments

One way to get in touch with our more creative part of ourselves is to ask ourselves a question about what we want to know, prior to going to sleep in the evening, and the answer will most likely show up upon awakening in the morning.

This takes a little practice so give it some time.

“When you’re teaching a hard concept and the students all have puzzled looks on their faces and then suddenly you can see that ‘aha’ moment, that they got it, that’s just an incredible thing.”

— Anant Agarwal — 

Also when we first awaken and are still in that half-sleep state, we can ask at that moment as well, and then just let go of the thought, and go on with our morning routine.

Then while we are doing other stuff during the day, a few ideas will show up, which may be the answer to our question. This is one way to generate those “Aha” moments.

Otherwise, just focusing on what we most desire on a regular basis will automatically bring fresh ideas to us. This is because by focusing on our objective we are letting our creative self know we are serious about whatever it is we desire.

One last thing is to pay attention to our dreams as well. We may get some enlightening information when we least expect it.


A “Aha” Moment — Productive Waiting

There is a time to act, a time to think, and a time to wait.  By getting the right balance of this makes life seem effortless, especially to people who observe us getting things done so easily.

When we are at an impasse, and not sure what to do, it is best to do nothing, and wait for inspiration to arrive. We then move forward when we are emotionally inspired to proceed, rather than trying to figure things out only intellectually.

We do our due diligence on a conscious, logical level, but we learn to trust our instincts by being patient, and waiting for our marching orders from the smarter part of our Being. This can take as little as a few moments, to as long as a few weeks. Any longer than that probably indicates that we are either trying too hard or unconsciously procrastinating.

When the idea arrives we will know it, as it usually comes out of the blue, when we are involved in doing something else. This is our “aha” moment, and we can then proceed with confidence knowing that whatever the result, it is in our best interest.


A “Aha” Moment — It’s All Good

Even when events occur which seem to be not working for us or not going our way, let’s not prejudge what is really going on. When we “know” what we desire (our end result), and are confident we are on the right path, anything and everything which happens along the way is there to help us get where we want to go. Obstacles and barriers become our friends because they define our purpose.

When we see what we are up against, we can then decide on a way around or through that apparent roadblock.  We soon discover that in the far majority of the cases, this turns out to be the best path for us in the long run.

Cultivate more of those “aha” moments. We have all had them over the years. It is now time to pay attention to them, and use them to propel ourselves to our dreams!


Here’s a Review of an Opportunity which came to me as a result of One of Those “Aha” Moments!

Stay present and enjoy the Journey!!


A aha moment



6 thoughts on “A “Aha” Moment”

  1. Joseph, there is so much that comes together during “Aha” moments.
    We should position ourselves to experience them more often.

    You provide a few ways for us to do that and I especially like your suggestion to ask a question of ourselves prior to going to sleep.
    That way it stays in our subconscious mind and travels around to find an answer.

    What better way to wake than with an “Aha”?

    Thank you so much for this insightful article.


  2. Hi Joseph
    “Aha” moments are awesome! Mine usually come through or after prayer – intuition is also God-given, so I guess that’s no surprise.
    Thank you for sharing such an interesting article.
    Blessings as always

    • Thanks so much for your enlightening thoughts and comments Louise. I appreciate them very much. When we open our hearts to the Divine within all is well. Take care and all the best.

  3. Hi William,

    Thank you for reminding us of taking time to focus within and miss out on important moments of our lives. Many times we get caught up In the making of our discussions Go Left or Right? and we miss out on the growth that is there for the taking. “Aha” is the epitome of the learning cycle and if you miss it you waste a lifetime of preparation for that moment. They do not come easy, when they do come, your eyes should be open and not lost in adjustment choices as you put it.

    I’ll try and slow down, hopeful not to miss my ” Aha”.

    Thank you, so much.


    • You’re most welcome, Ntlhane. It is so easy to get caught up with the confusion and distractions of life and forget that our happiness and treasure exist at this very moment. There is nowhere to go and nothing to get when we open to our many “ahas” this very moment. All the very Best.


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