How To Survive Retirement

I speak to so many baby boomers and other retired folks all the time, and they are either bored to death or having a tough time of it financially. These people do not know how to survive retirement, This has led to depression and even suicidal thoughts in some of the people I know.  When … Read more How To Survive Retirement

Mind Traps

The only thing which can stop us from achieving whatever we desire in our lives is our mindset. There are so many mind traps within our consciousness that unless we are acutely aware of their existence and how they function, we remain completely vulnerable to their restricting influence. Given the challenge of dealing with these … Read more Mind Traps

Enjoying The Process

As I have mentioned previously in several of my articles about getting things done in life, enjoying the journey allows you to have fun and feel good about what you are doing, regardless of the end result. In other words, if you are not enjoying yourself now while engaged in moving toward your goal, you … Read more Enjoying The Process

Resistance To Change

Even though change is a natural part of life, we have developed over the years a resistance to change in many areas of our lives. When we were young, it was “just bring it on”. However, now that we have grown and apparently “matured”, our tendency is to stay within the safe confines of our … Read more Resistance To Change