What Is Thinking Creatively?

What is thinking creatively all about? It may seem to an outside observer that this is a special gift of a few chosen individuals, but that may not be the case at all. Once we spend a few moments exploring this topic, I think we will discover that we all share this ability but it remains dormant from lack of use.What Is Thinking Creatively -- A Light Bulb Moment

Now there are many reasons why this is so and we may explore a few, but much more importantly is re-igniting this creativeness within ourselves. This is a quality that we were not shy at all about expressing when we were very young. It may have gotten beaten out of us, but this is something we can reignite for the benefit of ourselves and others.

Creative Thinking: A More Standard View

Now according to a business dictionary, creative thinking is considered to be a different way of looking at things. In other words, by taking a different perspective we are able to more easily solve problems and come up with solutions. Some of these solutions may be considered rather unorthodox, but they arrive either through a process known as lateral thinking (an indirect creative approach beyond the step-by-step logical process; lateral thinking was first used in 1967 by Edward de Bono in his book “The Use of Lateral Thinking”) or brainstorming.

It’s all about creating something new in art or business or any other endeavor by approaching things from a different angle or perspective. This is the realm of your innovators and problem solvers. They are able to move out of conditioned thought into the vast universe of unlimited potential.

Now, this is all well as good, but let’s see how we can make this practical for ourselves regardless of our current mindset or state of consciousness. There are many ways we can approach this.



Let’s Spread Our Wings a Bit

Now there are certain people who think creatively most of the time and are able to look at things differently and come up with new thoughts and ideas. They have not lost the childlike quality of always asking “why”. That being said, the bottom line is that we are all creative, and with a little time and effort we are able to access our creative genius to innovate and solve problems.

Beyond the more standard techniques such as role-playing, mind mapping, brainstorming, envisaging future events, creating rich pictures, and simply exploring new opportunities, there is a much more simple process. It is a way where we combine our left-brain reasoning and logical processes with our more creative right brain.

“My hand is the extension of the thinking process – the creative process.” — Tadao Ando —

Whenever we have a challenge or problem of any sort, we do the necessary research and come up with various options based on the data we accumulate. Then we spend some time alone either in a quiet room or in nature. We allow the ideas to germinate.

We can go into a meditative state if we so desire, or just sit quietly with our eyes closed allowing ourselves to completely relax. Doing this a few minutes a day is not only advantageous for generating creative ideas, but it is a way to release much-unwanted worry and tension as well.

At this point, we have completely let go of “trying” to find an answer to our problem or challenge, and merely concentrate on being content and happy in the present moment in a harmonious way. The more relaxed we get, the more the noise in our heads will dissipate so that we can be in the proper state for new and innovative ideas to flow.

It’s the letting go and relaxing that is so important here. It is in this mental state that we allow the answers to come in the right way and at the right time without any need to force the issue. Just our concentrated focused attention on the subject at hand will ignite our intuitive faculties to bring about the solution.

Staying Alert for Insights

It is not unusual for ideas to flow when we are doing chores or going about our daily routine. When we least expect it we will be aware of something new. That’s why it is good to carry around a small notepad or piece of paper to write things down as they come up so as not to forget.

These ideas are fleeting and will not stay around long. There are many stories of famous people getting tremendous insights that resulted in life-changing inventions when taking a bath, walking their dog, or out engaging in a favorite activity.

Once we have done the groundwork of the needed research, and then relaxed a bit to set up the right atmosphere for our creative ideas, we patiently wait and allow them to arrive at their own time schedule. We just need to stay relaxed with an expectant attitude. When we have faith in what we are doing and in our project, that faith will set up our expectant state of mind.

When we are able to see our goal or objective as a done deal, then we already possess it on the level of mind. The right combination of people and events will then naturally show up to bring it about.

Think Beyond the Obvious as a Daily PracticeWhat Is Thinking Creatively? -- Good Questions

It is so important to think for ourselves and do our own research related to all information we receive or desire to find. This includes all aspects of life from politics, family life, social relationships to business dealings. This is where we do our due diligence using reason and logic and then checking it out by going within and accessing our intuition.

Here a few basic steps that I follow to generate ideas and get my creative juices flowing:

1) Be as specific as possible as to the goal, objective, challenge, or problem

2) Spend as much time necessary in putting together a few “good” questions that encompass the subject at hand

3) Use all available resources to do due diligence and research (reason and logic in action)

4) Once I have exhausted all known resources and have developed some viable ideas on how to proceed, I let go of the whole subject and trust that my search on the outer level is complete

5) I now go about my business but stay open to intuitive insights and write down any that appear

6) If I am not satisfied with the results I ask directly my intuitive self for guidance, and spend some time relaxing or in a meditative state

7) Be patient and allow the answers to show up on their timeline and not mine

Now, this is the basic procedure but at times insights show up without going through all these steps, and the more you do this the faster they come. The important thing to keep in mind is that there is ALWAYS an answer to any problem, challenge, or difficulty as the answer lies in igniting our creative thought through being specific and asking good questions.

So when we ask ourselves “what is thinking creatively” we soon discover that it is much more than the standard techniques to ignite our imagination. It goes much deeper than that into the very heart and soul of our very existence. That is where we tap our Creative Genius and live a life full of awe and wonderment.

Enjoy the magic of the journey.

All the Best,

Joseph William

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What Is Thinking Creatively -- Online Marketing

10 thoughts on “What Is Thinking Creatively?”

  1. Hello there! Creative thinking is a beautiful thing especially with the younger folks. They can come up with the most innovative ideas sometimes! But unfortunately, I feel like with the education system nowadays, it kind of just kills creativity and it becomes almost like a lost art. I honestly felt like the time I learn the most from and had the most creativity was during my elementary school days. These days in college, it just feels like robotic learning. Creativity needs to be encouraged once again and always. Your #1 recommendation to express creativity in business is definitely one of the best ways to be creative!

  2. I think that thinking creatively can help a lot of people in their endeavors and actually make them more productive in the long-run. I’m sure that you as a retired entrepreneur can related to that because you are retired, yet you never stop producing, I’m sure that has been lucrative for you too

    • Thanks so much for your comments. No matter one’s age we can be creative in ways that are service-oriented when we have a service-driven purpose to make a difference. All the best.

  3. I find this article very interesting, I feel like because everyone is so pre-occupied they don’t find the time to tap into Thinking Creatively. I can see where if these tips are implemented, the benefits will be derived, it is so interesting how these ideas come about when you are doing manual chores. Thanks for the basic tips on getting the juices flowing.

  4. Creative thinking is all about bring new flavors to something that is old. Every invention did not start out that way, every idea did not begin that way but will improvements over time they are what they are today so lets go and to like wise by thinking creativly or outside of the box. Thanks for sharing.

  5. This article was well put together. I believe that thinking creatively is natural to all of us. However, we are trained to think as a herd and not as individuals. Our education system is one culprit to blame. Another challenge is that we are bombarded with so many distractions on a daily basis. Our brains are just consuming and not focused on creating. And all is required is to simply quiet our minds and let the creative thoughts and ideas flood in. Thomas Edison did this on a regular basis. He would go in a dark room and quiet his mind and the creative juices would flow.

    • Thanks so much Kevon for your thoughts and insights on this. I totally agree that it is so easy to be distracted and that our educational system does not teach folks “how” to think. All the Best.


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