What Is Success In Life?

What is success in life? That is an excellent question. Of course, it depends greatly on each individual’s belief system and outlook on life.What Is Success In Life

Merely accomplishing our goals doesn’t necessarily bring us the joy and satisfaction we may have originally anticipated. This can be plainly evidenced by the number of wealthy but unhappy folks out there.

Let’s delve a bit deeper into this subject as it can not only save us much time and effort from pursuing goals that we later discover were not really what we desired at all.

What is Success in Life? — Beyond the Standard Definition

Achieving an established goal is probably the most prevalent definition of success. Whether this involves the attainment of wealth, the desired relationship, educational achievement, or any other favorable outcome, it is all predicated on what is most meaningful to us.

Now, here is the catch. Determining what is most meaningful to us is not that easy for a number of reasons. Since birth, we have been influenced by family, friends, teachers, politicians, mass media events, and of course advertising telling us what we need and must have.

So when we ask ourselves what do we really want and what is truly meaningful to us, are we able to give a genuine answer based on our heartfelt desires?

I would tend to say no to this. It requires a bit of soul-searching and sorting out what is real from what we have blindly accepted based on the values of others and society in general.

A More Creative Approach

Beyond all the standard and personal definitions of success that we hear and read about, there is a special part of ourselves that is very capable of defining what success really means to us.

When we are in touch with that part of ourselves we not only open the door to our personal success but we have discovered who we really are as well as our purpose for being here.

We have discovered our own unique Pattern of Existence.

One way to discover this genius within is to ask ourselves if are we happy now and has our happiness increased when we have received certain symbols of success such as more money, achievements at work and in the community, a desired relationship, a nicer home or car, or many of the other things for which we continually strive.

Although we may have attained a burst of exhilaration, satisfaction, and contentment upon immediate achievement, it is most likely that this feeling was not sustained.

The creative approach to success is when we experience joy and happiness on a moment-to-moment basis due to being in alignment with our true purpose in life. This enables us to set goals that are both meaningful and contribute to our overall well-being as well as the well-being of others.


What is Success in Life — Service, Service, Service

Serving others is our true purpose in life and how we do this is a personal and individual process that is our divine mission. Each person on this planet is gifted with a special function that is based on their unique talents and abilities.

When we recognize this and discover our unique talents, we are then able to create success for ourselves and others.

This is when true satisfaction exists beyond the many symbols of success.

“Success is peace of mind that is the direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.”

— John Wooden —


This is all about exploring the core of our inner needs where all of our genuine and authentic values exist. It is here that we realize and understand how valuable each of us is to each other and the world.

We may accumulate much wealth and fame along our journey, and if we do it will be a natural result of serving others through our unique talents. It will not be a cause of our happiness, but rather a nice side effect.


The Key Aspect to Sustaining SuccessWhat Is Success In Life

Whether it is the financial, occupational, social, community, or emotional success that we desire, it is all dependent on a realization of who we really are and what we are doing here.

It’s okay not to know because the vast majority do not.

But at the same time, it is very wise to ask how we can obtain this self-knowledge. Here are a few important traits to consider in our discovery process.

— Gratitude — when we are grateful for what we have and what is currently on its way we create a very special space within ourselves that is then filled with joy.

— Compassion — this is a virtue that opens our hearts in a way that is impossible to describe as it needs to be experienced. We then serve gladly as we realize that there is no difference between giving and receiving as the more love we express the more we receive.

— Integrity — living a life based on honesty and authenticity creates a positive atmosphere within and without that draws people to us and enables us to create success for ourselves and others. We are inwardly guided to do the right thing at the right time and in the right way.

— Self Mastery and Control — this leads to increased knowledge of ourselves as we are responding rather than reacting to people and circumstances. We learn to be the calm within the storm and understand that we are the creator and cause of our lives rather than the victim and effect.

— Humility — no matter what we attain and achieve we are here to teach and serve others and lend a helping hand. We learn that differences do not exist and that we are all connected in a way that transcends any type of specialness. A humble heart reveals this to us.

— Patience — being patient gives us the time to establish new habits and endure the breaking down process of old habits. Progress is what is important and each small step is critical to our success.

— Courage — this trait is required to take the first hesitant step in making a change of any kind. Each successive step does become easier as we progress toward our desired destination.

When we increase our self-knowledge we can answer the question, “are we happy?” affirmatively. And that is really the essence of any type of worthwhile success.

What is Success in Life? — Let Us Allow It to be Revealed

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

— Albert Einstein —

Following our heart is all that is required. Beyond all of the images and idols that seem so appealing on the surface lies our true destiny and treasure cove.

Let us not be distracted as we trust ourselves to recognize how we can best serve and be of value.

We have made it this far in life with all of our ups and downs. Let us realize that we are taken care of and divinely protected, and by embracing our uncertainty we move forward and allow the universe to support our efforts.

What’s wrong with Now?

When we are truly honest with ourselves we realize all is well and good right this very moment in time regardless of any challenges we are currently experiencing.

This is our starting point in beginning our journey to creating the life we were meant to have. At this point, there is no need to ask what is success in life, as we will quickly discover that we are experiencing it at this very moment.

All the very best in enjoying the journey that was completed the moment that it began.

Happiness is a choice; let’s choose it now.

In Peace and Love within the Light,

Joseph William

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what is success in life


4 thoughts on “What Is Success In Life?”

  1. Great article I must say. I’ve been able to grab one or two areas that affect my life in this article. Like you said, success is solely dependent on an individual’s belief or personality. People prioritize their success based on what they set out to achieve and that’s really bad. The key is having the zeal to succeed in whatever you do

  2. Firstly, thank you for sharing all these great points. So often we hear — as you pointed out — that success comes in the form of an outward expression, such as the car we drive or the neighborhood we live in. How many people, such as celebrities or others, have more than they could possibly use in several lifetimes and who are still not happy with their lives? You hit on a key point here about ‘succcess in life’, meaning that success is so much bigger. How can we bring happiness to others, for example. Service to the community is an amazing way to explore success in our lives. I certainly derive a lot of joy from that!

    • Thanks, Andree for your thoughts on this. Each day is a success when we think well of others, encourage them, and smile.


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