Transform Your Thinking, Transform Your Life

In this article on transform your thinking, transform your life, I am going to review some of the more practical aspects of being able to make significant changes in the areas you most desire. Much has been written on this topic over the years, but in comparison, very little has been applied on a consistent, long-term basis which has resulted in significant results. Transform your Thinking, Transform your Life - Time for Change

By querying any well-known personal development teacher or guru about the percentage of people who actually apply what they teach and get results, you may be surprised to discover that the percentages are “extremely” low. This does not mean that their instruction and materials are of low quality, it just means that the message is not getting through sufficiently to their students for them to transfer that knowledge into real-world results.

It Does Come Down to “Thought”

All teachings down through the ages that intended to improve the well-being of their fellow companions on this planet centered around a change of thought of some kind. Whether it is medical advice, political leanings, spiritual growth, religious affiliation, business growth, relationship training, or just an increase in overall joy and happiness, it all begin with a single thought which is expanded upon from there.

When we slow down enough to “pause and reflect” a bit, we are able to observe many of our thoughts which are flying through our minds on a moment-to-moment basis. Because of past conditioning, many of these thoughts are the same and continue to repeat themselves.

Because we do not often slow down enough to actually consciously “think” about the topic of our current interest, we fail to generate “original” thought on the subject and are left with the remains of “borrowed thinking”, which we have previously picked up from many sources (not all were reliable by any means) along the path of our journey through life. We are basically stuck on a merry-go-round of thoughts that are not even our own but are still the “main influencers” of our lives.

Just waking up to this point of view of how and what we have been thinking, puts us in the enviable position to “consciously choose” what we desire to think by improving how we think. This is a tremendously powerful concept of real and lasting change. The power of our thought already exists as is reflected in our current circumstances. Learning “how” to take hold of the steering wheel and direct that power is what will make the changes we desire become reality.

Undoing the Mess

The journey of consciously directing the power of our thought is primarily a matter of letting stuff go which is no longer useful or just gets in the way. It is an “undoing process”. It would be much easier if we were starting with a blank slate, but that is definitely not the case. We have many ideas, perceptions, opinions, thoughts, and beliefs about ourselves, the world, and other people that may not be as accurate as we currently think.

Since this is the case, we need to create a practical way to make this clear to us so that we can see and understand what is going on. It is only by us experiencing this so that it makes sense to us, will we ever agree to the possibility that what we see and believe may not be so.

The only reason for doing all this questioning of our beliefs is because we are not satisfied with our current results. That being said, we must really desire to break through our self-imposed barriers to proceed, or we will not be willing to dig deep and explore enough to make a significant change. We have a lot invested in the beliefs we currently hold. In our minds, they reinforce our very existence and protect us in many ways (past hurts and trauma), whether or not they are serving our overall best interests.

By proceeding with this process of “undoing” and cleaning up the mess, we will have to have a firm commitment. If we do, we can move through the inevitable resistance, fear, and uncertainly in order to let the light shine in. At this point, the cloud covering is rather thick.

Allowing the Light to Shine Through

Breaking through the cloud cover of misinformation is not an easy process, but it is very doable and worthwhile. The light of our true selves has been shining all the time, but we have blocked it by our focus on the illusions of how we think things are. We are so invested in our current belief structure that we are willing to die for those very beliefs in one way or another, whether through war, disease, broken relationships, poverty, etc. Transform your Thinking, Transform your Life - reintegration of our mind

This is a journey few choose to take on a sustained basis. Being willing to see and experience peace, love, abundance, kindness, and joy, when seeing evidence without its opposite, is quite too much for most with which to deal. It is much easier to acquiesce to the current state of affairs.

But there are a few brave souls such as the protagonist in the book by Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Jonathan did not fall in line with the survival tactics of the other seagulls. He created a path of his own to follow in spite of all the scorn and derision he received from his fellow birds. For those who have read the book or seen the movie, you know what I am talking about. He did what was necessary to have the light shine through which led to a much more harmonious and abundant existence for Jonathan.

The following quote sums things up nicely:

“To learn how to think is to learn how to live, for our thoughts go into a medium that is Infinite in Its ability to do and to be. Man, by thinking, can bring into his experience whatsoever he desires—if he thinks correctly, and becomes a living embodiment of his thoughts.”

— Ernest Holmes —



Now for some Practical Steps

As we may be aware, that reading about this stuff may all sound good, but finding a practical way to make things happen for our benefit, where we actually see real-world results is quite another thing. Ask any self-development “searcher for truth” who has been pursuing this for many years with only mediocre results, if the road is challenging or not. On the other hand, there must be a way for us to proceed and get some results that we can feel good about.

Whatever we have gained in our growth so far is significant. All that we have done to get to where we are right now means something. It has prepared us for this very moment.

Let’s outline a few ideas of how to proceed from here in the most advantageous way so that we be of benefit not only to ourselves but to all those who may be fortunate enough to pass our way moving forward.

1) Pause and Reflect — the first step in this process is to slow down enough so that we can catch a glimpse of what thoughts are flying by, so we can determine whether they are good for us or not. Just the mere awareness of them will dissipate their intensity and flow a bit.

2) Understanding their Impact — just by getting a clear vision of how these thoughts are affecting our lives is a “wake-up call” to some extent. Not having realized what we have been saying to ourselves all this time can be a real eye-opener for sure.

3) Realize We Have the Power — “choice” in this lifetime is our inherent quality which we can use for our benefit. The thoughts and beliefs which are currently in place and influencing our results are merely just that, thoughts, and beliefs. It is our choice if we desire to leave them in place, or let a few go which are not serving us, and replacing them with more empowering symbols of our greatness.

4) Relax and Keep Things Simple — at this point the last thing we want to do is complicate things by making this into a long-drawn-out process. Relax, let go, and observe. It’s time to “remember”.

5) Remembering What It was Like — this is a crucial part of the process because it is actually a combination of “forgetting” as well as “remembering”. We must allow ourselves to let go and forget the ideas we have accepted which no longer make sense to us based on our current observations from Step One (1). The first step in this process sets us up to be able to make constructive and meaningful changes in our thinking, and subsequently in our lives. We need to Observe the Truth of What is actually Going On, and stop lying to ourselves in any way. We now are positioned to remember what it was like to just “Be”. We allow our childhood memories to reemerge so that we can “experience” the feelings and gratitude of just being alive, where each ordinary moment is actually quite extraordinary.

6) Use this Awakened State to Choose Wisely — we have now positioned ourselves to see clearly, and thus choose wisely based on our overall goals and purpose in life. With an understanding that anything is possible, we can select exactly how and what to think to get our creative engine started and in gear to transport ourselves wherever we desire to go.

7) The Final Step — based on our newly awakened state we now create our very own Life Design based on the thoughts and beliefs we desire to possess. We let go of the old, and embrace the new. Write out your very own Life Design Statement and don’t hold back. This is the “New You” based on your “conscious choices” in an awakened state of being. Don’t shortchange yourself here as you now realize anything is possible. Read this statement two (2) to five (5) times per day when feeling relaxed, and continue to do so until your inner vision has transferred itself into your physical reality.

Let’s Sum Things Up a Bit

Okay, we have covered quite a bit in a few short paragraphs. Meaningful life changes are not complex. When we keep things simple like, “Is this really what we want?”, our entire being responds to our authenticity. Lying to ourselves just to get by and avoid the pain and struggle of change, only works short-term before we see some undesirable symptoms and side effects emerge in our lives.

When living the truth we can never go wrong. There is a part of ourselves, who some call the “conscience”, which will constantly remind us when we are off track. There is nowhere to go or hide from our true selves. No matter how much misinformation we may have accepted along our life journey, the intrinsic powers we possess for joy, love, and happiness have always been there.

It is now time to reassess and reframe some of our former ideas of who we are and of what we are capable. There is a world out there in need of our unique gifts and inner strengths. It is time to leave the world of benumbed adults who are only interested in fitting in and accepting the ordinary, and to move beyond the mindset of scarcity and limitation, and embrace our “true genius” in order to create a truly miraculous life which is of value to all.

Let us move forward together in transforming our thinking and our lives to not only increase our personal success but to influence others in life-changing ways. Money and success are merely the inevitable by-products of living a life of generosity, value, and service.

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” — Albert Einstein —

To your inevitable Success,


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22 thoughts on “Transform Your Thinking, Transform Your Life”

  1. I like this article a lot as there is a lot of content in here that is really useful for me. I try and practise mindfulness and you have taken this even further and broken it down. I think it is really important to get rid of the noise and clutter in our minds and you have given some really practical steps in how we can do this. I started my journey of mindfulness and few years ago and I try to not let other people affect me, I try to be my own person and I do not dwell on negativity. This article is going to help me even further to transform my thinking.

    Thank you 

    • You’re most welcome Imelda. It is an honor to share this information as it is a result of many life experiences that have been rewarding but also painful at times. All the best in your adventures on your own unique journey.

  2. Whoa I needed this article today. Deep and thought provoking. Reassessing who we exactly think that we are and what we are actually capable of is pretty important and it’s ever so important in a time like this when we are dealing with a test of wills in multiple ways. I love the practical steps you gave and I will be trying it out. Step one, pause and reflect!

    • I appreciate your comments. Pausing and reflecting a bit certainly pays big dividends especially when it becomes habitual.

  3. Misinformation can be a challenging task to overcome for sure. It’s easier to accept disinformation than to fight for our own beliefs, especially in this day and age when uncertainty can lead to depressed thoughts. Jonathan Livingston Seagull is a fine example of what it means to think clearly and the importance of thinking clearly through self-reliance. Practicality is very important and your 7 steps are much appreciated. I agree that keeping things simple is a great way to achieve mental awareness and is the foundation on which success can flourish. Great post and I’m looking forward to reading more!

  4. Great article, learning and then applying it to everyday life can be difficult, it is difficult as the percentages proves it in your article. I liked how you talked about the thought process and how most times as humans we move to fast to even observe the thoughts and ideas that we have. The best thoughts and ideas come when we slow down enough to pause and reflect! Great information!

    • Thanks Darnell. The challenge is slowing ourselves down enough to observe. But with a little practice it does become a routine that pays big dividends. All the Best.

  5. It is well written,
    power of the mind plays a very roll in our life, and it is better to use it to bring value on this earth rather than using only fro material stuff.

  6. Such an inspiring article there,  it is mentioned in the good book that as a man thinketh so is he, the importance of having the right thought cannot be overemphasized because a man cannot be better  than the way he thinks,  our lives are the refletions of our thought,  thus I find this post very intresting as it has giving practical step in changing our thought pattern to Change our lives. Thanks for sharing. I hope this meets someone well.

  7. Hey nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. What we eventually becomes in life is a reflection of how we translate our thoughts into physical reality. Your practical steps are indeed viable towards transforming ones inovative ideas into reality, I will definitely recommend my friends to this article to share from your knowledge. Keep the good work

  8. Success all begins in the mind, The bible says “as a man thinks in his heart so is he”. It is so amazing what we can accomplish if only we change our way of thinking and transform our minds towards success. It is the mind that makes the man our mind is like the computer whatever we put in we will get out of it so let’s think success, lest thing positive thoughts for when we do that then action will follow making whats in our mind a reality. Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. From my personal viewpoint, transforming thinking into your life is not always an easy task, especially when the hard time comes. But it all depends on self-belief and will power that helps you to stay positive, and a positive attitude always end-up with success.

    However, you have discussed the matter wonderfully in a much broader way than I could think of. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Hi there thanks for the review it was really helpful. A good thing about our brain is that it willingly adopts any changes that we bring about in our thinking patterns. There are several ways to improve or transform our thinking. One way to actually do that is by playing intellectual games and eating a healthy and balanced diet. Another great way is to engage yourself in regular exercise.

    • Thanks for the comments and for sharing those great ideas. Exercise, diet, and mindset go a tremendous way in ensuring our overall health and success. All the Best.

  11. Thanks for this article. I am really interested in how the brain functions and how we can affect it to achieve the best results possible. This article really give me new insights. We need to understand that in reality we are capable of almost anything. The only thing needed is a state shift or a shift in our mindset.


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