The Ultimate Power Tool

We all have the most amazing vehicle for success right within us. This ultimate power tool is our mind. Unfortunately, it does not come with a user manual, so we erroneously assume we know how to use it.  

When we assess the results we have achieved in each department of our lives, it is most likely evident that we are not all that proficient is using this powerful tool.


What’s the Score?

Just because we have a mind with which to think and process our every choice and decision, does not mean we are doing it correctly. Our scorecard is our results. Are we happy with the results which we are getting?

Since we were young, we have been taught all sorts of things from tying our shoes, riding a bike, learning to read, and even baking a cake, but the most important skill of all, we have never been taught, which is “how” to think.

We have certainly been instructed by our teachers, parents, the media, the government, and so called experts in every field in existence, “what” to think, but none or very little time in teaching us how to utilize this most potent device we possess.

It’s like we have this high-powered machine running wild, instead of supporting us in creating the life which we desire. Is it any wonder that when we add up our score (results), we quite often find ourselves below average.



Out of Control

When this is the case, we find ourselves out of control in many areas of our life, and blaming others and circumstances for our poor performance or lot in life. This is because it seems so real to us, that we are convinced that anyone else in our position would think the same about these circumstances.

And that is where the very Trap lies.

And that is a very good expression, because this “trap” actually is a lie which we have bought into. Unless we are able to break free and “externalize” our view on this, we will remain trapped.

We have “interiorized” this thought pattern or belief system to such an extent, that it has actually become a part of us. To let it go now, would be like cutting off a limb, which we are not very likely to do.

So our “out of control” lives make perfect sense to us, as well as all the reasons why.



Breaking Free

To get control of our lives so that we attain the results we desire requires us to examine, and then let go, many cherished beliefs and assumptions which we so dearly hold tight. We must dig down deep to discover what we really think about all aspects of life, and then question those ideas by asking “why”, and then letting them go if necessary.

Without learning how to use this power tool of ours, we will continue to take action based on false assumptions. And why are they false, because they do not bring us the results which we say that we want.

Taking action is easy, when we have a fully functioning power tool which is assessing things without any misconceptions, and then producing thoughts which results in constructive action.

There’s no doubt about it; this will be some of the hardest work we have ever done in our life. We have avoided this for years. Learning how to think is our greatest challenge, but once achieved, will serve us well for our entire lives.



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May you attain all you desire,





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