Thinking On Purpose — The Secret Formula

Thinking on purpose is really the secret formula to success in all areas of our lives. Over the years we have picked up so much garbage information from both well-meaning, and not-so-well-meaning sources, that we spend very little time on purposeful thought. Rather, most of our thoughts are generated accidentally, as a response to what is happening around or to us.  Thinking On Purpose

This lack of purposeful thinking contributes greatly to our lack of results and creates more problems and obstacles for us. When we spend the time to learn “how” to think, we give ourselves an enormous competitive advantage.


Thinking On Purpose — True Competition

True competition is when we compete with ourselves, and not with others. It is more important to reach our own personal goals and track our progress over time, than worry about what others are doing and how we can surpass them.

When we are truly focused on improving our performance day-to-day, competition in the marketplace does not even exist for us. The only way that it can is if we focus on, or worry about it, and then we are actually creating our own competition by giving it value that it does not deserve.

This is a topic we can spend a lot of time on, but the key takeaway here is that what we focus on (give energy to) expands. It happens to be one of those universal laws, principles, or things which make our world go round.


What Is Our Purpose?

Thinking on purpose enables us to clearly define our true purpose in life. We can have a different purpose for each project in which we are involved, but at the same time, each of us has an Overall Purpose that inspires us to do what we do. Discovering that purpose makes life a lot easier, and much more fun.

Our purpose is actually part of our uniqueness, as we then use our own individual gifts, abilities, and talents to fulfill that purpose. At this point, all of our thoughts and intentions are aligned, so that thinking on purpose becomes natural. If an accidental thought appears, it is immediately recognized, because it does not fit in.

The easiest way to discover our purpose is to spend some quiet time and reflect on what is most important to us. Ideas will arise, and somewhere in there, we will discover what our genuine reason for being here right this moment is.

Another way to do it is when you awaken in the morning, while still in that half-awake state, ask yourself the question: “what is my true purpose in life?” or “What do I most want to accomplish in this lifetime?”.  Then go about your regular routine, and at some point when you least expect it, you will get a revelation, as to what is most important to you to achieve in this lifetime.

This can also work by asking yourself before you go to sleep the same questions, and then you may get the answer upon awakening, or you may even dream about it.


Downhill or Uphill — Our Choice

It is much easier when riding a bike to be traveling downhill, rather than pumping those pedals up the hill. This is rather obvious.

But what is not so obvious is that we have the exact same situation in life. When we know what we desire, and that desire is in alignment with our True Purpose in life, then we are traveling downhill and picking up speed all the time.

On the other hand, when we allow ourselves to take random actions based on reacting to people and events in our lives, we are then putting in a lot of effort as we pedal uphill in life. The choice is ours and over time our awareness increases to the point of taking the road of thinking on purpose.


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May your ride through life be both enjoyable with the least amount of effort!



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4 thoughts on “Thinking On Purpose — The Secret Formula”

  1. It is purpose that also fills onces life with meaning as we work towards goals that we are passionate about, this is what gives so many persons drive as they go from day to day. We should also not compare ourselves to others because there will always be persons that we are a higher achiever than us but we should set goals for ourselves and work towards those goals seeing to get better as we pursue our passion.

  2. I often hear of the purpose of a business or organisation. But you don’t hear very much about the purpose of one’s life. You got me thinking, and thank you for the questions “what is my true purpose in life?” or “What do I most want to accomplish in this lifetime?”. It is something that I will be doing from now on.

    • Thanks for your comments on this article Yvonne. It really serves us well to have clarity on what we truly desire so that the “hows” are then able to present themselves to us naturally and effortlessly. All the Best.


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