Living In A Bubble

In our everyday lives, we operate within a realm of perception that seems very real to us. But if we were to see beyond our filters, we would be utterly amazed. Just as Meg Ryan said to Tom Hanks in the movie, Joe Versus The Volcano, “My father says almost the whole world’s asleep. Everybody … Read more

Can You Overcome Procrastination?

One of the many challenges of life is the ability to complete tasks in a timely manner. This ability varies widely from person to person, and also depends much upon how much we may need to depart from our comfort zone. Can you overcome procrastination? Well, let’s find out.   In any event, this can be … Read more

Learning To Succeed

So many people both now and down through the ages are succeeding, and have succeeded, in their given areas of expertise and vocation. These are not the majority of folks by any means, but their achievements are documented, or being documented as we communicate here. Since that is the case, why do so many find … Read more

Mind Traps

The only thing which can stop us from achieving whatever we desire in our lives is our mindset. There are so many mind traps within our consciousness that unless we are acutely aware of their existence and how they function, we remain completely vulnerable to their restricting influence. Given the challenge of dealing with these … Read more

The Ultimate Power Tool

We all have the most amazing vehicle for success right within us. This ultimate power tool is our mind. Unfortunately, it does not come with a user manual, so we erroneously assume we know how to use it.   When we assess the results we have achieved in each department of our lives, it is most … Read more