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How To Have A Positive Perspective On Life

There is much more involved than just having a positive perspective on life, as it is also about how we can help anyone progress with their goals at this point in their lives. Having experienced many ups and downs along the way, we have gained so much valuable experience which serves us well in business and personal affairs.  Positive Perspective On Life

Regardless if we are starting out in life, or about to retire after many years devoted to a career, we can gain a new perspective on attaining what we truly desire.

“It’s a wonderful thing to be optimistic. It keeps you healthy and it keeps you resilient.” — Daniel Kahneman — 

Positive Perspective on Life — Do WE Know What We Want?

Regardless of age, many people really do not know what they desire in life, and they are then disappointed when they don’t get it. When we take the time to think about this, it really is a crazy thing. We get so caught up in the drama of day-to-day stuff, that we really do not see the forest for the trees.

Every day, we race around doing this and that without any goals or plan for our life. We spend more time planning a vacation than we do for our happiness and fulfillment. And that is the key there; what will make us truly happy? Behind any goal, we may have is the search for happiness.

It would serve us very well to spend some time determining our true desires. Let’s list all the things we can think about that we would enjoy doing and having without putting any limits on these desires. In other words, what do we really want to have, be, or do regardless of time or cost?  Positive Perspective on Life

No matter how long it takes this is a very worthwhile endeavor. Let’s capture these ideas and passions we have in a concrete way. We really do get what we focus upon, so it pays to pay attention to what we really desire, and leave the other stuff to work itself out.

Instead of chasing our problems around like stray dogs, it benefits us much more to focus on ways to accomplish what we want, regardless if we know “how” to do it right now. There will always be challenges in pursuing anything worthwhile, but instead of spending ninety (90) percent of our time chasing stray dogs and only ten (10) percent on what we really want, let’s reverse it, and then we can expect different results.

And here’s another key to all this positive perspective stuff; we get what we expect to receive. Not brain surgery or nuclear physics but it still is one of those universal laws that keep things in place.



Positive Perspective On Life — A Matter Of Choice

Once we are able to slow down and observe our present circumstances, we then see for ourselves that we are able to make different choices about how we handle things in our lives. Just because we did things a certain way for so many years, that did not produce the results we wanted, does not mean we cannot change our minds and make different decisions, which over time will result in new circumstances in our lives.

As I mentioned earlier we get so caught up in the day-to-day stuff that we “interiorize” everything; in other words, we live in our heads based on what has happened before. This does not leave much room for new experiences and results.

By concentrating on the past we repeat it in the future. Our point of power is in the present moment where our current choices reside.

Once we are able to look at things (our life and circumstances) with acceptance (as an unbiased observer) and take responsibility for it all, we can truly assess where we are, and then decide where we want to go.

Most of us have spent time in our lives doing things that we did not truly enjoy and may have felt stuck and powerless to change things around. It was only when the pain got great enough were we able to look at our situations and make a choice to change. This enabled us to explore other options and finally discover our true passions both in business and our personal lives.

Let’s have no regrets about our past endeavors and experiences. They were what led us to our current circumstances and the opportunity for growth and change. We are all on an individual journey, and each one of us has something special to contribute to the people in our lives, as well as the world as a whole.


Now for a New Positive Perspective on Life

All of us have to Re-Learn to Trust Ourselves to do the right thing. When we were young we did not have any doubts; we just knew what we wanted and went for it. We need to regain that knowingness and sense of adventure, which is a part of our heritage of being alive right here and now.

A positive perspective on life will set the foundation for current and future growth based on the authentic gifts we have to share. With this foundation in place we are free to explore and contribute in ways that we never imagined up to this point.

Positive Perspective on Life

The door is open for us to walk through and experience a whole new life. But the problem is “choice”. Will we do it?  I am confident that once we discover our true passion, we will become inspired enough to leave our comfort zones because they really are not all that comfortable at all.

Let’s live a life of adventure and passion accepting the discomfort of change and embracing the uncertainty. We owe it to ourselves and the ones we love.


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May we all gain a Powerful Positive Perspective on Life,

Joseph William

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2 thoughts on “How To Have A Positive Perspective On Life”

  1. Attitude is absolutely everything! I’m often asked how can I always stay so positive, even when facing adversity and I explain life is too short to become negative. You don’t move forward when you’re negative. I’ve also learned to be thankful about everything, even if it feels like I have nothing. Even when I experience what feels like a shortage of something, I look around and notice it’s more than what most people have to begin with so I have no grounds to complain.

    Thank you for the article, Joseph. I actually showed it to hubby as this is a lesson he needs to learn as he’s one of those “glass half empty” people whereas I’m the “finish the glass first and go get a refill.”

    • Thanks for your thoughts and insights on my article, Millie. Yes, attitude is so important as we actually respond or in many cases “react” to events and people based on how we feel and think. It happens so automatically that it is not surprising that folks like your husband see the glass half full. He is very fortunate to have you in his life to balance things out. All the Best.


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