Make Your Own Adventure — And A Few Surprises Along The Way…

It seems that for the majority of our lives we have been giving away our power to others both willingly as well as unconsciously behind the scenes. There are many tricksters out there including ourselves, which make things seem much different from the way they really are. At some point we awaken enough to realize that we have possessed the power all along, and you are quite able to make your own adventure based on your very own specific design.  Make Your Own Adventure

Designing our lives as we desire them to be is much different from going along for the ride and seeing what shows up. We are all guilty of this at least to some extent, and for some of us the majority of our lives. Let us now explore a few alternatives that just may provide a few surprises along the way.

Misinterpreting Reality

There are so many ways we misinterpret what is going on both within ourselves and around us, that it should come as no surprise when things don’t work out the way in which we prefer them to be. This over time becomes such a habitual way to look at and interpret things, that we become totally convinced that we have no control, and everything is just happening to us.

Now there are many reasons why this all takes place in our life experience, but for now let’s just keep it simple and look beyond the obvious. The obvious is what we have trained ourselves to see based on our previous experiences and our emotional reactions to them. When things get crazy and it hurts inside, we do what we need to do to bandage things up. And if that means we need to pretend things are a certain way to protect ourselves from further pain and hurt, we are most willing to jump on board.

There’s no need to retrace our steps and locate every instance of pain and turmoil in our lives when we resorted to creating some ideas and beliefs to serve as our protectors. It is enough to realize that this has occurred, and put our energy into addressing the long-lasting effects of these prior decisions right here in the present moment.

When we create beliefs based on fear, we then make choices and decisions throughout our lives based on those beliefs, regardless if those current choices benefit us in present time. The emotional fear and distress which was behind the original formation of those beliefs still exists, and we would rather suffer the discomfort of not realizing our current desires and goals, than look beneath those beliefs and risk re-experiencing that terror and pain of so long ago.

Choosing Between Illusion and Truth

When we are mesmerized by the things we see and experience, it is not so easy to break away and contradict so called ‘reality’. We are totally convinced that this is how things are, or this is how those people are based on a handful of assumptions which may or may not be true.

The first things is to realize is that what we assume to be true may not be at all what it seems to be. With a little bit of due diligence and communication, we may be startled to discover a much different set of circumstances. And this is very good because we are beginning to recognize that we do not know what we thought we knew, and what we have been basing our decisions upon.Illusion or Truth

Just this one realization can turn things around dramatically for ourselves in a positive way. This is a key to eliminating much frustration, anger, strife, envy, jealousy, resentment, hatred, and many other traits which we would be much better off without.

Seeing through these illusions, which are self created for some of the reasons previously mentioned, will release us to be able to recognize the truth when it is blatantly in front of us, rather than denying its existence. At this point we have positioned our selves to actually make a conscious choice. We have positioned ourselves to be able to choose between truth or illusion because we have chipped away enough at the underlying structure which keeps our illusions in place.

What About Our Adventure?

The experience of this process of reawakening is quite an adventure all in itself, but what this does is free us up so that we are able to lead our life in the way we so choose. The truth of all of this is that we desire and want most is to be happy. Nothing more and nothing less. Breaking free from our illusions, and living based on the true reality of what is transpiring, empowers us to experience the happiness we so much desire.

When our happiness is based on the truth within ourselves, we are not chasing any false images which only promise to fulfill our needs, and then leave us empty and disheartened. Happiness is a moment-to-moment experience of the joy of being alive. All that matters is this very moment and how we can share that joy with others.

With this type of frame of reference, we are able to win or lose in any area of our lives with the same level of enthusiasm. We are so engaged in the experience, that the results don’t matter. And because we don’t put such a heavy emphasis on the results, things turn out just fine.

We also come to realize that we were meant to be happy and experience all the goodness of life. Our only mission then it to share that experience with others.

Previously while operating under our false assumptions what we shared with others was our own fears and misgivings, and then actually blaming them for our dissatisfaction and fear. We saw in them what was actually in us, and we acted accordingly. While operating within this illusion, or it may be better characterized as a ‘delusion’, we created our own problems and difficulties and then blamed them on someone or something outside of ourselves. Power of Decision

Life is truly an adventure and we are able to steer our ship in any direction we choose to go once we relieve ourselves of all the unnecessary baggage we have been dragging along our entire lives. Once we lighten the load, our adventure continues in ways that will just blow us away.

Letting Go of the Resistance

In order to make this work in practical terms it is imperative that we release the resistance which we have to letting go of our false assumptions and beliefs, but also to not resist actually examining them in the first place. Again, when things seem to be happening ‘to us’, and we have been experiencing similar occurrences for years, it is not that easy to see beyond what appears to be the truth.

Initially, this takes much dedication and practice based on a commitment to change things up. When we actually see that the benefits of this are there, we will then be willing to address the resistance and move beyond it. Without actually seeing and believing in those benefits, it is much easier to stay safe and secure within our own self created prison of false ideas and beliefs.

This is a simple process but not at all easy to do. Our minds are so powerful that they hold the key to our freedom or imprisonment. The choice is most definite and clear. There is no going halfway. Dipping our toe in order to test the water will not work at all under these circumstances. Do we want freedom or not?  That is our choice.

Let the Games Begin

For those of us who have chosen to step onto the path which leads to the adventure of our lives, we have no regrets and would not have it any other way. We have burned our bridges, and there is no way to return to the false security of our previous existence. There is no going back.

While this may seem frightening at first, it is actually quite liberating. It enables us to live life fully and appreciate all which we have, as well as all that is on its way to us based on the clarity of our objectives. There is no apprehension about the results as they are a done deal, and all our attention and energy goes into implementing the steps along the way.

The journey then becomes enjoyable even when there are distractions or a need to take a few detours. We are living from the truth of our Beingness which values each moment as precious, and endeavors to awaken this seed of joy in others.

As we enjoy the ride of the Roller Coaster of Life, we discover what we actually knew all along at some level of our being, that this journey of ours has always come down to choosing between Illusion or Truth, or more specifically between Fear or Love. Let us enjoy our adventure wherever it may lead.

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16 thoughts on “Make Your Own Adventure — And A Few Surprises Along The Way…”

  1. I like the phrase “Roller Coster of life”, and it sums up the challenges and satisfactions an entrepreneur encounters. Leaving those bridges in our brain to the 9 to 5 life may be dangerous. Specially when we’re getting started and things don’t initially come out as we expected. Or things are even more difficult than we thought or tarry longer than we planned. Thanks for this timely and very useful post.

  2. Thank you for this interesting article about making your own adventure. Your article resonates with me because a few years ago I decided to go on my internet marketing adventure. My adventure has had many ups and downs, but you’re right when you wrote that with dedication and practice, things can be changed. I think they can be changed for better in every area of our lives.

    • Thanks Sandy. Yes things can change in any area of our lives once we recognize we can use the very same power we possess to break out of any self-imposed barriers and achieve our objectives.  All the very Best to You.

  3. Hi Joseph, thank you for sharing this eye opening and inspirational post, I think most of us end up going through the same old routine of life, like you say it’s like we’re just going along with the ride, the ride of life I suppose, but you are absolutely right, it’s time we all stopped and took a step back and think, is this really what we want, we only have one life, let us all jump out of the box and change the pattern.


    • Thanks Russ.  I appreciate your comments.  Once we get tired enough of not seeing the results we really desire we will make that jump out of the box.  All the Best.

  4. Hi!
    awesome article on the reality. Yes, we all are giving our life sources away from us either willingly or unconciously or subconsciously. You have told so nicely. I am amazed to see that you have relate the reality to the illusion of our lives. Choosing between illusion and truth, this is actually so difficult. Nice article indeed. Thanks to share this.

    • You are most welcome.  It always comes down to a choice between love and fear.  Once we wake up a bit we are able to “concsciously” make that choice.  All the very Best.

  5. I see many people living their lives regretting that path they always wanted to take but could not due to one circumstance or the other. They live a false life based on what they never wanted.

    Living life this way a lot of people accept that this has actually become their reality and refuse to face the fact that they are actually living in an illusion disguised as their reality. 

    It takes courage to realize the difference and to make the switch to what they actually want to do. A lot of people have lived their lives this way only to later realize that it is too late to live their lives the way they really wanted to.

    • Thanks Jay for your comments and ideas on this.  No matter what our previous choices have been, it is never too late to “awaken” to the magic which exists in every moment.  All the Best.

  6. Some people say practice makes perfect. But I like the version that says practice makes permanent. That’s why in most cases, we keep doing the wrong thing over and over. Making the same wrong choices over and over, but expecting things to be different. The truth can often make a difference in our life. But facing and accepting the truth can often mean that we see our true selves and we might not like that so much. It’s only when we embrace the truth about our self, only then can we change and become the person we were meant to be. However, most people prefer the illusion they’ve created.

    For example, so many people allow fear to keep them from doing something. They are afraid that they will fail so they don’t even try. But not trying is the real failure. Life is about growth and change not staying in our comfort zones. When we step out of our comfort zones, only then can we make our own adventures and live a happy and full life.

    • Thanks for your wonderful insights Vanessa.  I totally agree that we so eaily buy into the illusion of fear which prevents so much growth and progress for ourselves.  All the very Best to you.

  7. Hello,

    Thank you for this interesting post about making your own adventure. From the article, I learned about good adventure. In fact, there are many people who try to make themselves the best they can be. But some bad thoughts forced them to fall out of it. Something similar has happened to me. I need to fix these mistakes soon. 

    Thanks for this timely and very useful article

  8. Thank you so much for a post that is really information with tons of good information about making your own adventure and that is what we should be doing it is up to us to make our dreams a reality.


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