Living The Dream

Even our little friend here has found the key to enjoying life. With all our ambition and goals we very often forget that this is not a dress rehearsal, and it is all happening right this moment. There is nowhere to go, and nothing to get.  

A great reminder for us to appreciate the present moment is to observe children or nature. We can learn far more about the essence of life and happiness by observing our child or pet.

We tend to take so much for granted, and neglect to appreciate what we have right now. When we get all caught up with what we “have” to do, we miss so much. For one, we often fail to give ourselves appropriate credit for all we have already accomplished.  Instead it becomes all about what’s next, or all we have left to do.

When we get caught up in this type of spiral, it easily equates to much stress and overwhelm.


When We Were Kids

Can we remember back to when we were small children, and we got pleasure out of the simplest things. Now, many of us may have had emotional or outright abusive childhoods, but I am talking about those moments when we simply enjoyed what we were doing.

We can learn a lot when we remember those times and transfer a little of that into our present existence.

After many years of working in the mental health field with children who were severely abused, I am very grateful and appreciative to have had the opportunity to assist them in letting go of some of the pain, and rediscovering their True Essence. And it’s that True Essence which we must rediscover within ourselves in order to live fully satisfying lives.


Nowhere to Go, Nothing to Get

When it finally sinks in that all our rushing here and there, emailing, texting, sacrificing happiness for a future time, putting up with things we dislike etc. is keeping us away from the one thing which we all desire, which is happiness.

Success in any area of our life is not anything we need to go find, but it is something we already possess. This is what creates our current foundation on which we design our life. We get to create that design any way we choose.

Without being happy now, we will not be happy then, regardless of what we attain or accumulate.


A New Perspective

When we see things differently by changing a few of our hardcore assumptions and beliefs about people, ourselves, and the world in general, what we discover is an entirely new landscape. Possibilities open up, which we did not “see” before, although they were most definitely there.

The bottom line is that these are all things we can control, once we “slow down” enough to see we are out of control quite a bit of the time, and we not living a life of purpose and joy.

It comes down to “how” we think, and not so much “what” we think. Breaking our habitual patterns of thought and consciously choosing “how” we will think, gives us a new perspective to design our life, and Live the Dream we have inside of ourselves.


Slow Down, Enjoy The Journey

Now goals and action are important, but the key is when to take action, and being conscious enough to enjoy the process.
The fun of skiing downhill is not when it is completed, but the excitement and joy which takes place each moment of the experience. Every decision and action we take is important. These should be taken when we clear on what we truly desire, so that we can more easily enjoy what we a re doing regardless of what is going on around us, or what we have to deal with.

Results come more easily when we let go of having to have things work out a certain way. It is at this point that a certain kind of “knowing” kicks in, and we then proceed with the “certainty” of success.

Enthusiasm, passion, and inspiration are what drive us to create the design of our life any way we choose. When we are truly conscious that we are actually designing our life, we then realize that we are Living Our Dream right this very moment, and the journey is where it’s at, and not so much our destination.

To your Present Joy, Happiness, and Success,



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