Easing Our Way Out Of Our Comfort Zone

Whatever we do in life it is a journey, not a race. It may take a minute, an hour, a month, or a year or more. None of that makes a difference when we have a clear destination of where we truly want to go. The first step is “to begin”. The size of the step is absolutely irrelevant to easing our way out of our comfort zone.

Successes and mistakes along the way make the journey fun, as long as we “know” our destination, and getting there is something that excites us. Passion then becomes our fuel.


The Challenge Of The First Step

Whenever we are faced with a challenge that takes us beyond our usual self-imposed limits, we do experience a bit, or at times a lot, of fear and trepidation. This is to be expected and can be handled one little step at a time.

The biggest challenge is often just to get started. Once we do, we are surprised by what opens up before us, leading us in directions we never would have considered.

After that, it is just a matter of taking the next step.


What’s Next?

When we focus only on the next step on our journey, which we are able to “conceive” as doable, because we have already taken that first step, then we are able to move forward without procrastination.

Granted, there are times that we need to take a leap of faith so to speak and jump into that deep end of the pool, but normally we are able to ease our way out of our comfort zone little by little. We then realize that our comfort zone wasn’t really all that comfortable at all.

Dealing With Uncertainty

When we expand our comfort zone, we are venturing out into new territory; that can be a little scary. But this is where the rewards of our efforts reside. We discover things about ourselves which we never knew before. We just feel good about what we are doing, even when we are not absolutely sure how to do it.

We become like kids again where learning is fun and adventurous.

At this point, we begin to welcome uncertainty and look forward to what the next moment will bring. Our potential is unlimited, and we discover this by easing our way out of our comfort zone.

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The magic really is in the Present Moment!  Each moment is precious, and that is where all the “Action” is.

All the very Best,


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6 thoughts on “Easing Our Way Out Of Our Comfort Zone”

  1. Great article and yes coming of our comfort zone whichever it is, is very challenging and you experience different kinds of emotions, I know because I left my Country Zambia to come to Italy, it was a huge step and a big challenge but I have reached where I am now living in the present and enjoying my Journey.

    • Thanks so much for your comment. So great to hear about your journey to Italy and I acknowledge and praise your courage to depart from the known and venture into the unknown dealing with the uncertainty. I am sure by now you have noticed that things and people show up to support your efforts once you have taken the step. Regardless of the challenges you are a much stronger person moving forward.

      All the very Best to you and your continued Success!

  2. There is a saying that every mile begins with the first step and when we take our first step out of our comfort zone we are setting ourselves up for success. But the road to success is not easy as you face many obstacles but the good part is that these obstacles will help you to get better at the game. Comfort zone is a dream killer so let’s ditch the comfort zone and work towards our success by stepping out of our comfort zone.

  3. Hi Joseph
    This is a very well-timed post, with lock downs easing up and tightening up and easing up … we certainly are learning how to ease our way out of our comfort zones.
    Under the current world situation, this is also the best time for people to work on their own online businesses and create a life they can look forward to.
    Thank you for sharing.


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