Can You Figure This Out?

It’s all too easy to think that there is a one size fits all remedy to all our challenges, whether business or personal. Planning things out is important, but it is also necessary to let go and allow answers and solutions to appear.  Can you figure this out just by practical research alone?Proper planning

Many of our great inventors, artists, scientists, and other exceptional minds have learned to ask the right questions, and then let go, and allow the answers to appear. This does take a fair amount of trust, but it does eliminate the struggle and stress.


Allowing Ourselves To Succeed

No matter how hard we work, unless we allow ourselves the opportunity to go with the flow so to speak, and get out of our regimented thought process of the harder we work the more we will accomplish, we set up unnecessary roadblocks for ourselves.

We have been taught by so many outside influences that the only way to succeed is to work hard. Well, we have bought into a lie, especially when we are doing stuff we don’t enjoy.

When we are in the so called flow of things, we get results effortlessly, and it even appears like we are hardly working, because there is a principle in this universe called the Law of the Least Effort. When employed properly, we are congruent with our true work or purpose, and since we enjoy what we do, we “allow” results to appear effortlessly.
When we are having fun, we get things done, and it does not seem like work at all.



Changing Our View

All this requires is a mental shift so to speak. We think a little differently, and observe rather than judge ourselves and others. In that way we are able to see what is working or not working in our current circumstances. Then we continue to do what works, and let the rest of it go.

The main point is that we have the power to shift our thinking, and thereby open up many more possibilities for ourselves. What we previously may have thought as not being possible, becomes our reality.

Problems that before would have stopped us from pursuing our objectives and dreams, now become challenges in which to discover solutions.

So it’s not about figuring things out so much, as really knowing what we desire, and then inspiration kicks in to lead the way step by step to whatever place we desire to land. And many times the results are even better than we anticipate.

Knowing That You Know

We allow ourselves to have what we desire when “we know that we know” it is possible. We eliminate our doubts, and gather whatever additional knowledge we require moving forward. This applies to all areas of our life where we have any degree of dissatisfaction.

No matter how old we are, we have dreams which we still desire to fulfill. We owe this to ourselves, and to the people who will benefit from our accomplishments. It’s time to unwrap our gifts which we have to share, and stop trying to figure things out, and just let our natural brilliance shine!

Keep your dreams alive!


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