Is The Truth True? — Or Are We Just Kidding Ourselves…

Sometimes it is rather challenging differentiating fact from fiction. There are so many variables involved that we can easily get lost in the myriad opinions out there vying for our attention and acceptance. When I hear someone say this is absolutely true, I have to ask myself is the truth true, or is it just mere theory begging for our validation.  Truth or Fiction

In a world which we are inundated with tons of data of “what” we should think, it gets a bit arduous to really know what’s what. Always questioning what is presented to us as fact is step in the right direction.

What are Facts?

In a way facts are merely a form of fiction which we buy into both individually and as a civilization. As soon as we enter any type of “formal” education, our innocent minds get filled with a lot of data which we are expected to accept on face value.

The majority, if not all of our formal school-time, is spent on “what” to learn and “what” to think without questioning any of the sources. We are not taught “how” to think so that we can evaluate each bit of information before accepting it as true.

We only need to examine the history of science to conclude that what were solid facts only a few years ago have now been placed in the trash heap of outmoded theories, now replaced by current and up-to-date findings. Check out this article on how these apparent Scientific Facts Have Changed in only the last few years.

And this is only the tip of the iceberg. We can do an entire short story on how major developments in quantum physics and neuroscience have completely revamped what we once thought was true. It does get a bit mind boggling to say the least.

Before we move on let me mess with your mind a bit with the Double-Slit Experiment in what has to do with wave-particle duality in the quantum physics realm. Check out this short video to have your mind either expanded or blown:

Where Do We Go From Here?

At this point it is only important to realize that things are not always what they seem to be no matter how many so called “authorities” put their stamp of approval upon it. This can either be beneficial or threatening to us based on how we choose to approach things.

Years ago I was working in the mental health field with kids who had some severe emotional challenges. This one day I accompanied a child to the medical doctor for a physical check up. The medical physician was about the closest thing you would find to what used to be a family doctor or general practitioner, and who really spent the time to get to know his patients on a more personal level.

After the exam, I spent some time talking to the doctor about how he handled his diagnoses, and some other aspects of his practice. The doctor looked me straight in the eye and said that much of his findings are idiopathic. I wasn’t sure what that meant, and when I asked him he said it is just plain guesswork.

Now here is a professional in his field who was willing to be honest.

That is one very important reason that we should always take the time and effort to get more than one opinion when we are dealing with our health or any other aspect of our lives. The core takeaway is not to give away our power to others who may only have an “idiopathic” solution.

We Live In an Amazing World

Nothing in our world, including the people around us, should be taken for granted. No matter how many false messages we receive through the many “authority” sources and figures out there, we still retain our ultimate Power to Decide. This is no mere small attribute which we possess. It is a tool which can release us from struggle and fear, and produce the freedom we so desire.

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” — Tony Robbins —

Living under false premises which we believe to be true will still produce the effects we anticipate and expect even though the premises may be false. We get what we expect and may not like, because we don’t realize we have the Power to set things up a different way. We ARE NOT a Victim by any means. We have just surrendered our Power to others Out There, whoever or wherever that may be.

What makes this world of ours so amazing is the potential and possibility in which we are surrounded, but are completely unaware. In the movie Joe Versus the Volcano, with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, there is a scene where they are talking and Tom Hank’s character had this to say,  Truth Within

“Who am I? That’s the real question, isn’t it? Who-who am I? Who are you! What other questions are there? What other questions are there, really! You want to understand the universe? Embrace the universe. The door to the universe is you.”

Then later Meg Ryan’s character relates what her father once told her,
“My father says that almost the whole world is asleep. Everybody you talk to. He says that only a few people are awake and they live in a state of constant total amazement.”

It may be a good idea to recognize that now is the time to awaken, and embrace some of this amazement, which is right here and right now, only waiting for us to clear up our vision a bit.

Illusions are Not Facts

No matter how much we buy into what we believe to be true either individually or as a group, it still comes down to What is. We may “believe” our car is parked in a lot across the street where we left it, but if someone jacked it, it is not there no matter what we believe or think.

The same goes for any so-called facts which just may not be true, as we may have not investigated them enough to make a  prper determination. We live in a world of illusion, basing our decisions on premises which may or may not be true. When we awaken to this, a whole new world appears before our eyes. Rather than being immersed in false perception. we have gained true vision which leads to knowledge.  Asking Whay

A good question to ask ourselves, only when we are ready to do so (no need to rush), is “why am I unaware?”. This goes back to embracing the Power of “Why” which I talked about in a previous post, about Progressing in Life. When we question ourselves and others, we empower ourselves to dig out the Truth which remains buried within, under a cloud cover of illusion.

This can be instantaneous, or more likely will take a bit of time. It all depends on how resistant we are to letting go of “what we know to be true”. Having lived under these false premises for most of our lives, we are not likely to immediately jump on board of a whole new way of viewing things without a bit of yelling, screaming, and struggle. But we can still enjoy the process. Each moment gives us the choice of choosing happiness or not.

When we begin to ask “Why” we start the process of ” Reasoning things out”. Reason leads to clear vision and ultimately knowledge. Vision and knowledge lead to the Truth which never varies. When things change, we can be sure it is not the Truth.

Let’s Have Fun with This

The proof of the pudding is in the eating so to speak, so when we are aligned with our vision and knowledge we will see the results. A sense of “Peace” will descend upon us which cannot be mistaken. There will also be a release of fear and uncertainty. In other words, we will Know that we Know.

In the process of getting There, which is really Here , just waiting for us to awaken, there will be the resistance and struggle which I just mentioned, but we can make the choice of enjoying the ride. This is no different from paying money to get a few thrills at an amusement park on the roller coaster or other rides. We actually pay a price to be scared and break up the monotony of our existence.

With this procee which I just described, we are paying the price of a bit of resistance, uncertainty, and struggle in order to be released from all of the fear which stands in the way of our clear vision and knowledge. When we get to this point, we realize that it is a small price to pay in order to locate and embrace the Truth, which leads to our ultimate Freedom.

And with that I will finish up here and wish you all a fun journey into the recesses of your minds. Bringing up all the silly thoughts and nonsense about not being good enough, being a victim, not have any power or control, and all the numerous other insane ideas we bought into during the course of our lives, will give us the opportunity to let it all go.

We can then stop kidding ourselves by pretending things are what they are not. And once we do, what we will discover cannot be put into words. I leave it to You to Experience.

Enjoy the journey,


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16 thoughts on “Is The Truth True? — Or Are We Just Kidding Ourselves…”

  1. These are interesting points on a discussion of how the things we see and experience may only be a small part of the full “truth” of something. Very similar to the expression how we only see the “tip of the iceberg”, while the majority of the ice stays hidden from sight. It’s essential to keep an open mind as there may be more to most of the stories and things that we experience.

  2. Hi Joseph. I am always carefully with news, and politicians especially when they say something is the truth. My daughter is in college now and I always tell her to be respectful to your professors but they have just as much of an agenda as anyone else in the world and you need to question everything they say, and what I say for that matter.

    There are truths in this world but I agree with you that many of the things we believe to be true are just things we were told were true growing up or are things we feel strongly about and want them to be true.

    It’s hard to be honest with ourselves and possibly watch a long held “truth” crash and burn.

    • Thanks Rick for your insights and it is good you are teaching your daughter to think for herself.  Learning “how” to think is so very important.  All the Best.

  3. Your post has caused me to have a deep thought on some things that have happened to me in the past. It is not something I can share here though. I have to agree that reason takes us a step further into realisation and that is what your post has done. It has caused me to reasona and ask, are something’s true or just a fiction. Key take away for me, the truth is just some piece of fiction.

    • Thanks Henerson.  I am glad this inspired you to think a little deeper.  All the answers are there when we spend the time to investigate.  All the Best.

  4. I use to tell people that the world is myriad, we believe only what we want to believe not because it is the truth but because it seems favorable to us. Truth is the most controversial topic in the world because we all believe whatever we believe in is the truth which in most cases us not. We should really learn to accept the truth and see it. Most times, maybe because we are too scared to accept the truth for the fear of getting hurt, we try to veil it by hiding away. All these cannot save us unless we believe in the truth. Thanks for yojur explanation. It is really an eye opener

    • Thanks Shelley for your comments and insights on this subject.  Learning “how” to think for ourselves is so very important.  All the Best.

  5. This website really got me thinking.Is the truth really True or what we think it is?I have noticed that things are not what they really seem to be,there is always two sides to everything in this world we live in.I have learned never to belive something from one side I must get all the facts first.Great and informative content

  6. This topic brought to mind a series of books I read by Dolores Cannon called The Convoluted Universe. She has some really interesting ideas gained from a perspective few of us have access to.

    Interesting article, I really enjoyed reading it! I personally believe that most people are brainwashed so to speak and naturally conform to whatever society deems as correct and appropriate for that moment in time.

    In times past, those who leaned toward questioning those ‘absolute truths’ were tagged as outlaws and sometimes even outcasts from society. Presently however, I am finding more and more people are in the process of awakening to a larger sense of the world and the universe in which we reside.

    Thanks so much for today’s food for thought! I have always been the odd apple in the bunch driving those around me a bit crazy always asking “why?” and always searching for the ‘real’ truth 😀

    • Thanks Shan I appreciate you thoughts.  I also have been the so called “odd apple” as well discussing metaphysics and natural health many years back when very few even brought up the subjects.  It pays to be authentic and carve out one’s own unique path.  All the Best.

  7. Excellent article,I enjoyed your write-up,its amazing,before someone accept or believe any findings,due diligence is required to make extra effort to verify from other means if that idea given or statement is genuinely true or not,our life should not depend on other peoples verdict or diagnosis without checking it out in another way round,thank you for sharing this intelligent post,it has increase my the way I view things generally.

  8. What we need is not only to hear but to see for ourselves. It is so amazing how people can jump to the conclusion without any facts. I have seen this happen over and over again. Let us not only hear but let us get the facts because the proof is in the pudding as they say.


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