In Dreams Of Success –Our True Purpose Lies

No one would have an urge to advance and do great things unless they were being driven by a heartfelt desire based on their true purpose in life. It is in dreams of success that we build our inner structure that then unfolds into actual reality.

Every thought and feeling in this direction is to be honored regardless of present circumstances. There is always a solution to every challenge and a remedy that produces a variety of options never before considered. Every step in the direction of our dreams only expands upon this. In Dreams of Success -- Have a Dream

Forget the Naysayers

Although this is evident to many, there are still folks who are influenced by the negative attitudes and remarks of others when they choose to embark on a new direction in life. To give the thoughts of these people any consideration at all is total nonsense, and in fact, it borders on insanity.

It doesn’t matter who these people are. Whether family, friends or mere acquaintances, when it comes to our dreams and goals based on our core values, their opinions are of no or little value. Unfortunately, those who try to bring down folks who are attempting to break free of their current circumstances and limitations are either envious or completely unaware.

By ignoring their negativity, you are not only able to advance at a more rapid pace, but you are actually doing them a favor by not reinforcing their lack of understanding and their current state of mind. When you move forward positively and realize your dreams, you benefit all others by your example of what is possible.

Embracing the Dream

Regardless of our level of success, just by embracing our dream and fulfilling our life’s purpose, we have made a major contribution to the world. In fact, we have added substantially to the entire fabric of the consciousness of what is possible for others to achieve.

When we pursue our dreams we strengthen ourselves along the way and leave no room for any regrets. We are in the arena taking our bumps and bruises and loving the fact that we are alive and fully engaged in moving forward toward our heart-felt desires.

And that’s exactly what it takes to embrace our dream; it must be a heartfelt desire about which we are passionate. There lies our true purpose, as well as the “emotional fuel” to bring it into existence. Time spent exploring what it is that we truly want or strongly desire unlocks the treasure chest of our heart.

It is much more than ‘why’ we are pursuing a goal. Rather, it is locating that dream that aligns with the essence of ourselves or our core values, that releases our inner drive. At that point, we could not stop ourselves from taking action regardless of any roadblocks or challenges in the way.

Clarity Ignites Our Purpose

Once we are clear on what we truly desire, we are then ready to create a plan of action based on our inner purpose. That inner purpose is what will drive our efforts.

We will not have to force ourselves to act or try to make things happen. We will allow things to unfold in the “right way” and at the “right time”.

We can only get to this point by our “willingness” to spend the time to clarify our goals and desires and ensure that they are attached to our emotional needs. We all desire to be happy and harmonious, and that only occurs when we are being true to ourselves and recognizing what our true purpose is.

Taking “massive action” just to make money or get things done is one way of doing it, but it is forcing the issues and does take an emotional and physical toll on us after a while. When we are aligned with our purpose, we can expend the same amount or even more energy toward our objective and NOT feel depleted. In fact, most times we are more energized than ever.

That is the difference between using our emotional fuel on our behalf, rather than having it is used against us in the form of resistance and struggle. A little clarity goes a long way. In Dreams of Success -- Dream Big

The Beat of a Different Drum

When we invest the time upfront to get totally clear on what it is that we most desire, we set ourselves up to proceed in a natural way that really is the road less traveled. We set ourselves apart from the masses who have chosen to relinquish their authenticity and settle for conformity.

“Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

— Robert Frost —

This reminds me of a song called Different Drum in 1967 sung by Linda Ronstadt of the Stone Poneys. We dance to the beat of a different drum when we honor our true desires and take the path less traveled.

This is not being different only to separate ourselves from the masses, but more importantly to honor our true essence and purpose. We now realize that this is the only way we can truly be of service to others, and be happy as well.

As we pursue our dreams of success we realize that they consist of much more than we may have originally thought. All the toys and accolades are one thing, but the inner satisfaction that comes with being true to ourselves is what counts the most. All the money in the world is meaningless without this type of satisfaction.

Creating Those Dreams of Success

Okay, let’s get practical for a moment, and put together a few simple steps and strategies from which we can proceed to make this all a reality for ourselves. This is about experiencing stuff, and not just knowing about it.

1) First we must Assess where we are currently and be totally honest about it. This is acknowledging our successes and failures, what we have learned from both, and a review of our strengths and weaknesses. At this point, just jot a few things down, and you can add additional items later as they come to mind.

2) Based on that initial assessment Determine exactly what it is you desire or want. Be as specific as possible and make sure that this objective generates some feeling and emotion. That is the key to indicate that you are zoning in on your heartfelt desire. Again, put down what initially comes to mind and you can make any necessary changes as needed throughout this process.

3) Write out an Initial Plan of Action filled with some ideas and insights on how to proceed. Again, this is just to get you started as this plan will change as you move along, as each step will provide a clearer picture of what is possible and how to continue.

4) Take the First Step in your desired direction. By this point, you will have a good idea of what that step is, and if there is any uncertainty or hesitation for whatever reason then break it down into a smaller series of steps. At this point, it is only necessary to get started and moving in your desired direction. Small steps will create momentum and lead to more rapid progress over time.

5) Deal with any resistance or challenges along the way head-on. With a proper concentration on any difficulty, options and solutions will surface. It is just important to keep going and Never Give Up on your dream.

You can rinse and repeat this process as much as needed for your current project, and then use it as a framework for your future endeavors as well. This is all about “clarity” on what you desire, and going after it on a “consistent” basis. I look forward that you accomplish all of your dreams of success by living true to your purpose.

All the Best,


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8 thoughts on “In Dreams Of Success –Our True Purpose Lies”

  1. The introduction on this page is so full of motivation it’s just awesome! so inspiring!  Take the first step I think is the hardest but mastering how to deal with resistance and challenges will lead to your second step, your third step . . . . . . . . .and so on.  Your 5 points are great.  You have to start somewhere and the beginning is always the best.  I can’t take the first step if I don’t know what I want.

  2. Sometimes we are so in pursuit of the practical ways to work on our business, it’s easy to forget why we started the business in the first place. It’s also easy to be discouraged by people who don’t understand our dream or don’t think we can achieve it, especially when we allow this dream to take a backseat to the physical realities of making it happen.

    Thank you for this inspired and inspiring post about what we gain when we follow our dreams.  Your 5 steps are only missing one thing:  It should have “The Rainbow Connection” playing in the background.

    • Thank you Cynthia for your wonderful insights. Anything is possible when we have that heart connection tied to our dream. It is just a matter of enjoying the process and experiencing it fully. The results then are a given. All the very Best.

  3. It is so amazing, can you imagine the many success that has been achieved and the major contribution that has been made through inventions. Suppose these people had held back. They would have not only missed out on seeing their dreams become a reality but others would not benefit from it. Despite what others may say let us dream big and work towards those dreams.

  4. What an inspirational post. I am driven to succeed. The steps laid out to succeed are calling for the desire to change and focus on success. Thank you for your site. I hope we achieve the success we are all reaching for.



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