How To See The Good In People — Listen Up

This can be a challenge for many of us, especially with all the crazy stuff happening all around us throughout the world. Other than the love and intimacy we experience in a few special relationships here and there, we often find it hard to see beyond all the misery and chaos to what truly resides in the hearts of others. Regardless of all of this, it is vitally important not only to others but to ourselves, to ask ourselves how to see the good in people.  Goodness in Others

There are some important reasons why this is so, which we will shortly explore. I encourage all to let go a bit of the reasons why this may not be so, and the stacks of proof to back that up. Let’s just go on a fun and spirited journey within and without, and see what turns up.

Try to see the good in others. When you’re tempted to judge someone, make an effort to see their goodness. Your willingness to look for the best in people will subconsciously bring it forth.Marianne Williamson

Chaos is the Norm, or Is It?

Several years ago I was vacationing in a resort in Central Mexico where I met a very talented artist. His sculptures were really something to see. Whether you are a connoisseur of art or not, you would definitely appreciate, at least to some extent, his work. He was an internationally well-known artist with quite a following.

I remember asking him what was the inspiration for his work, and without any hesitation at all, he told me it was all the chaos in the world. As we continued to talk I kept asking questions, but I was equally insistent that our Universe is governed by specific laws which provide an overall sense of order, safety, and precision.

Eventually we agreed to disagree, but this left a lasting impression on me all those many years ago. I realized that most people buy into this chaos premise as the norm. Why not? It seems to exist everywhere you look, at least to some degree.

The point I spent quite some time making to my artist friend was that what looks like chaos has an internal mechanism of a Divine Order within it, which keeps the world and the universe operating like clockwork. Without this divine order we would quickly evaporate into nothingness.

All of our natural laws operate with keen precision. All that goes into a seed being planted and growing into its specific type or variety of life is quite a miracle all in and of itself, but which we easily take for granted. When we allow ourselves to pause for just a mere moment, we quickly discover that there is so much to learn by observing a flower, an animal, or any part of nature in the present moment.

All the planets, galaxies, solar systems, etc. operate flawlessly in our universal system. They would not exist at all if this was a chaotic system.  They would be colliding left and right, and disintegrating into nothingness. Chaotic Thoughts

The point being that chaos is NOT the norm, either in our personal lives or in the operation of our universe. The universe is all ordered and precise. So why do we experience all these chaotic conditions in nature and our personal lives? That is a very good question, and one that will lead us in the direction of discovering why there is goodness in All.

Beyond Guilt and Sacrifice

Okay Joseph William, what does guilt and sacrifice have to do with chaos, order, or the goodness or destructiveness of others, including ourselves? Well, quite a bit actually. This is some of the stuff we as a species spend quite a bit of time burying deep within ourselves, and out of sight. We think it is too scary to look at.

I have mentioned previously, and I think it was in this post about the miracle showing up, where we embrace the present moment with forgiveness and gratitude. This leads to a transformation of our thought process which then allows us to open up to other scenarios beyond fear, sacrifice, and guilt.

It is as important to forgive ourselves as well as others.  Without true forgiveness of ourselves, we do not have the willingness to forgive others in a sincere way.

When we feel separate from others, we think it is okay to project our fears and uncertainties onto them. When we refuse to look within and embrace our fears, we then choose to project them outside of ourselves. Now we have proof that chaos exists and people are to be feared. Now we can justify attacking others, as well as different systems of thoughts and ways of living.

All of this stems from our sense of guilt for not being the perfect people we think we should be, and our need to sacrifice ourselves for others or something outside ourselves like a greater cause etc. Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with contributing to the world and serving others. It all depends on what our motivation to do so is.

When we contribute out of love and a sense of purpose, we are making valuable inroads to society and the lives of others. On the other hand, when we do it out of a sense of guilt and sacrifice, we are doing others and ourselves an injustice. Let’s move beyond this with inspired intentions.

Going with the Flow

All I have been talking about involves a lot of stress and struggle. It is painful not to get the results we desire, and it is actually harder not to succeed. It is much easier to allow things to flow to us as a result of our acceptance and surrender to What Is.

Wherever we are is our Starting Point. When we accept this, both the good and the bad, we are able to move beyond any challenges and restrictions. We then can wait for our Marching Orders, which arrive in the form of Inspired Intentions. We are inspired to move forward in the right way and at the right time. This is truly going with the flow of life minus the fear, doubt, and worry.

We are now empowered to create our lives consciously in the Present Moment.

There is no point swimming upstream once we become aware of our present circumstances, and fully accept them without any needless sense of guilt. Our guilt is what fuels our fear, and keeps it in place as well as vice versa. It’s a vicious circle which we can choose to break free from, once we awaken and see things with a clear vision of the way they are, and not how we think they are, or think they should be.

A Simple Choice

The choice is between fear and love. Once we realize this consciously, we recognize how we have kept ourselves trapped. All the excuses and justifications we have created over time are just the symptoms of this fear, which we have kept buried deep inside. We felt if we looked within and embraced this fear we would die. It is that emotionally charged because that fear was put in place by ourselves to protect ourselves.

We formed certain beliefs to keep us safe when we were young, but now these beliefs have outlived their usefulness. As adults we no longer need someone to hold our hand when we cross the street, and neither do we need limiting beliefs which protected us when we were young and vulnerable.

We need to replace these ideas with the truth, which is that we are okay right this very moment. Minus the guilt and fear, who we are is just fine. We are able to live fully minus the fear by choosing to remember that we are innately good. Any mistakes we have made were just a learning experience. Becoming compassionate and forgiving ourselves will clear our perception, and allow us to forgive others as well, and see the best in them.

Our Vision Clears

When our vision clears and we have released our fear, we desire to share the love within ourselves. We no longer see others as different, or in worse case scenarios as the enemy. We recognize them for Who They Really Are, and understand that we all are either expressing love or asking for it.

Yes, even the dictators, murderers and other wacked out folks have this essence of goodness within. Granted, in some it is buried rather deeply. There is a difference between our behavior and Who We Really Are. While our behavior may not always be loving, who we are is Love.

Just because the sun isn’t shining where we can see, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.  At the same time, we have built up quite a dense cloud cover of guilt and fear, and it will take some time to break it up so that our Inner Essence can shine through.  The timing is different for everyone.Unconditional Love

Now all this may sound very silly to some, but I believe we all are able to see the good in people at least to some degree. When we do, we have moved beyond only expressing our love in special circumstances with special people (family and friends); we have allowed ourselves to love unconditionally.

When we love unconditionally, we love the Essence of others, not necessarily their choices and actions. And it all starts with a “smile”.

The Power of Presence

When we are content within ourselves and feel blessed for being alive, we smile a lot. We desire to share our goodness and happiness with others. Laughing and smiling soon become a pleasant habit.

A mere smile can affect other people in a positive way and make a difference in their lives. Never prejudge what a smile can do. It is a reflection of our divine nature and presence. People cannot help but being affected in a good way.

When we let go of our fears we are less likely to act in silly ways which do not benefit ouyselves or others. We experience a kind of transformation where our very presence has a positive effect upon others. We emit many positive vibrations whether we realize it or not. Eventually we get to the point of effortlessly seeing the good in others, and knowing that things are good already. We are content with “being”, and have no concern about “doing”. The doing takes care of itself in just the right time and right way.

We only take action when “divinely inspired” to do so. We choose love over fear. We embrace What Is and allow it to Be. Our presence takes us beyond struggle to an effortless existence which is our birthright. It always has been this way, and once we take off the shades we realize this is what we deserve.

Awaken to you Presence and see All the Good within yourselves and others,


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14 thoughts on “How To See The Good In People — Listen Up”

  1. I love your article and how you bring attention to the fact that everyone has some good in them. Even when we are obviously different than someone else, doesn’t make us right and them wrong. I once worked with a guy that was a hard rock, heavy metal kind of guy and even had all the t-shirts to go along with it. I soon learned that he was one of the nicest and coolest guys in the office and beyond that, he was also one of the best at his job.

    That was one of the first times I realized that I was wrong to have judged him based on his appearance and that he had a lot of great qualities as a person. How often do we ignore others and miss out on meeting incredible people because we don’t pay attention or see the good in others, even when we don’t see it right away.

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful article that we need to share with our friends and family.

    • Thanks Rick for your comments.  It is so important not to prejudge others as then we are not aware of which we may be missing of value.  All the Best to You.

  2. It is so amazing and we should look for the good in others even though it is some times hard to see I guess it is a matter of doing a really good search because of the top I can think of some pretty mean persons. Thanks so much for sharing your post and I will keep this imd mind.

  3. This is nothing short of inspiring and informative honestly. I really like how you can share your own experience with us here. I think I have to agree with you here. We always need to look for the good in others,  that easy, we can understand them better. There’s so much choas in the world that’s true and maybe that’s why some people hide their good too. This is a void post. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks Henderson.  I appreciate your thoughts.  When we hide ourselves we are buying into guilt and fear and are simply asking for love and understanding.  All the Best to You.

  4. Your post has really said something to me which I also thought about. We never know how the other person feels. We never know the other persons real thoughts. Keeping yourself content and making those happy with just a smile is something amazing we humans can do. Then realizing that people are good and noticing there was never really any chaos to begin with. Thank you for sharing your post on this topic.

  5. What I’m taking home from here is that, there is a difference between a person’s behaviour and who they truly are. If we all are conscious of this fact, it will be easy to see the good in everyone. I know this is a result of awakening to one’s presence. When we’re truly awaken, we learn to know that others are just a reflection of ourselves. Thanks for this powerful and life changing post, Joseph.

    • Thanks so much for your comments.  You hit the nail on the head as when we are able to see beyond the illusion of who we think we are, we then can see everything as a reflection of ourselves.  All the Best.

  6. Great post, Joseph. Thanks. Very inspiring and motivating! It is really beautiful to be able to find the good in other people when most of us are blinded by our problems, pain, and suffering. So it becomes almost impossible to focus on the good things in life. However, the truth is that beautiful things in life happen when we start to focus on the positive things in life!

    • Thank you Alexis. It is so important to clear up our vision so we can view things as a whole in the totality of the context, rather than focusing on one or two flaws which we point out. There is so much amazing stuff around us right this moment for us to become aware. All the Best.

  7. Awesome post, Joseph!

    All too often, we tend to only see the bad in people, but if you look a little harder (or differently) you can then see the good.

    This is a much better way to live life.




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