How To Make Your Day –Without A Lot Of Stress

Making progress in whatever we are doing is an objective that most of us have. How to make your day into a productive and fulfilling experience is something that we are all capable of accomplishing.  How To Make Your Day

It is just a matter of assessing our strengths, clearing defining our objectives, and creating a realistic plan which we can implement. Then it is just a matter of taking a series of steps that lead in the direction we desire to go.

How To Make Your Day — Simplifying the Process of Accomplishing Things

When we develop a few constructive routines in our daily efforts, we soon discover what seemed difficult and complex can be achieved quite easily one step at a time. There are no secret formulas to get this done, and a person does not have to be a savant or genius to succeed.

Simply put, it is just a matter of making a decision that this very day will be productive. I ask myself often what is the one thing I can accomplish today which will make a positive difference in the life of myself and others, and then I move forward from there.

Just accomplishing a task each day which takes us toward our goals, is enough to build the momentum we need to succeed in any area of our lives. After a while, the momentum will build to such a degree that we could not stop the process if we tried. The dam will burst and the desired results will flow.

A key factor in all of this, especially in order to enjoy this process and not get all whacked out with the increased activity which will naturally build over time, is to be doing something in which we are committed and find of extreme value. When we enjoy what we are doing, and are bringing significant value into the lives of others, we have moved beyond survival to a state of being obsessed to make a difference.

This is a good type of obsession where we have a mission to fulfill based on our innate abilities. We sincerely want to contribute and make a positive impact in the lives of others. When we are in this kind of mindset and emotional state, things naturally come together, and any roadblocks, problems, or challenges are just something to be handled on our way to our destination.

What About Our Fears and Inhibitions

Especially when trying something new where there is a degree of uncertainty, we all have some fears and inhibitions moving forward. This is nothing to freak out about or a reason not to proceed.

In fact, it is a blatant signal that we are on the right track. Whenever we seek to expand ourselves in any way, we will experience some butterflies in our gut and a few weird thoughts popping in here and there about us not being good enough.

The best thing we can do when this occurs is to not resist what we are experiencing, and just let all that stuff flow through. As we do this, it will run its natural course. The only way we can get stuck is if we focus on it and make it into a bigger thing than it is. It is just thoughts and feelings, and when we choose not to label them as this or that, they will go on their merry way into the realm of illusion and non-existence from which they came.

“Whatever you accept completely will take you to peace, including the acceptance that you cannot accept, that you are in resistance.” — Eckart Tolle —

How To Make Your Day — Each Precious Moment

I received a wake-up call just two (2) days ago; a reminder of how precious life is and that we are not guaranteed the next moment. A family member who had been ailing for some time passed away this weekend.  She had some severe health challenges including dementia.

Even though this was not totally unexpected, it is never easy when a loved one pass. It is probably more difficult for those left behind than for the person leaving a body that has run its course.

As family members gathered around her hospital bed, we all knew if was just a matter of time before she passed. When the doctor came in and pronounced her deceased, I felt a sense of relief for her as she was now no longer suffering. I also felt tremendous gratitude for her presence all these years, and the love she expressed to all whom she touched in any way.



“To the well organized mind, death is but the next great adventure” — j.K. Rowling

She is indeed on her next great adventure, leaving behind many precious and wonderful memories of her love and total acceptance of others. She will be missed but not forgotten.

This was another reminder for me to never wait for just the right time to do what I desire to do or Be the person I desire to Be. The time is Now and always has been. Anything is possible within each given moment. That is why the Present is a Gift to us All to make of it what we most truly desire in alignment with our Divine Purpose.

I am so very grateful and thankful for having known this family member and experiencing some of her love, generosity, and kindness.

How To Make Your Day — Creating the Day We Most Deserve How To Make Your Day

To be able to go with the flow and accept things as they are is so very important for our peace of mind as well as our productivity in all areas of our lives. Acceptance and letting go are truly the keys to a stress-free existence or at least one with diminished stress.

We are then able to position ourselves to make choices based on reason and logic rather than fear and trepidation. By not resisting the present moment and not focusing on limiting thoughts and uncomfortable feelings, we “get out of our own way” so to speak, so that we can then get down to business in creating the life we most truly desire.

It is much easier to buy into our limiting ideas about ourselves and others and continue on “business as usual”. But is that the most fulfilling path to take?” I personally don’t think so. I rather bring to the surface all limiting beliefs and feelings of anxiety and fear and face them straight on because I Know they are not the truth.

The truth is that anything is possible whether we believe it is so or not. If for a brief moment, we accept this as true and act accordingly, we will experience a different reality. This is similar to the New Beginning I discussed in a previous post, When Do Baby Boomers Retire — If At All?

We create the day we most deserve by the choices we make each and every moment. We are in the driver’s seat whether we wish to be or not. Why not make the most of each precious moment we have?

We possess the keys to start the vehicle which will ignite the inspiration and momentum to carry us to our desired destination. We are creating our days anyway, so we might as well design them according to our own specific plan. Let’s not leave things up to chance by choosing not to consciously steer our vehicle, because that is a choice for which we are responsible.

We deserve the best. We owe it to ourselves and others to give our best in all we do. Let’s not leave our dreams and aspirations on the table unfulfilled. It is better to dive in and fail than stay on the sidelines and wish we had participated in this great Endeavor.

“If you have these two things – the willingness to change, and the acceptance of everything as it comes, you will have all you need to work with.” — Charlotte Selver —

Guidance from Within

Life is simplified when we slow down enough and spend a few moments to relax, pause, and reflect on why we are doing the things which we are doing. This allows thoughts to flow to us from the smarter part of ourselves, which is our Intuitive Self. This part of ourselves will never lie to us. It tells it to us “like it us”; no more and no less.

As we practice these reflective moments they become a habit that we cannot live without, because of the welcoming messages from within. We now know we are making choices and decisions which will contribute to our chosen course.

“Every time you don’t follow your inner guidance, you feel a loss of energy, loss of power, a sense of spiritual deadness.”Shakti Gawain —



This is no time for regrets for past opportunities which we may have failed to grasp. It is time to accept who we really are and what we most desire to do based on our unique talents and abilities.


How To Make Your Day — Let’s Begin Today

Bring just one thing to mind that you may have been putting off or procrastinating about. It does not need to be a major decision; just something you have meant to do but haven’t got around to it.

Now make a decision to get it done. You don’t have to force a particular time frame in which to do it; just decide to do it. The inspiration to get it done naturally occurs at just the right time and in just the right way. This is truly living your life and making your day without any stress or overwhelm.

If the inspiration doesn’t come right away, that’s perfectly okay. Remember, at the right time and in the right way. You will be inspired when the time is right and the pieces will then fall into place to provide the right way.

This is a win-win situation because you either get your task done without any effort or stress or by not receiving the inspiration to follow through, you get to reassess if your goal or objective is really right for you. This in itself will save you much time and energy from chasing the wrong goals or for not the right reasons.

This is a conscious process of revelation that will release us from pursuing things for the wrong reasons, and inspire us to live our purpose and stay aligned with that purpose. When that occurs there is no need for motivation, as we are naturally inspired, and at that point, we could not prevent ourselves from following through because we Know that we are on Our Right Path.

May you enjoy this journey into recognizing your true gifts, and your willingness to share them with others.

All the very Best to Each and Every one of You,

Joseph William

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32 thoughts on “How To Make Your Day –Without A Lot Of Stress”

  1. Getting things done today without having to oass through stress is one scarce life so many people are wishing for. Multitasking and working under pressure is a major factor contributing to this stress we as through and lack of proper rest afterwards leads to aging and some other funny health conditions. However, there are better ways to handle these things without stress and it has to do with setting a time table for ourselves on how we will run the day creating time to rest in-between and not forcing ourselves to the limit.

  2. Thanks for these tips. I tend to be very stressed at work, even because of minor thing. Afterwards, when I have a well established plan and I am not able to finish it (due to time, usually), I also get very stressed up and angry. Not sure if this is normal but that’s how I am. After reading your article, I will try to take one step at a time and focus on the very thing I am doing in the present, without thinking what I want to do next in the same day. Hopefully this will help change my mindset.

    • Thanks for your comments Ashley.  I look forward that you continue to focus fully on the present task as that will not only keep away the distractions of things yet to be done, but will increase the intensity of your efforts on your present endeavor thereby completing more efficiently and in most cases in less time.  All the Best.

  3. I am a huge procrastinator and this post I feel helps me not only organize my life/day but also not stress while doing it. I feel that your point on not specifically setting a time frame is key as I feel like when I make a schedule to get things done I feel like i never complete them at all. I need to have an essay schedule on my mind and in my daily life. Thanks for this and I will 100% use the information in the article in the future. 

    • You’re welcome Ian.  I appreciate you sharing on this.  A specific timeframe only helps once you are well on your way in a project and it would be helpful to you to monitor your time.  This is then something you want to do and are not forcing yourself to do.  All the Best.

  4. Thank you so much for the post! I like this post a lot because it fits in perfectly with my major in college, which was psychology.  I love the section close to the end that talked about guidance from within.  There is great wisdom in that, and what most people don’t understand is that we need that time to ourselves, to rest and relax.  I believe the underlying wisdom of a Sabbath day is that psychologically, it is beneficial to us as human beings, religious or not.  Thanks for the reminder!

    • You’re most welcome Jessie.  All the Best to You.  Allowing ourselves to have a few precious moments to pause and reflect is very nourishing to our very Essence.  I appreciate your comments.

  5. Hello there! What a wonderful and encouraging article. Even as someone who stays home most of the time and has plenty of hours in which to accomplish all necessities, I still manage to get irritated at myself for leaving something undone. Usually, that would be a chore or some sort. I need to remember to prioritize without stressing. It’s not difficult to wash dishes or painful to use the treadmill. Thank you for publishing this uplifting post.

    • You’re most welcome Cathy.  Thank you for sharing your thoughts.  We can all get into that space where “we never do enough”, but that is just another one of the many illusions we buy into.  All the Best.

  6. Wow, I had times in my life when coping with stress was extremely hard. I would feel very tired for days, just because I had a lot of things I had to solve. I’m sad I did not find your recommendations at that point, they would have surely helped back then. 

    In the meantime, I learned a lot of things while coping with stress. So I definitely agree that we have to take advantage of each precious moment without worrying that tomorrow is going to be a hard day and so on. That could make a difference in our happiness and even long term health.

    • Thanks so much for your thoughful comments.  I appreciate them very much.  Iook forward that you continue to see the magic in the moment.

  7. I like your concept of one task at a time. I have made few if any progress because I set out to do so many things at once. I realized that nothing was getting accomplished by the end of the day. Now I now better. I am focusing on one task at a time and patting myself for every accomplished milestone. And true, there is never a perfect time to start something new than now. Time to just begin and drown all the fears in all the wonderful possibilities.Thank you for these motivations.

  8. I have really enjoyed this article because sometimes am a victim of stress so by this article I have got to know how to make my day without a lot of stress and what I have also got to know is that one need to create a realistic plan to help us achieve the desired goal thanks for this article 

    • Thanks Mugalu.  I appreciate your thoughts.  Each moment is precious when we slow down enough to recognize it as such.  All the Best.

  9. Thank you so much! This article is what I really need to read these days. I am in a highly stressed condition due to my working environment and family issues. Stopping every things that I’ve done to relax my body and mind is a good action, because I now remember doing long time ago, and it was a success. Thanks for the reminder and I’ll try to meditate as soon as possible.

    • When we slow down a bit we actually discover everything is fine Right This Moment minus all the noise in our heads.  I appreciate your comments and wish you all the Best.

  10. Very inspirational post. What helps me is the realization that the brain is the enemy. It will always do anything within its power to move you from “pain” to “pleasure”. Unfortunately, most things that are even more pleasurable require a certain amount of “pain”. This is why it is extremely difficult to get rid of addictions, or even simple laziness. What helps me is this question: “What happens next?” Every moment is a decision. The effect of most decision can be calculated in the present moment. For example, say you were to decide to watch TV. What happens next? More TV. What if you were to decide to do a productive task. What happens next? That task will eventually create some kind of reward even though it may be less pleasurable for the brain at that moment than being lazy in front of the TV.

    • Thanks so much for your many insights.  It is so important to stay aware and be conscious of “what happens next” rather than let it just drift by unnoticed on automatic.  All the Best to You.

  11. Wow, “we create the day we deserve the most for the choices we make in each and every moment.” This phrase shocked me … really.

    I really liked this article. I am trying to do one thing a day that will not only add value to my day but also that I will be able to do it. Since that helps me, as you have written, to build the momentum and make it a habit. I think that is the hardest part.

    Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done, and it seems impossible to do it, and fear appears. And that paralyzes me. But I will begin to do it anyway, at the moment when the conscious need to do so appears. According to the plan. That is why I think it is very important to draw a conscious plan “emotion-proof”.

    It’s very true what you say, “let’s start today”

    Thank you very much for this post, it helps me a lot to clarify some things!


    • You’re most welcome. Paul.  I appreciate your thoughts on this.  Each moment is precious and when we appreciate it and are grateful for it this unlocks many of the gifts this moment has to offer beyond what is apparent on the surface.  All the Best.  Joseph

  12. Don’t wait for just the right time and the right place, the time is now. It is never the wrong time to take control of your life and accept the things that you cannot change.

    “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”

    Sorry for the religious touch there, but it is true. Live by those rules and you will be free of stress!

    A great article indeed Joseph! Thanks for the great read.


  13. What an inspiring article! The ways we need to choose  to make our day without a lot of stress will make us more happy and relieved. In everyone’s life there are tough moments where one gets stuck and does feel there would not any helpful solution to get in hand and solve the problem at ease. I personally some often encounter this sad situation and fell like there is no way to get help to tackle my hurdles. Today was that particular day that I spent stressful times and situation seemed to be truly getting worse. Thankfully I could somehowe change my mind by reading your insightful article and could manage to vercome this tough time.


    • Thanks so much Shirian for your many insights.  I am glad that my article was able to reassess and move forward in dealing with your challenges.  All the very Best.

  14. Every day starts with finding this precious carrot that is on a stick.
    And then following it.
    Sounds easy, & it usually is, especially if we recall Confucius quote: “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop”

    However, days are not sisters & I like how you inspire us to keep at it & as you put it go with the flow.

    To keep my spirit up I often listen to comedians work, especially George Carlin – It’s baffling that, an old, grumpy dude who has way with words, has passed on for more than a decade now yet everything he has said in his life work is still true to this date. Rather a prophet of truth than just a comedian.

    It’s all good fuel, & every little bit helps to be more productive.
    Laugh more, be responsible yet not too serious about anything.

    • Thanks Henry for sharing.  George Carlin was one of my favorite comedians as well.  A good sense of humor goes a long way.

  15. In society today we can find a lot of people with this issue but it is a matter of planning and just taking it one step at a time if things dose not or is not going the way you want it it is just a matter of keeping cool rethinking and then executing again, Thank so much for sharing a very helpful post.

  16. Great post, Joseph… there is so much stress in our daily lives these days it’s very important to look after ourselves.
    Some great advice here, it’s vital that we create our own lives and not get caught up in the little things that often add up quickly.


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