Freedom To Retire — Empower Your Life

Freedom to retire is all about retiring with dignity knowing that your future years are secure. In this article we will discuss setting things up right now, based on your individual circumstances and needs, that will provide that type of retirement scenario.Freedom To Retire

This is not a complicated process at all. In fact, the simpler we keep it the better. Let’s discuss a few vital topics of which to be aware as we proceed.


“A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.”

— Bob Dylan —

Freedom to Retire — It All Begins with the Right Mindset

Regardless of our current thoughts and beliefs about the power of thought and the mind, I can assure you that there are quite a few of those universal laws in play that direct the course of our lives based on our moment-to-moment decisions. Those decisions are based on how we are currently presently feeling and thinking; basically how we perceive things.

With the right mindset, we can retire at any age.

Now I am not going to get into any deep and involved metaphysical discourse here, but let’s leave it at that the results we experience in life are the result of how we spend our time thinking during the day. Granted much of this is automatic and results in “just the way things are”, and “don’t try to tell me any different” frames of mind.

Dependent on where we currently are on this spectrum of thinking, it is important to at least be open to the possibility that there just may be some credence of which I speak. Now let’s get started creating that freedom.

Setting the Stage for Retirement with Dignity

Before we get too far into this, let me state that this type of mindset is a present moment event, and does not need to wait on any type of results or proof. Because the ironic point to all this is that we will not see the proof or results without this type of mindset, and even if we do we will lack the awareness in the present moment to enjoy it.

This may sound a bit crazy or out there to some, but hang with me a moment. All that we put in place requires that we see it so clearly now with such anticipation that it is only of matter of time for it to happen. In other words, whether we are currently retired now or now, we can embrace this dignity right this moment because we deserve it right now.

Now that we have set the stage with the mindset and the proper anticipation for what will occur, let’s get a bit more practical in a real-world sense and see what steps we can take. Again, we will keep things simple and flexible depending on each individual’s unique circumstances.

Empowering Our Freedom to RetireFreedom to Retire

Let’s make this a fun process. As you will soon discover many of our problems and challenges in life are a result of misinformation or lack of needed information. This is something that can be quickly remedied and reinforced by seeing the desired results.

It is a matter of not getting stuck in the problem but “stuck in the solution”. One leads to worry, doubt, and depression while the other to freedom, joy, contentment, and a true sense of happiness. Go to my Home Page and get my Free Report on Life Balance. This will get you started in the right direction.

1) Develop the mindset of anything is possible

2) Create a design of your Ideal Retirement

3) Create a Plan of Action

4) Take the First Step

5) Take the Next Step which will naturally unfold

That’s it. A simple process to gain your freedom to retire that already exists and we are merely making ourselves aware of it. The freedom to retire ideally exists in our Heart Right This Very Moment. It’s our choice to choose something different that honors us and brings us to freedom.

Love, joy, and peace overcome pain, suffering, and fear all of the time. Can’t do happy, but we can Be Happy. Choose carefully as it all depends on what we focus on.

Embrace Our Power to Choose Our Freedom to Retire

When in the proper mindset we will naturally take the steps to get where we want to go based on our personal situation. We will do the needed research and contact the appropriate person because we are the person who is living their freedom right here and right now.

It’s all about choice, and that is what makes this whole process so simple. Lose the old programming of limitation, and expand in the mindset of “anything is possible”. Claim our greatness now because that is the truth. Focus on joy and bliss that is real and that is what we deserve.

For more practical stuff on retirement as far as resources and helpful ideas go check out my category on Baby Boomers – Retired & Unretired where there is a wealth of information. Scan through that category and access the information as needed.

Failure of any kind cannot exist when we focus on our greatness. Our greatness is the truth, while our apparent weakness is a lie. It is as simple as that. Once this truth clicks in there is no stopping us in any area of our lives. May we choose to be the powerful being that we are.

Also once we retire it is important to enjoy the process. Adjusting to retirement can be a challenge, but we are quite able to make it productive and stress-free.

I look forward to hearing about your success stories. Retirement is merely an illusion as a full life is what we most desire at every stage of our lives. Live now. No need to wait on anything. We must embrace our power Now.

Always remember to never underestimate the Power of Choice. It deserves our gratitude and respect.

In Peace & Love,

Joseph William

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  1. A few months back I listened to the audiobook “Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life” and got to know that in Japanese there’s basically no translation for the word retire. It just doesn’t exist. Which is exactly what your post is about. In the book it’s said that once you find your purpose, the thing that wakes you up in the morning, you will not retire. I believe you’ve captured the same idea perfectly. Thanks for this, quite an informative read.

    • Thanks Steve. I appreciate your thoughts and comments. When a person is fully engaged in life there is no reason to retire, as it is not about work but living a full and vibrant life expressing our unique talents and abilities. All the Best.


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