Creating Your Own Life

Things may appear to happen haphazardly under which you exert very little control, but with a little focused thought and reflection you will soon discover that you have been creating your own life all along.  Creating Our Life

This is not some metaphysical hogwash, but actually how life works. You can prove this to yourself by paying attention to your thoughts, subsequent actions, and the results which show up.


Are We Creating Consciously Or Unconsciously?

We speed through life at such a very high pace that we can barely remember what went on earlier in the same day. Remembering last week or a few days ago is nearly impossible unless some significant, out-of-the-ordinary events occurred to serve as thought provokers.

Time flies by and we spend a good amount of it reacting to people and events rather than initiating actions consciously to get us headed in the direction we want to go. We can then respond appropriately to what shows up, rather than being on the defensive and reacting to stuff.

This affects all aspects of our lives by the choices we make. Our lives end up as a series of choices we have made over time, whether we are conscious of this or not.

To create consciously, it all starts by recognizing where we are right this moment and being grateful for this moment and the fullness of life which we already possess. By doing this, which we are all capable of, we position ourselves in the midst of our Power Center which is the Present Moment.


Realizing What We Already Have   Quite A View

This recognition of our current circumstances with gratitude instead of regret allows us to realize that there is nowhere to go and nothing to get. We have it all Now. This subtle mind shift will empower us in whatever direction we desire without the resistance, and without the uncertainty of getting there.

Without the proper mindset it doesn’t matter how many zeros there are after the numbers in our bank account, or whatever toys we may possess, because the true meaning and essence of it all exists within us right now. When we operate each day from this mindset the journey becomes a joy.

We rejoice in the uncertainty and adventure this brings, while having no doubts we will arrive at our desired destination, knowing that it will not make us anymore than we already are.


Being Who We Desire To Be   True Beingness

We do not have to wait to be who we already are. We decide right this moment and live our lives from that presence and beingness. This connects us to our power to create, and also aligns us with our true values, skills, passions, and abilities.

From this point we are able to Do what needs to be done to get to wherever we decide we want to go. No matter what our dreams and goals, there is a way to get there, and our inspiration and passion is the fuel which will get us there.

When we operate from who we truly are and desire to be, all struggle and effort melts away. We gladly embrace the challenges and any discomfort required in expanding our comfort zones.

Is it worth some time spent in thought and reflection to discover what really makes us tick? What really excites us? What we have burning inside, no matter how deeply buried, which is so desperate to come out?

Only we can decide to create our lives on a conscious basis. As they said in the movie, the Matrix, the problem is choice. So what will it be, the Red pill or the Blue pill? Either way, we decide.


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Enjoy your Presence and Freedom right this very Moment,




4 thoughts on “Creating Your Own Life”

  1. Creating your own life starts with one single decision, make plans according to that decision and working hard based on that decision I believe this is the key to creating the life that we want. It all starts with a single decision this is how many find true success. One single decision can change our lives forever.

    • Yes there is much power in our decision and we supercharge it with our “intention’ to proceed. Thanks so much Norman for your comment.


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