And Go With The Flow

When we relax and go with the flow are we moving in our desired direction?  I am quite sure that the majority of us have heard more than once that we should let go and just let things happen. Go With The Flow

Let’s take a closer look at how we take things for granted, and the words may not really mean what we think they mean. Let’s sort this out a bit so the process flows naturally.


“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

— Confucius —


Why Not Go With The Flow?


Quite often when we hear to go with the flow of life and don’t resist, we often assume this to mean just accepting things for the way they are and things will automatically get better. This is not necessarily the case.

Acceptance of our present circumstances is an important first step in beginning any new adventure or journey. This allows us to have a starting point from which to progress.

This is far different from just waiting around to see if things improve or not. Once we accept our present circumstances, we are in the perfect position to design the life we desire, keeping the good elements and discarding the rest.

We are not just floating around in space waiting to be rescued or hoping to get lucky. We become proactive and look forward to our new adventure.


Go With The Flow in Designing Our Ideal Life  Go With The Flow

When we fully accept where we presently are, we are then able to design exactly where we want to go. At this point it doesn’t matter how we are going to get there, we are determining what we truly want. This is our End Result from which we are able to create the steps to get there.

We need to be able to conceive how to get there in order to have the confidence to begin our journey. Self-confidence is not something we need to get; it is something we already have, and merely need to activate by conceiving our design as real. At this point, we will be naturally inspired to do what it takes to get there.

For example, let’s say I desire to holiday in Italy. I will then figure out the transportation, lodgings, possible side trips along the way, etc. I then go about completing each step along the way to get there and experience my time in Italy. I definitely didn’t need to go looking for confidence in order to make this happen. I “decided” on what I wanted, “conceived” a way to get it done, and then “implemented” the steps along the way.

This is no different than getting anything else in life we truly desire.


Getting into the Flow

We let go and flow once we have set up our design and conceived a few ways to make it happen. At that point, we let go and wait for a hunch or our intuition to kick in and show us the way. There may be a few detours during our journey, but we will naturally handle them when they come about. It will just make sense to make a few adjustments here or there.

We have done the foundational groundwork so we are now able to be proactive at the proper times in reaching our destination. There is no worry or stress because we have this all planned out and are just filling in the details as we move along.

There is no guesswork when we take the time to pause and reflect on what we truly desire so that we can then create a way to get there. We move backwards from our desired outcome by being the person who is grateful for Being able to bring this all about. We operate from the Present Moment where all of our Power to Create resides.

We just needed to know what we wanted before getting into action. This also makes it easier not to get distracted, and to concentrate on the twenty (20%) percent of the activities which bring us eighty (80%) of our results. It’s probably less than the twenty (20%) but this is a good starting point.


Go With the Flow As The Architect  Go With The Flow

We are the architect in all aspects of our lives, even when it seems we are not. By being conscious in this process, we enter the Flow of Life where we connect with our Power Source within, and life becomes a lot less complicated and easy.

Problems naturally dissolve because we don’t resist them, but welcome them for the solutions they bring. We rely on our intuitive insights as we go with the flow.

When we know what our obstacle or barrier is we can then resolve it because our purpose has then been defined. We consciously focus on ways around or through any barrier, and it just becomes part of our journey toward our certain result. We move toward certainty by enjoying the uncertainty. All resistance melts away.

Spend as much time as necessary in discovering what it is you truly desire so that you can ignite your Power Source at the proper time and in the proper direction. No more running around in circles questioning if you are on the Right Path or not. You know what you want, and have conceived several ways to get there.

Enjoy your Journey to Success!


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2 thoughts on “And Go With The Flow”

  1. Going with the flow of things, in my opinion, will cause us to miss out on all that God intended for us we should move away from this kind of thinking because success just to happen that way. In order to have success we much first start with a decision and then put a plan in place and work towards what we have decided to do.

    Success takes decision making, proper planning and a willingness to work hard and stick with the plan. Every success story did not happen just because persons went with the flow there are some things that they had to do in order to have success.

    • I totally agree Norman. The ironic part of it is that the only time your are in the flow is when your are doing all that you have suggested. Just hanging out looking to have things fall our way without the proper planning and decision making will get us nowhere. Appreciate your comment.


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