An Unexpected Bonus On Our Journey

Whenever we begin something new, we can expect to meet with a good deal of resistance from ourselves. This is basically because we are asking ourselves to edge out of our comfort zone, and experience some uncertainty. For most of us that is not a pleasant thought.

But when we do, we can expect a few pleasant surprises along the way. 



A Different Outlook

For one thing, we begin to look at things differently than before. We no longer dismiss suggestions which may take us in the direction which we desire to go. We have a greater tolerance for making mistakes, and actually see these errors as beneficial, as they lead us to the correct choices.

With this different outlook, much of our anxiety and fear dissipates of its own accord, without us having to do anything about it. As our comfort zone expands, we begin to realize that previously we were not all that comfortable at all, even with all the distractions we managed to put in place.

When we see things differently, the stuff we look at actually begin to change as well. New opportunities, which were there all along, incredibly become visible to us. We are willing to make choices which take us in the direction we have selected as ideal.


Consciously Living A Life Of Purpose

Each one of us has a unique reason for being here right now. All the frustration, anxiety, and doubt leave when we discover what that is.

We are inspired to do things for many reasons, which are personal to ourselves. But the underlying reason we all share is to Be Happy. And the funny thing about this is, we can Be happy right Now, as happiness is a choice.

When we choose to be happy now, we don’t have to wait for things to be just right, or have to have this or that happen before we “allow” ourselves the gift of happiness.

When we consciously accept where we are right this moment, we have a starting point from which to progress. When we resist where we are, we lose the energy which we need to make our goals and desires real.


The Bonus Is Who We Become In The Process

As we set goals to do this or that, or achieve this or that, we will be creating many new habits, and our mindset will experience a drastic change. Which is all good. The ride may get a little bumpy, but the fun and excitement is in the journey itself.

When we change in one area of our life, we cannot help but change in all areas. Evidence of this will be people commenting on how different we seem. We are able to retain all of our life enhancing qualities, but let go of a few of the ones which have been holding us back.

This is how we create a life of Passion and Purpose.

Some of us will pursue many things we have put off for one reason or another, or may have been just too timid to do. Whether it is skydiving, traveling to parts unknown, mending a broken relationship, public speaking, or creating an additional income in a way which is both fun and profitable, we will discover that all this has come about as a result of Who We Have Become.

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Live with Joy and Passion,


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