Only A Decision Away

Anytime we desire to start something new, or go somewhere we haven’t been, we often find a resistance welling up within us. This can be scary, and there is a part of us that does not do scary. It’s called our ego. And even when we are experiencing a lot of stuff we don’t like, it is much safer to stay put. But there is a part of us that enjoys new experiences and realizes that what we really desire is only a decision away.

And that decision is made in the Present Moment where all of our power resides. What we create within, we view without. Let’s take the hint, and consciously create our lives. 

A Life Of Routine

We do so many tasks each day on autopilot where we don’t even need to consider what we are doing. Whether it is driving our car, washing the dishes, mowing the lawn, talking on the phone, getting the kids ready for school, and so much more, we are able to do these things effortlessly because they have become our routine.

Since all these activities have become no-brainers so to speak, we do not doubt our ability to get them done. We easily focus on what we need to do and do it. Doubt and resistance only set in when we are unsure of how to complete a task. Dealing with uncertainty is not our favorite hobby.

So the majority of the time we much rather stay put, than risk coming out of our comfort zone and trying something new.

Our Comfort Zone Is Not So Comfortable

If we were truly content in our comfort zone, we would not have these desires to do and experience more in life. The feeling within us to expand and achieve would not be there. We would simply be content with the status quo.

Abraham Maslow was an American psychologist who created a “hierarchy of needs”, which is a theory of self-actualization based on us fulfilling our innate human needs. Here is what he has to say about expansion and growth:

“One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again.”

No one has ever said that this type of change and expansion in our life is easy. That is not the point. The point is that it is possible, and only a decision away.

Breaking Out

I am speaking now to those of you who really want this. Many of you, like myself, may have had a lot of bumps in the road, and either quit or seriously considered it. I am very grateful to be someone who did not quit and never will.

There will always be challenges in life, and this is what keeps us ever-expanding and growing. Within those challenges, we discover parts of ourselves that we never knew were there.

Successful people who you know or are aware of are constantly doing stuff they are not absolutely sure how to do; they learn as they go. An airplane is off course the majority of the time and requires readjustments to stay on the proper route. The same occurs when we drive our car. We are always adjusting the steering wheel to stay on course. There is no difference in our life.

We can most definitely break out of our routines and habits which comprise our current comfort zone and increase our level of risk little by little. But this will not happen overnight, and most likely we will need the proper encouragement and support to keep us focused and on target.

Having a support group that encourages, teaches, and celebrates our progress is absolutely critical in breaking out of our current routine in order to get the results we really desire. And I for one, invite you to join our support group of like-minded entrepreneurs who get their mos satisfaction in seeing others grow and succeed.

Now for you, this is Only A Decision Away!

All the Best, Joseph

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2 thoughts on “Only A Decision Away”

  1. Our lives our shaped by the decissions we make. Comfort zone is a dream killer therefore we must make the choice to get our of our comfort zone. Our success in life is depending on making the right choice which means getting out of our comfort zone and working towards our dreams no matter how much it hurts.


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