Alpbach Austria Skiing — Plus Much More

Although Alpbach Austria skiing is considered some of the best in the world, there is so much more to this small village in western Austria. In fact, it was voted the most beautiful village in Austria.

Alpbach Austria Skiing

Amid the Kitzbuhel Alps, it has an abundance of flowers of amazing colors as well as traditional wooden architecture amidst the green rolling hills surrounded by the Alps. It is a remote and quiet village in the Tyrolean municipality just east of Innsbruck.

Some History of Alpbach, Austria

We have to go back to 1150 A.D. for the first written record on this area., although it has been stated that settlement began about 1000 A.D.

Silver and copper were discovered at the beginning of the 15th century. In the middle of the 19th century, the productivity of the mines waned, and were then closed.

In 1926 the road leading up the valley to Alpbach was constructed. Because of the isolation of the village, a distinctive style of furnishings and architecture was created and the local folk traditions were preserved much longer than in other areas of the Tyrol.

Tourism sprang up at the beginning of the 20th century and has steadily increased over the years equally in the summer and winter months. Alpbach has become a well-known ski resort, and in 1999 the Alpbach Congress Center was opened bringing some modern architecture to the village with minimal impact to the environment.

Some Facts on Alpbach Austria Skiing and Other Details

  • the population of the village is approximately 2561
  • one of the best ski resorts in the country is Ski Juwel Alpbachtal Wildschonau which has year-round activities like hiking, camping, gondola rides, and biking
  • each year there is a gathering of exceptional individuals from the world of science, culture, economy, and politics at the European Forum Alpbach. This has given Alpbach the nickname “The Village of Thinkers”.
  • an Austrian poet, Paula von Preradovic, wrote the words for the Austrian national anthem, and the first conference hall, built in the 1950s, was named after her
  • in 1953 the town council issued a local planning law that mandated that new construction must be based on traditional architecture
  • the village is a well-known ski resort that offers excellent slopes for both beginner and advanced skiers
  • a gondola was constructed in 2007 that transports skiers and others to leave from the village to the summit of Wiedersberger Horn where all of the ski runs originate
  • snowboarding is also a popular sport
  • in the village, there are three (3) ski schools
  • there are over twenty (20) hereditary farms ( 200 years of consistent ownership) in the region owned by individual families for over 300 years
  • the Alpbach River flows down from the mountains into the valley
  • the elevation of the village is about 3200 feet (975 meters)

Alpbach Austria Skiing and Other Things to Do

  • Tourist Office Alpbach — this is the visitor center where you can get all the information needed to have an enjoyable experience year-round.
  • Hiking and Other Summer and Spring ActivitiesThe Peach Path and The Muhlbachweg are two popular hiking paths with breathtaking views. Hiking in the Tyrplean Alps is quite an experience with one-day as well as multi-day trekking available. Take the Reitherkogelbahn or Wiedersbergerhornbahn gondolas up to the top of the mountain where you get magnificent views. There are many gorges, called Klams, in this area, and they are a great place to hike among the rocks and mountain streams.
  • Cuisine — lots of good food around here. The cheese in the valley is an ingredient in many of the meals such as Cheese Spatzle. Locally cured bacon and sausage is excellent along with sauerkraut. Kaspressknodel, pressed cheese dumplings, along with Tiroler Speckknodel dumplings are local favorites. During the festivals, the local women make donut-like pastries called Schmalznudeln or Germkirche. They’re filled with either sauerkraut or Lingonberry jam.
  • Check Out the Surrounding AreaRattenberg is a walled medieval city with the ruins of a fort overlooking the town. It is Austria’s smallest town and has Kisslinger Glass Workshop where you can watch glass objects being created. In December the Christmas market is a popular place to be. The Wildschonau Valley has several small villages such as Oberau and Niederau. In Auffach there is a wood museum and themed wood walk which is quite fascinating. On the other side of Alpbach is a valley called Zillertal. The Hintertuxer Glacier is close by and the Schlegeis Road takes you to the Schlegeisspeicher dam where you can hike to the hanging bridge at the Olpererhut. In Tyrol is Innsbruck known for hosting the Winter Olympics on two (2) separate occasions. The city possesses a lot of charm and authenticity. Near the German border in Tyrol is Kufstein which was built around a fort and is an excellent day trip. Kitzbuhel is a place frequented by jet setters and has many expensive boutiques as well as colorful buildings.
  • Skiing and Other Winter Activities — lots to do in the winter including skiing (including ski tours), snowboarding, horse-drawn sleigh rides, ice skating, ski touring, snowshoe walking, and cross-country skiing.
  • Castle Matzen and Gardens — at the entry of Alpach Valley this European wonder is right out of a fairy tale. Now converted into a hotel and restaurant it’s a wonderful place to stay. The gardens, called Matze Park, contain beautiful foilage, statues, and a pond occupied by ducks.
  • Ride the Coaster — it’s called the Lauser Sauser located at the mountain top and accessed by the Wiedersbergerhornbahn cable railway. It’s about an 8-minute ride with some incredible views.
  • Tyrolean Farms Museum — this is an open-air museum with over thirty (30) farmhouses. It’s a great place to learn about the culture and history of this area.
  • Achensee Lake — this is a large lake in the Tyrolean Alps. It’s a great place to swim, hike, or take a boat ride.
  • Humurous Graveless Cemetery — although there are no bodies buried here there is a huge assortment of humorous cemetery crosses. These are iron grave crosses containing humorous messages.
  • Swarovski World — located near Innsbruck near Wattens, it has a visitor center and a museum of the well-known Crystal company.
  • Hildegard Castle and Herb Garden — named after a medieval nun who possessed an incredible amount of knowledge about herbs, the garden contains a varied assortment of herbs and flowers.
  • Mountain Farm Museum — called Bergbauernmuseum in German, it is located in Inneralpach. This four hundred (400) structure contains much history and numerous farm implements from the past.
  • Thermal Spas and Saunas — one is the Atoll located at Achensee near the lake, and the other is Erlebnistherme.
  • Reither Lake — great place to take a dip and cool off during the summer and take a swim.
  • Thatzberg Castle — this fairy tale castle is worth checking out for its architecture and interior chambers.
  • Family Land and Juppi Zauberwald — right next to the Coaster’s entry point is Family Land, a fun playground with many activities including a rope course and climbing nets. There are 40 different station areas to choose from with plenty of different activities. The Juppi Zauberwald located at Reitherkogelbaun station is another fun playground for the kids.
  • Silver Mines — located in Schwaz, these mines date back to the Holy Roman Empire. A train ride takes you into the mountain for quite an experience.

Enjoy Alpbach Austria Skiing and All the Other Activities

Alpbach Austria Skiing

There is much to see and do in this small village in the Alps at all times of the year. The sheer beauty of the area inspires a visit beyond its many activities.

The nearest airports are Salzburg, Innsbruck, as well as Munich, Germany. Lots of mountain roads around there so when driving use snow tires and/or chains as needed.

Lots of choices for accommodations from hotels, Airbnb, resorts, bed and breakfasts, and mountain hideaways. Spring and fall are less busy times to visit and the climate is milder, but this is an all-around season destination.

This beautiful alpine setting with its refreshing mountain air is situated in a lush valley surrounded by hillsides and mountains and requires consideration for one’s travel destination list. The alpine flowers and the amazing sunsets just add to its charm.

Enjoy your travels,

Joseph William

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Alpbach Austria Skiing

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