Aeroskobing, Denmark — The Fairytale Town

Aeroskobing, Denmark, in Danish written as Aeroskobing or Ærøskøbing, is nicknamed “the fairy-tale town of Denmark”. It has lots of history and character with its winding alleyways, historic homes (mostly one-story), and cobblestone streets. Aeroskobing Denmark

This coastal town in central Denmark is located in Ærø Municipality on the island of Ærø (a Danish Baltic Sea Island). This is a very active and lively town that preserves the past while embracing the present. The town was actually awarded the Europa Nostra prize by the European Union in 2002 for looking after its cultural heritage.


Aeroskobing, Denmark — A Bit of History

Since about 1250 Aeroskobing has been the maritime and commercial center of the island of Ærø. Due to a devastating fire in 1629, many homes were destroyed.

The town did go through a transformation as the houses were rebuilt, and many homes were created in the style of the traditions of the Duchy of Schleswig, under which it was incorporated in 1864, and the styles of architecture from Furen in Northern Germany. In 1867 Ærø was transferred to Denmark.

With the old homes rebuilt and newer and larger homes created, the town was re-established. Today it still experiences a building culture that it inherited over time.

It is the historic center of the island and in the 17th century it was known as a Skippers Town, and was also called “a Lilliputian souvenir of the past”.



Some Notable Facts about Aeroskobing, Denmark

  • the population of the town is about 1000 people while the island has around 5960 inhabitants
  • the currency is the Danish Krone (DKK) (1 Danish Krone = 0.16 USD)
  • some notable sites are the Ærøskøbing Church in the market square and the Priors House, the town’s cookhouse built in 1690 (it was originally built to prevent fires on the wooden ships in the port)
  • an interesting fact not normally considered is that Denmark is basically an island country with four hundred and six (406) islands (70 are populated). The capital, Copenhagen, even sits on an island

Things to Do in Aeroskobing, Denmark

* Electric Ferry — named Ellen, this is the world’s largest electric ferry. It navigates between Soby on the island of Aero and the southern Danish port of Fynshav. Powered by a battery, it carries up to 200 passengers and 30 vehicles.

* The Lighthouse at Skjoldnæs — located on the most Northern tip of the island near Soby is this lighthouse built in 1881 that provides fantastic views of the South Funen Archipelago and the sea. A great place to pack a lunch and enjoy the beauty of the area with farmhouses scattered throughout the rolling hills.

* Tourist Bureau — located close to Aeroskobing harbor, it is open all year and will provide you with sufficient information about the town, island, and surrounding areas. During the summer the branch offices in Soby and Marstal are open.

* Stone age grave sight at Lindsbjerg — a mystical spot near the town of Marstal it is one of the highest points anywhere on the island with beautiful views of the sea.

* Den Gamle Købmandsgaard — on the town square you will find this shop and farmer’s market. Gift items, locally brewed whiskey, specialty products, and handmade soaps can be found here. There is also a cafe with delicious food including homemade cake.

* Voderup Klint — on the Southwest coast of the island you will find many large clay terraces formed 11,000 years ago by ice movements. It is quite a scene.

* Øhavsstien — along the Northern coast extending from Aersokobing to Sobey is this archipelago trail which is a great hike.

* Blaber — here you will find a farm with petting pigs as well as a shop filled with local farm goods as well as handcrafted and specialty products.

* Kragnæs — near this very small village you will find a small jetty a midst blue clear waters. This secluded harbor with small boats scattered about is a serene get-a-way to relax and enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of this area.

* Blandede Bolcher — a place for children of all ages this magical place is a very inviting toy and curiosity shop. You will enjoy your visit.

* Hiking & Biking — the best place to take a hike or bike ride is along the coastal roads from Aeroskobing to Marstal. Drejet is a beautiful part of the road between these two (2) towns.

* Bregninge — this small village has a unique church and is a nice spot for lunch. Close by are the small charming villages of Leby and Skovby with many backroads and unusual homes. Between Soby and Leby you will find Herremark, a shop filled with many vintage articles for the household. Also in the Soby area, Vitsø Nor and Jørbæk Strand are nice areas to explore.

* Art Gallery — on the beach at the end of Vråvejen you will find the gallery full of photographic art of the owner, Maria Fynsk Norup.

* Vesterstrand — located just outside of Aeroskobing this is where you will find the best beach on the island.

* Cuisine — fish and seafood are plentiful and one of the best places in on Aeroskobing harbor called Rogeriet. Another excellent spot is Arnfeldt, a renovated hotel with a gourmet restaurant filled with foraged and local produce. For burgers and homemade ice cream check out the Cafe Aroma that also has the Licorice Allsorts candy factory.

Aeroskobing, Denmark — An Interesting Adventure

There are many interesting places to visit here and much to do beyond the traditional tourist attractions. This is a great place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature and the charm of the local residents. Aeroskobing Denmark

You have many choices for places to stay ranging from historic, elaborate, to more simple and modest.

For a more rustic experience in nature, I would suggest

* Vesteraas

For a more upscale experience check out

* Pa Torvet,

* Hotel The Monica

* Arnfeldt Hotel

For more modest accommodations here are my suggestions

* Andelen Guesthouse

* Pension Vestergade 44

Being Denmark’s most preserved town since the early Middle Ages, it is called the Fairy-Tale Town because of its doll-sized homes and colorful environment, narrowed alleys, and cobbled streets along with its idyllic town square. In addition to reflecting on the past, it also models present-day residential housing because of its many years of town planning and housing knowledge.

The whole island of Ærø is worth visiting, but I would suggest that you base your explorations out of Aeroskobing. This destination would be an out-of-the-way adventure in Scandinavia.

Enjoy your travels,

Joseph William

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  3. I know people who live in Denmark but they live in Copenhagen instead. When I used to live in Sweden I always wondered what it looked like and it’s the same.

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    I love history, and if this town has more of it I would enjoy my stay. 


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