World Travel On A Budget — How To Make It Work

There are ways to save money whether you are visiting one (1), a few destinations, or if you are on a long-term worldwide adventure. In this article on world travel on a budget, we will explore a few different scenarios intended to save you some bucks while traveling. Traveling on a Budget

I personally know people who love to travel, and some who after they have retired have chosen to stay on the road on a permanent basis. With a little careful research and planning you can save quite a bit of money in your travels.

Traveling Inexpensively

When desiring to save money in your travels you can find many ways to lower your expenses, and there are even fun ways to make money while you travel about. There are websites and apps designed to assist in your money saving efforts.

You can still find value and do what you want to do while lowering your expenses. With the right budget and mindset, you will discover a whole new world of cost savings while traveling.

One way to drastically reduce your travel costs is to take advantage of the Sharing Economy. There are plenty of sharing economy websites which will provide you information on ride share options, home cooked meals with local chefs, cheap accommodations, and tour guides full of vital cost saving information. The locals are your best source of contacts and deals. In my personal travels, I have been helped tremendously by taking the time and making the effort to get to know a few locals. They will direct you to the best places like restaurants, bars, and stores with the best prices.

Here are a few websites to check out. For ride sharing there is BlaBla Car, for good meals at good prices EatWith, for tours check out Vayable, and then for accommodations there is AirBnB.

You can save a heck of a lot of money by Cooking Your Own Meals while traveling. You can save hundreds of dollars per week versus eating out all the time. Many guesthouses, hostels, and campsites have kitchens. If not, salads and sandwiches will get you by. If you are CouchSurfing, the majority of your hosts will have kitchens.

Another way to get some ideas on how to lower your budget while traveling is to Access Your Social Network. There are many people online and offline who can offer helpful tips based on their previous experiences. Quite possibly someone you know within your social network has a relative or friend in the area to which you are traveling, and would be willing to put you up for a few days. By networking with friends, family, and social contacts you may be able to find someone to offer some free accommodations. The nice thing is as you continue in your travels you will naturally build up and increase your network of friends around the world. And of course it is good practice to repay any favors you receive along the way.

A great way to learn about the city and area which you are visiting is to take a Free Walking Tour which you can locate through the local visitor center or tourist office, as well as asking the staff at a hostel in the area. Or to make it even easier just Google the location and put in “free walking tour”, and that should give you plenty of ideas and info. This is a great way to see the sights, learn a bit about the area, and make some new contacts.

Now for getting around through the air, you can decrease your cost or even get Free flights using Travel Credit Cards. Many of these cards give you an upfront bonus around fifty thousand (50,000) points for just signing up. A few cards to check out are Wells Fargo Propel, Chase Sapphire Reserve, Capital One Venture, Gold Delta SkyMiles, Chase Sapphire Preferred, American Express, and Marriott Bonvoy Boundless. You accumulate points even faster when you sign up for an airlines card such as Delta or United, as well as a general rewards card such as I mentioned above, so you can combine your balances when booking a flight. When you take the time to search there are other ways to gather points for travel through online surveys and spending rebates. Some of these points can also be applied to accommodations and car rentals. Travel Savings

When you are in an area in which you want to see the sights, get a Tourism Card for that particular city. This gives you some free transportation options, as well as discounted prices (and sometimes free) for museums and other attractions. The local tourism office or visitor center offer these cards as well as being a wealth of local information and tips.

For those of you under the age of twenty-six (26), you can take advantage of Student, Teacher, and Youth Cards. These normally provide you with a fifty (50%) discount. Even recent graduates can use their student cards if they don’t have an expiration date on them. A good policy to keep in mind is to always ask if discounts are available for students, teachers, and youths, as well as for seniors. Here in the United States ex and current military folks get quite a few discounts especially in areas which have a military base.

Especially while traveling in place like Europe be sure to grab a Rail Pass such as Eurail. You can travel the region by train very inexpensively. If you do book individual train trips instead, you can save up to fifty (50%) percent by taking the time to book ahead, but you don’t have as much flexibility as you are committed to a set time.

Traveling 4 Free

Befor we get into this section, check out this short video on Travel Hacking.

If you are willing to sacrifice a little convenience and comfort, there are activities, accommodations, and transportation which can be accessed at no cost. In this way you are able to extend the timefrane of your travels as long as desired.

Some of the ideas which I mentioned above regarding traveling inexpensively will also apply here, but let’s get a little more specific about ways of locating resources as we move about in our travels and desire to not only save money, but get stuff for free.

One of the first things which comes to mind is to find some sort of Employment to subsidize your trip. There’s are numerous ways to go here such as seasonal work (lifeguards, hotel or restaurant staff, instructors etc.), work on a yacht, tour guide, cruise ship jobs, ski resort jobs, bartender, au pair, work in a casino, farm work, work in a hostel, etc. Now this is just to earn a few extra bucks and not a lifetime career by any means.

Check out my blog post How To Make Money While Traveling The World for even more ideas.

If you enjoy teaching, a fun way to make money and meet the locals is by Teaching English. Dependent on the country you are in you may need a TEFL degree, but in other countries as long as you speak and understand English well, you are good to go. Many companies in Asia will even pay for your transportation to get to their location, because of the increased demand for teachers in their specifc area.

As I mentioned previously Couchsurfing is definitely an option for free or low cost accommodations, but Large Hostel Dorms are about the least expensive way to get a place to stay if couchsurfing isn’t your thing. The larger the dorm the more money you will save.

There are a bunch of services which will hook you up with locals so you can Stay For Free. This is mainly through CouchSurfing. You will sometimes get your own room, while at other times you will be on the living room couch or an air mattress. Also, you can make contacts in your location by attending a few CouchSurfing MeetUp groups. So get off of the tourist track and hook up with the locals with these websites: GlobalFreeloaders, Servas, and CouchSurfing.

Now dependent on your sense of adventure, another way to travel about is through Hitchhiking. I personally have done quite a bit of this in my younger days, and met a lot of interesting folks along the way. In many parts of the world, this is quite common and safe. Just use some common sense and you can get around just about anywhere.

Another way to save tons of money while traveling is to do some HouseSitting. There are a number of websites which you can get registered on to take care of people’s places while they are off traveling about as well. Here are a few sites to check out: Home Exchange, House Carers, and Trusted Housesitters.

Summing Things Up

Now I look forward that I have provided sufficient information here to at least get you started in the right direction in order to be able to cut your travel costs. Everyone has a different agenda and comfort level, so many of these suggestions will not apply to certain folks, but at least it will stimulate some ideas as to possibilities on ways to save money while traveling.

Over the years I have personally save quite a bit of money using some of these strategies and techniques, but at other times I just look for the best deal and book away. So dependent on your specific circumstances and preferences, you can always find ways not to pay full price. Whether it is a Five (5) Star hotel or a local hostel, there are always ways to negotiate a deal.

Let me know in the Comment Section your thoughts on this and any questions you may have. All the Best in your Travels.

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Happy Travels,

Joseph William

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  1. Hi Joseph, this World Travel on a Budget post is great, I love to travel worldwide too, I have visited numerous countries with my family as I am an online entrepreneur, that is one of the best features of living a laptop lifestyle, you can still earn money no matter where you are in the world.

    I want to thank you for taking the time to share these ideas and can assure you that I will be making a mental note of all your recommendations,

  2. I wanted to travel the world for years now, I think I am finally going to make that come through after saving up for 3 almost 4 years.

    And your article just makes everything better, you have no idea how happy I am coming across your article. THANKS FOR THE VALUABLE INFO!

    I really mean it!

    I am going to bookmark this just in case. 

    • Thanks Isaace.  Your comments are much appreciated.  Look forward that you have many wonderful and fund experiences and adventure as you travel about.  All the Best to You.

  3. Wow, work while travelling, I have never thought of that, right now I’m on a journey. I love travelling a lot and I find that I spend quite a lot on my travels. This tips are really awesome and seeing that I speak good English, I think I can make use of teaching on the go. Thanks a lot for your tips. I’ll make sure to implement them in my consequent travels.

    • Yes teaching can be fun and a great way to meet people and learn the particular culture.  Many ways to make and save a few bucks once you get going.  Networking with others on the road brings up more ideas and possibilities.  All the Best.

  4. I live travelling and infact, it’s my life dream to travel around the greatest places in the world but my income has been incapacitating me. Getting to read this post really makes me delighted. I would do anything to get a chance to explore the world so, most of the options listed through this post are very handy to me and I will make judicious use of them. Getting tourist card is another thing I find more interesting. I was told to do that the last time I traveled but I didn’t and I ended up regretting not doing that later on. Great post

    • Thanks Ro.  Appreciate your comments.  With a little research you can find ways to get started and once you are on the road many unexpected opportunities open up as you meet people here and there.  All the Best.

  5. This is such a great article that will certainly be beneficial for many people! The reason I say this is because just about everyone loves to travel, however, we also know how costly it can be, especially world travel. However, if there were ways (like you explain) that could help reduce the cost, then that may help people travel more if they desire to! I thought the idea of employment while traveling was quite cool as I have never thought of this before!

    • Thanks Kohl for your comments and thoughts.  It can be a fund experience working while you are traveling whether it is online or offline.  There are many ways to earn and save; just takes a little research to discover.  

  6. To be honest with you – it’s got to the point where I really can’t remember the last time I went on holiday…but it was over 15 years ago at least! 

    This article has managed to prove to me that a holiday can still be achieved without having to have a huge amount of money in the bank – thanks for these excellent tips. Is BlaBla Cars available in Europe by any chance?

    • Thanks for your comments. Yes, with a little time and effort you can finds realistic ways to save and make money while traveling.  As far as Europe I am not totally sure; best to contact the BlaBla Cars support and contacts to find out for sure.  All the Best.

  7. That is great that you can save money and even make money while traveling. I have heard of Airbnb but I have not heard as much about Couchsurfing. Is it safe? Also thank you for mentioning the free walking tour, I never really knew about those.  the video you showed was actually very helpful and looks a little more doable. My friend’s brother actually lives in Japan and makes money teaching English. 

    That’s a good idea to find short time jobs while you stay in one area at a time. I like what you said about hitchhiking. You know, everyone says it is so unsafe, but if I saw someone asking for a ride and I picked them up, I wouldn’t harm them! Thanks for the wealthy affiliate review that’s what I’m doing now and I think I will be able to make money from anywhere in the world.

    • Thanks Jen for your comments.  CouchSurfing like anything has to be approached with open eyes and getting to know who the folks are before making a commitment.  It is not for everybody but certainly is an option.  All the Best.

  8. Great article, I enjoyed reading your write-up, its exciting and educative. You have opened my eyes to many things about this topic, budgeting is very crucial, and making an investigation concerning the country is necessary for a stress-free journey. I love to ask people who have traveled to that particular place am going,its saves a lot. All your strategies are lovely and would surely work. Thank you for sharing this excellent article.

  9. Hello William,

    This is a great article. Actually a biggest problem for travellers is the cost of travelling.You gave some great Ideas for saving  money. I am also living in a tourist area.And tourists in there always try to buy cheap things.and they always tryvto save their money. I didn’t travel to anywhere. but I have a hope to travel one day.Thank you for these tips.

  10. Great article, I enjoyed reading your write-up, its exciting and educative. You have opened my eyes to many things about taking the right steps before embarking on a journey, budgeting is very crucial when planning to travel and making an investigation concerning the country is necessary for a stress-free journey. I love to ask people who have traveled to that particular place am going,its saves a lot. All your strategies are lovely and would surely work because sometimes I google to check and verify about information. Thank you for sharing this excellent article.

  11. Stunning! This article is extremely valuable on the best way to limit spending when setting out on an excursion. The recorded site to check things to get like eastwith and voyable is educative and I like the recommendation you provided for cook claim supper and furthermore getting thoughts via web-based networking media by systems administration with family and companions to lower spending plan. I think knowing about a spot before voyaging will go far used spending plan. A debt of gratitude is in order for this post.

  12. Travel is something I have not done for a few years since the birth of my child in 2015 the last proper holiday has been a while. Remarkable how I  a came across your site bout travel on a budget thanks great tips real something to think about anyway will experiment with some of your suggestions. Thanks again Great Job 



    • Thanks Dwain.  Your comments are much appreciated.  I look forward to find a few ideas you like to implement and save a few bucks.  All the Best.

  13. It is so good to know that you are sharing this kind of information because in this day and time to travel cause so much money but finding ways to make your dreams a reality by traveling is amazing. Thanks so much for sharing.


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