Exploring The Unknown — An Adventure You Will Never Forget

This is something I wanted to write about for quite some time. Whenever we are faced with making any changes or desired improvements in our lives, we very often are confronted with some of our deep-seated doubts and fears. Because of this, exploring the unknown can become quite an adventure, but at the same time, not one which we would want to miss. Exploring the Unknown

As we have already experienced on our Roller Coaster of Life, no matter how big the challenge or apparent tragedy is, we have survived.

There can be no doubt about this as we are still here doing our thing. In addition, those experiences have developed our character and made us much stronger as people, whether we realize this or not.

And it is exactly on this foundation that we will begin to build.


“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

— T. S. Eliot —

Exploring The Unknown — Extension or Projection 

When exploring the unknown, we all have our own individual experiences and realizations which we have gained during the course of our lives. So the foundation on which we build will be different for each of us. There is no advantage or disadvantage with this, as we are all beginning anew with a new state of mind and frame of reference.

The important thing to recognize is that we possess all that we need to advance in any direction of our lives right this moment. This very Essence within ourselves is what will propel us forward without any effort or strain, once we remove our self-made barriers and get out of our own way.

For a moment, let us discuss what these barriers are. The form of which any barrier takes is not the issue, as it is merely a projection of how we have arranged some of the stuff in our lives, based on our perceptions and beliefs. Perceptions and beliefs fortunately can be changed.

Anything which is at variance with our very Essence is a lie that gets “projected” on our Screen of Life. This becomes our life story, which we not only defend because we have bought into it hook, line, and sinker, but we will actually die for those perceptions and beliefs; as many have.

We actually do die for them, which is evidenced by our suffering and sacrifice, as well as our perceiving others as enemies to be feared. Anytime we limit our options because we refuse to question our limiting beliefs, we are digging our own graves, so to speak. Even though Henry David Thoreau was misquoted as to what he actually wrote in his book “Walden”, which actually said,“the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation”, which fits in with what I am saying here quite well.

But I like even better the aphorism with which he is often credited which is, “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and die with their song still inside them”. Although this is not what he wrote in “Walden”, it accurately describes how we shortchange ourselves by neglecting to recognize the Essence of Who We Really Are.

So how do we escape from this self-imposed trap in which we are caught? Well, since projection just replicates the false ideas and beliefs which we hold, and provides the very perceptions and images we view moment-to-moment, it would be wise to take another approach.

Granted, we see what we see, so we are not going to easily give up believing what is apparently in plain sight. What we have to do is trick ourselves a bit. The part of our mind which has bought into all of this nonsense needs to be rearranged. It is similar to rearranging the furniture in our living rooms in order to change the feel and atmosphere.

Instead of projecting, let’s try extending. This is something that we may not be familiar with at all, but it is a part of who we are. When we live from our Essence, we extend from that Inner Space. To be able to do this it is imperative to eliminate the false images and lies which block our view. When we do this, our Vision will be clear.

It is only with a clear Vision that we are able to extend our true qualities which are based on peace, love, and joy. As I mentioned in a previous post, we are either expressing love or asking for love. Those are the only two (2) options available.

The Choice between Love or Fear

All of this is really a choice we make, whether conscious or not, between love and fear. Before I get further into this, let me share a video, which you can find on YouTube by a comedian by the name of Bill Hicks, who I consider was way ahead of his time with what he shared in his comedy routines in the 1980s and 1990s. This segment is called, “Positive Drug Story”.

Before You Watch Be FOREWARNED:

Now if you are offended by the F*** word and other colorful language please Do Not watch this, because Bill is rather blunt in his presentation of his worldview. But he does present some rather valuable insights within what can be considered a vulgar comedy routine.

In any event, we must learn to stop accepting the impossible as true. It simply isn’t practical to assume that we can attain happiness and joy within our lives when we continue to agree that anger and fear can help us in any way. Anger and fear repel all which is desirable from us, and attract to us all the negative aspects of life.

For some odd reason, we bought into the idea that anger and fear can protect us from hurtful outside influences. This is simply not true. When we are centered and have a mindset based on truth and expansion, there isn’t anything that can knock us off balance.

The choice between love or fear is actually a choice between truth or illusion. The illusion is composed of lies that we have accepted about ourselves, others, and the world. We do live in a safe and loving Universe, but it does not appear so when our minds are filled with misperceptions based on our many doubts and fears.

So this is a large part of the process of “undoing”, or more appropriately “forgetting”. Exploring The Unknown

Exploring The Unknown — Let’s Forget so that we can Remember

Forgetting is a process of letting go of the many lies, untruths, misperceptions, and false self-projected images which we cherish so dearly for one reason or another. When we are willing to let them go, we are now positioned to allow ourselves the opportunity to substitute or replace these beliefs and ideas with concepts and thoughts which actually get us going in the direction where we desire to go.

Once they are replaced, it is not so difficult to forget all the previous hurts, tragedies, and resentments which we have carried along with us for so long. Without this process of forgetting, there is no way we will be willing to let this stuff go. Any hurts or injustices we have experienced are just too tightly embraced by what we perceive to be our justified anger and judgment. “This happened; they are to blame; that’s just the way it is; anyone can see that”, are merely a few of the ideas which occupy our minds when reflecting on past hurts.

Now this process of forgetting, or substituting more life-enhancing thoughts and beliefs for fear-based anger and resentment, is a conscious choice. Are we willing to let go in order to experience more joy and happiness?

Unfortunately for us, often the answer is “no”. We have so many reasons why others or even ourselves deserve our hate and resentment, and we have held on for so long, that we are just not willing to release these thoughts and feelings. There is a part of us that still feels that this type of negativity will get us what we want eventually, and protect us for the time being.

Just being conscious of all of this, which we have previously hidden away in some dark corners of our minds, will increase our awareness and over time urge us to let go. But what about now? Even though it hurts to let go, can we speed us this process?

This is where forgetting so we can remember comes in. In order to make the transition from insanity to sanity a bit more bearable, there is a need to not just fill in the gaps with some feel-good thoughts, but to actually “Remember”.

What is it that we should remember? Well, Who we really Are is a good start. When we got plopped down here on this planet, there are certain things we chose to forget, and the majority of our experiences along the way assisted greatly in concealing our True Identity.

Regardless of how deeply it may be currently buried, there is an Essence and Brilliance within each one of us, which is just screaming for our attention and wanting to come forth. This is what we need to Remember so that we can release it. Actually, all we need to do is provide the willingness and space (by letting go and forgetting), and the rest will be taken care of for us. Exploring The Unknown

When we are in fear we are desperately asking for love. Otherwise, all we want is to Be and express love.

Exploring The Unknown — It’s All Good Already

I can’t help to remember what this Asian healer and martial arts teacher mentioned to me a few years back. He was visiting the USA from China, and after the class he was teaching, we were talking about personal and spiritual development, and he just looked at me and said in his broken English, “It’s good already”.

So there is no need to stress about any of this as you allow your awareness to grow and expand. There is so much to experience in the here and now, which will fill our days with contentment and gratitude. When we are humble and appreciate what we have, we open ourselves to all the goodness which is currently surrounding us.

We owe it to ourselves and others to “forget to remember” as we explore the unknown. Only then can we discover that it is the only thing worth knowing. Knowledge automatically arrives when we clear our vision, and allow ourselves to See. This is something that cannot be adequately explained, but can most definitely be experienced.

I would love to have your thoughts and comments on this and let me know whenever I can assist.

Allow yourself to be Guided to your very own Self Discoveries,


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22 thoughts on “Exploring The Unknown — An Adventure You Will Never Forget”

  1. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for this wonderful article about exploring the unknown adventure which we will never forget. I enjoyed a lot and learned a lot from this article. Sometimes we choose fear instead of love.But we should always think about it, there is no benefit if we fear in life. We always should take a challenge.

    • Thanks so much for your thoughts and sharing on this.  Yes our challenges just open us up more to reveal how much we have to offer to others when we choose love over fear.  All the Best.

  2. Thank you for your very interesting and expiring article. I agree that it’s already good, but I think it’s not so easy to live at this “already good” level all the time if we don’t have full realization of it. So, some processes like meditation, self-inquiry, etc., are important to have this full realization that it is already good. What do you think?

    • Thanks Sandy for your comments.  “Good Already” is part of the self inquiry process and is there waiting for us whenever we are ready to accept it.  There’s no rush as we are all arriving.  All the Best.

  3. Change is not easy especially if you are looking at something long-term. Fear is what creeps into us when we are about to make that jump. That is the time we start questioning and convince ourselves to postpone the change to another date.

    I totally agree that perceptions and beliefs can be totally changed. We do not need to remain where others have put us, or where we have put ourselves into. We should not imagine we are less than or incapable of doing stuff. If others have done it, why not us? It is just a matter of choice!

    Thank you for such an inspiring and insightful article.

    • Thanks Carol for your thoughts on this.  When we change our beliefs just a bit we open up ,many more opportunities for ourselves.  All the Best.

  4. Well, after very first look my mind started to prepare me for some sort of “ufo” or extraordinary stories BUT after reading a little bit further, I realized the post is about affiliate marketing or ways to earn money at home but not so ordinary way. And that was honestly what made me read the whole story and kept myself focused on it. Also not forget to mention, it was what I liked the most in this article. The article was fun, fascinating and informative in its entirety, I would say! 
    Kind regards -Jesse

  5. You hit the nail right on the head with this article.  We are brought up and taught all our lives how we should live them.  Get an education.  Get more of an education.  Get a job.  Get a better job.  The 9-5 attitude is all that is really presented from the outset.  Anything different leads to fear as it isn’t what the masses are doing and we fear what our friends and community think of us.  I love your statement that we must stop accepting the impossible as true.  How do we know its impossible?  If we simply extend what we are doing to accept other ways of doing things, we can shift our ingrained perceptions into something completely new and life affirming.

    Hey!  I wish you would have given a link to that video but I’m going to go look it up and have a watch!  Excellent article!

    • Thanks so much for your enlightening thoughts on this.  They are very much appreciated.  It is so important to Re-Learn “how” to think instead of buying into “what” to think by all the so called experts and authorities out there. All the Best.

  6. On seeing this post, I thought it was a review to another book but I was astonished to see all the intelligence you have to offer here. I see that its true when you say we accept fear and anger as a way of protecting ourselves. But now I know all that isn’t true and we need to substitute or replace this thought and mindset. This is inspiring and I feel I need to share it.

  7. I’ve had a nice time reading through post and I could relate very well to the first section. When I’m faced with problems I love to tackle it that moment. Facing these problems have made me become a stronger person and I feel there is no limit for me anymore. I’d suggest we all explore our strength when faced with problems. I’d love to see the suggested movie and come give a feedback on it. Thanks for this post. 

    • Thanks Dane for your insights on this.  Yes we do become stronger when we face whatever problems or challenges we meet head on.  All the Best.

  8. Thank you Joseph for this insightful topic.

    This is something we face every day in life. for example, getting married, making a life-long commitment, taking a major investment step, starting a business and so on.

    i would like to share something that might also help with this. let’s say for instance, i want to make a life-changing decision, take that leap of faith into the unknown. I think doing an in-depth study on the possible outcomes of whatever i am about to get involved in would really go a long way in alleviating the doubts and fears. Knowing the possible benefits and effects my intended step might produce. Weigh them and make a decision. 

    I once came across a quote that says, in summary, What we need to do to eliminate stress in our lives, is to make that decision and go for it. instead of thinking so much on it, brooding on it, and finally not doing anything about it.

    Just take that step and be done with it.

    I hope i communicated something. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you.

    • Thanks Mariam.  I appreciate your thoughts.  You are so very correct in doing your research and due diligence on whatever decision needs to be made, and then just go for it.  Adjustments can be made along the way as needed.  When we pause and reflect for just a moment we realize that all the anxiety and stress is not a result of the effects of making a decision, whatever the effects/results may be, but the stress we create for ourselves just worrying about what may happen prior to the decision.     All the Best.   

  9. This was a very real insightful article, I myself struggle often with the inner limitations in my head telling me I can not do something. I have been able to push myself past the fears and move on and do what I once thought couldn’t be done.

    Thank you for sharing this I will bookmark and come back to read more from you.

  10. When we change our beliefs, we can open up many opportunities for ourselves. This is what I learn from your article. Thanks a lot.


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