In A Moment Of Time — The Miracle Appears

There is no need to wait for our special moments, or the miracles we seek. They are actually right here and right now. Our vision is just a bit fuzzy. All of this can change in a moment of time.In A Moment Of Time

Let’s explore a few ideas and insights designed to hasten the process of waking up and clearing up our vision. This stuff is not to be figured out but merely experienced.

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

— Francis of Assisi — 

In A Moment Of Time — So Many Special Moments

We merely have to think back a bit too- many of our experiences in life, both good and bad and see that we are responsible for our growth. No matter how much of a roller coaster ride our lives may have been, and may still be now, there are gems within those experiences to be mined and used to fuel our growth.

By leaving the labels off these many experiences, and just having them be an occurrence in time, we can use these moments in a way that benefits us now and into the future. Having worked for many years in the mental health field, I have met many wonderful people who have had some really crazy and hurtful experiences.

As always, it is our choice how we respond to them. Depression is a condition I have found amongst those who only focus on what is wrong, without allowing themselves to aware of some of the more worthwhile things which have occurred, and are currently taking place in their lives. We have the Choice of how we Focus our Minds.  We are the Captain of our vessel.

So no matter how we choose to label them, we all have had many special moments in our lives. Good or bad, happy or sad, painful or peaceful, etc., are just experiences in our lives. No matter how or why they arrived, we have always had the choice of how to respond to them.

These moments are not special because of their labels, whether positive or negative, but they are special because they are learning devices intended to be used to Wake Ourselves Up to our very Essence, which is pure Love and Joy. Again, this is not an intellectual endeavor to be figured out. It requires us to position ourselves in a way that provides the right atmosphere and conditions for us to Experience who we really are beyond the falsity of the images we have placed upon ourselves and others.

Gratitude and Forgiveness In A Moment Of Time

Being grateful for whatever we have, and the fullness of life which currently exists even if we refuse to see is a step in the direction that will lead us to break free from our self-imposed prisons. Add to this forgiveness of ourselves and others for what we perceive to be real, but are merely projections based on our uncertainty and fear, and we are now positioning ourselves in a more favorable light to experience some knowledge and revelation.

This is a most amazing journey within ourselves to discover that things are not what they seem to be. All the fear and suffering fall away when we truly realize that we and our companions along the way are of good intent. We are either expressing love or asking for it. The craziness we observe “out there” is merely the result of our fears, plus the guilt we hold for having misplaced our love and joy, and having substituted it for mistrust and anger toward ourselves, others, and the world.  In A Moment Of Time

When we eventually forgive ourselves, we will be most willing to forgive others as well, as at this point we will have experienced the relief of letting go, and allowing the Presence of Who We Are to filter through. Gratitude and forgiveness will get us there because this is what will awaken us to actually perceive our misperceptions, and allow our greater knowledge to come through.

Don’t get me wrong.  This is not an easy process to be sure.  Facing up to the lies and illusions we have bought into and even cherish to an extent, will definitely be a challenge to let go.  One thing to keep in mind is that is takes infinitely more effort, and is much more stressful, to keep up the facade, than it does to deal with the uncertainty and just let go.  Again this needs to be experienced and not merely thought about.

In a Moment of Time, All is Possible

By no means does this have to take a long time to occur. All of this is waiting for us right here and now. When we are imprisoned by false perceptions and beliefs, we do not know any better, because we see what we see and have projected on our Screen of Existence. But this screen of existence is what keeps up trapped.

Understanding this will lead the way for us to experience a whole new life that is based on joy, not suffering. When we experience this, the lights are turned on and the darkness disappears. And it disappears in a mere moment because the veil has been pierced and the cloud cover has dissolved.

Now in a linear fashion, this may appear to take some “time” to dissolve, but it is all happening right now. Joy is available right this moment. When we Know this to be True, we will experience it.

One way to hasten the process is to live from Joy right now by being willing to forgive. There is so much to acknowledge around us right now, which for one reason or another (limiting beliefs that keep the blinders on) we refuse to see, which will bring us the happiness and joy we so desire. The reason for this is that we Are that happiness and joy, or to better sum it up, “Love”.

In one brief moment, our lives are transformed into Who we really Are. There is nowhere to go, and nothing to get. We have it right this moment. It is our very Essence, Being, and Birthright.

A Process of Letting Go

The reason all this can be transformed in just a moment of time is that we have no need to add things, but to let them go. The false data and misinformation which we have gathered and believed to be hard facts, instead of mere perceptions of what we think is there, are what we need to choose to release.

Just like we do the spring cleaning process and empty out the closets and garage of needless clutter, we now get to release the useless clutter from our minds. This will allow us to see with a new Vision of Reality.

“The real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” — Marcel Proust —

So let us all endeavor to see with new eyes so that we can truly recognize the clues which exist all around us, which will serve to awaken us to our true Beingness beyond all the shadows and false images. This new sight is not with our physical eyes which tend to mislead us, but with our inner vision which has access to the knowledge and joy which we all truly seek, and is abundantly available right this moment when we ask correctly.
And at that point, we suddenly realize that it was not a miracle at all, but merely a reawakening of How Things Really Are and Always Have Been.

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Always remember to Forgive & Forget,


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In A Moment Of Time

12 thoughts on “In A Moment Of Time — The Miracle Appears”

  1. This is very interesting. I thought about the same thing when I retired.
    I gave up what I loved doing and it’s not something I could still do unless I got back into the work force.
    But I do love to write and do affiliate marketing so that’s the path I choose now and what I am happy with it.
    I actually wrote books as well so out of 3 careers that I was involved in, I’m still doing one that I love to do.
    Being grateful and appreciative is what life is all about.
    We all have to live in the moment.
    Life is about choices, wouldn’t you say?

  2. Hmm, seeing not only with the physical eyes but with the aid of the inner vision. This can help us see possibilities all around us. It’s true that many times we face depression and we tend to focus on the bad things rather than think about the good things that have happened in the past. We tend to be unforgiving for our own mistakes and show less gratitude to what we’ve achieved. This is a 

  3. Thank you. I agree that forgiving yourself is very important. For me it did go that way when I worked on the self-forgiveness it helped me feel more forgiving and understanding of others.  I don’t have anything really wise to say about the idea of letting go of the idea of the present moment. I think I suffer a lot and I feel a lot of frustration. I guess it’s hard to explain but instead of trying to think that I need to feel another way like thinking that I need to feel Constant Joy I allow my feelings to come and go. I there I just give it space and let it stay and I guess some people call that practicing allowing. What I found is that happiness comes and goes too and sometimes I need to let happiness go and allow whatever else is coming up to come up instead of resisting everything except happiness. I don’t know if there is a state of being of total constant Bliss and if you have found it then I think that’s wonderful. Whatever works for you then that’s great.

    • Thanks Charles.  When let let go of resistance we are able to let things flow.  It is just a matter to let all thoughts and feelings flow without feeling a need to label them this or that.  Living in the moment is experiencing whatever comes up and just letting it flow through.  Thanks for your thoughts on this and All the Best.

  4. Thanks, Joeseph for this wonderful article!

     I have often found that we tend to hold on to stuff in our lives to feel more comfortable because we think it is the way we need to be, and then along comes someone or something to help us to know it can be different, that is what this article does for people it also gives practical ways to change and become comfortable in our new selves.

     I have said for many years “Your attitude determines your altitude” adapted from Ziglar. I find it to be true in every aspect of my life.



  5. Thanks for this inspirational post, reading this I realized that my mindset has began to shift for better and become more positive and I actually feel better and I believe keeping the right mindset and the right emotional state, it won’t take long before one will figure a way to overcome the tough situation we find ourselves and make the best out of it 

    • Thanks so much and I am happy that you have found so peace of mind.  All the Best to You and thanks so much for your comments.


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