Where Is Alberobello Italy

Where is Alberobello Italy? Well, in addition to being in Italy, this small town is located in the southern part of the country. It is a segment of the municipality of the Metropolitan City of Bari in the Apulia region.

Where Is Alberobello Italy

The meaning of Alberobello is “beautiful tree” and it is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. It is known for its traditional dry stone huts and buildings known as “trullo”.

A Bit of History on Alberobello

It was in the early 16th century that the area now known as Alberobello began to be occupied. A local count allowed about forty (40) families to settle there and cultivate the land with the duty to give him 1/10 of the crops.

In 1635 an inn and tavern were constructed and a few small houses were built. Because of the large bounty of limestone and karst, the area grew rapidly.

The town center was built near the Cana River. In 1797 this small village was elevated to the status of a royal city. No longer were the villagers under the obligation and servitude of the counts. That same year the first mayor was elected.

Alberobello is considered the cultural capital of trulli of the Itria Valley. It is the only inhabited area with an entire district of trulli.

Where Is Alberobello Italy — Some Interesting Facts

  • the city has a little over 10,000 residents
  • the trulli of Alverobello have had the designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996
  • the streets within the village are hilly and very narrow
  • the pace of life here is very relaxing and slow
  • the town is known for its small historical houses called Trullo. They are conical roofed whitewashed structures.
  • the residents no longer reside in the trulli as they are now used as restaurants, souvenir shops, and unique accommodations for visitors. There are over 1500 trulli that are preserved and restored.
  • a two (2) hour walking tour through the village will provide much information about history and culture
  • tourism is the main industry
  • the souvenir shop, il trullo più piccolo, is the smallest trullo in the village

Things to Do in Alberobello

  • Rione Monti Quarter — this area is within the “trulli zone” and is a must see. Up a short hill and you are surrounded by over 1000 trulli. There are plenty of gift shops and this is a great place to meet some locals and learn more about the culture and history of this area. It is relaxing to wander about and take in the experience. Shop owners are very friendly and engaging.
  • il Trullo Più Piccolo District — a very interesting souvenir shop
  • Rione Aia Piccola District — this area has around 500 trulli and is much less commercialized. Great views of the area and is a great place to meet locals.
  • Walking Tour — this two (2) hour tour takes you through the two neighborhoods filled with trulli
  • Trullo Sovrano — this small town heritage museum is the only two-story trullo in the village. It contains much history about the village and surrounding area.
  • Food Tour — on this two (2) hour tour you not only learn much about the village but get to sample many culinary delights along the way such as local cheeses, cured meat, and Primitivo wine. Also, try a Pasqualino, a sandwich invented by Pasquale Dell’Erba in 1966. He was a local shop owner who put together this combination of salami, cheese, capers, and tuna fish. The best gelato in town is at Arte Fredda. Also, check out the street market along Via Barsento on Thursday mornings.
  • Cooking Class — create a traditional four-course meal with a local in her home, and then enjoy the meal while learning more about the culture and the area.
  • Sant’Antonio Church — this is the only trullo church in the world constructed in 1927
  • Casa d’Amore — a main figure in the local uprising against the Acquaviva family tyranny, Francesco d’Amore, built this structure which symbolizes the end of the feudal period
  • Trullo Siamese — this is the only trullo that has two (2) adjoined domes and two (2) entrances. It is currently a souvenir shop located on Via Monte Nero
  • Santuario di Santi Medici Cosma e Damiano — dedicated to the Saints Medici Cosma and Damiano this church contains relics of both. There is an annual pilgrimage to the church.
  • The Best Viewpoints — as one wanders about the village many interesting locations are discovered with excellent views. Here are an additional few to check out.

Casolare Panoramica — a sign outside a trullo souvenir shop indicates that you can get free access to the top of their building for excellent views of the area. It just requires a purchase of any item.

Belvedere Santa Lucia — here you get a panoramic view of the Rione Monte area and it is located adjacent to Chiesa di Santa Lucia. Early morning and sunset are the best times.

Bar Rione Monti — this bar has views over Rione Monti and is a great way to enjoy the scenery while having a cocktail.

Villa Comunale Belvedere — this tree-lined area provides excellent views over the trulli

Where Is Alberobello Italy — Why Visit?

Where Is Alberobello Italy

Once we ask the question of where is Alberobello Italy, we can then decide if this is a destination worth visiting. This is a very unique place with a very interesting story to tell.

Early morning and late afternoon are the best times to visit to avoid the tourist crowds if planning a day visit. This is also a very relaxing place to hang out for a few days to wander about and absorb the culture.

There are several options for accommodations with hotels, Airbnb, bed and breakfasts, and guest houses. Places are available to meet all budgets.

The Trullieu Guesthouse is a quiet location and a very affordable option to stay in a trullo.

For a more luxurious option, the Astra, run by Giuseppe & Anna-Maria, is a 16th-century trullo in a very romantic and peaceful setting.

A mid-range option is the Grand Trulli Bed & Breakfast. It has two floors with an outdoor terrace and includes breakfast.

Another high-end option is II Trullo dell’ Agricoltore which combines a trullo experience with much Italian charm.

Airbnb trulli include I Trulli di nonna Toto, Hermanas Relais, and II Trullo della Massaia.

The village can be accessed by car, bus, or train.

There are also several organized tours available from other parts of the region.

This is most definitely a place to consider exploring on a trip to Italy. Now when someone asks where is Alberobello Italy we not only can give the location but provide them with some interesting information as well.

Happy Travels,

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Where Is Alberobello Italy

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  1. I had the pleasure of visiting Alberobello, Italy, and this article truly captures its charm! Walking through the Rione Monti and Rione Aia Piccola districts surrounded by the iconic trulli was a lifetime experience. The detailed guide on things to do, like the Trullo Sovrano museum and the delicious food tour, brought back so many memories. If you’re looking for a unique, historical, and picturesque destination, Alberobello is definitely a must-visit. 


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