The Law Of Least Effort – Do Less & Create More

In this crazy world of ours, there are a few universal principles which guide us along the way.  Water is wet, rocks are hard, and gravity does exist. But some of the more subtle principles of life, we either tend to ignore or not value as highly as  maybe we should. The Law of the Least Effort happens to be one of these.  


Is Working Hard All That Great?

As far back as I can remember, I was told to work hard. This message came from many directions including parents, teachers, government, and the media to name a few.

But if we are lucky, we finally figure out that this is really not the ticket to a fun and fulfilling life.

Working hard seems like the theme of all mantras as far as jobs and businesses are concerned. But is it necessarily the right thing to do? I remember reading a quote from someone saying if working hard was all that great, rich folks would have most definitely kept it to themselves.


The Irony of Working Hard

While many successful people do work hard, I have found that the people who have attained a high level of success and have balanced out there lives by giving attention to all departments of their life, are the most fulfilled. They are able to create prosperity and abundance financially, without sacrificing their family life, health, or hobbies.

When we are just t focused on working hard to make a lot of loot, we ignore so many signals for us to slow down and enjoy the ride. We are then ripe for the entry of overwhelm and stress into our lives.

We often end up working hard, and at the same time feeling that we never do enough. Instead of focusing on all that we have accomplished, and acknowledging ourselves for it, we end up frustrated by what we have not got done as yet.

Going back to that 80-20 rule I mentioned in a previous post, also known as the Pareto principle, twenty (20) per cent of our efforts account for eighty (80) per cent of our results. I would also include some of our mistakes and corrections in that twenty (20) per cent.

So in some respects working hard can be self-defeating, especially when we are working hard for the sake of working hard. No matter how hard we work, if we do not have an accurate plan and a success mindset, we will find ourselves spinning our wheels. We will always feel that we did not do enough.

Taking It Easy

Enjoying the journey each day allows us to take it easy, and get even more done when we need. At this point we are not “trying” to succeed, but we “know” that our success is assured, because we are going after exactly what we desire, and we are confident we are on the right path.

Many years ago I was told that if it wasn’t fun, don’t do it. As a result, I have endeavored to live my life by that, and have had many fun businesses, jobs, and relationships along the way.

It is much more efficient to spend several hours thinking and planning our day, than spending ten (10) times the effort in doing stuff that is not organized. The most effort we should spend is in our mind, planning out what to do. Then when we take action, we are best utilizing our time and efforts.

Allowing Ourselves To Succeed

When we apply the Law of the Least Effort, we position ourselves to succeed because we focus on the tasks we enjoy, and also the tasks which will get us to our destination most efficiently. We stop getting in our own way, and move forward with confidence. We deal with challenges as they come along, and don’t try to avoid them.

It also more important what we do, rather than how we do it. Staying busy does not get it, if we are not working on things that will bring us results. So hard work for the sake of hard work is not where it’s at.

When we know what results we want, we can then plan and organize our schedule to maximize our efforts. When we truly enjoy what we are doing, time is not an issue, and nothing is hard. Choose the easy way!

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Enjoy the journey, and if it isn’t fun, don’t do it!



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