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How To Retire With A Purpose

It is extremely important to retire with a purpose even if it is to take things easy and enjoy life. The main ingredient is to have clarity on why we are retiring beyond any age factor or thinking it is just the thing to do at this point in life.Retire With A Purpose

Obviously, some folks are forced to retire because of company policies but that is not always the case. Given a person’s health and willingness to work, most people have the choice to work beyond traditional retirement ages if they so desire.

Let’s explore some retirement planning ideas so that we retire with a purpose-driven mindset.



Retire with a Purpose — Many Hidden and Not So Hidden Benefits

“Don’t simply retire from something; have something to retire to.”

Harry Emerson Fosdick

When we retire with a purpose we have eliminated much of the fear and anxiety related to change. Whenever we have a major event in our lives or a change of any kind, stress and anxiety often appear.

In order to eliminate this, it is important to let go of the need for things having to be a certain way based on “borrowed ideas” of what retirement is supposed to look like. These traditional models of retirement no longer apply for many reasons including changes in retirement plans as well as people living longer and healthier lives.

Let’s explore a few ideas of how to not only retire with a purpose but to stay fully engaged in life in a positive way that benefits all with whom we associate in any way.

Life is much too precious not to play full out…

  • be clear “why” we are retiring
  • never stop learning
  • stay goal-oriented
  • discover and follow our passion
  • discover and fully embrace our life purpose
  • forgive ourselves and others for past mistakes
  • share our experiences and knowledge with others
  • have a sense of humor
  • welcome the “unexpected” as a gift
  • be grateful for all we have now and all that is on its way to us both tangible and intangible
  • create a comfortable home base even if it’s an RV moving down the road
  • always have an inspiring reason to get up in the morning

There are many more benefits I can state but suffice it for now that we are able to retire with a purpose that makes sense to us, and will be of value to others as well. Beyond all of this, the main hidden benefit is how we continue to grow and expand in all areas of our lives.

Retire with a Purpose — A Little Research and Planning

It does require a little research and planning to retire with a purpose. But this can be a fun activity. Beyond the “how” and “what” in regard to setting things up is also the “why”. When we are clear on why we are retiring all else falls into place.

Given our specific circumstances, we may retire at 40 years old. Many people even retire earlier than that. But to ensure our quality of life we need to have our “why” in place. This gives us our purpose as well as the emotional fuel to continue to grow and expand as a person of influence who is making a positive difference in the world.

After doing some research, planning, and inner contemplation we will soon discover how we can best inspire ourselves and others. This does not need to be on any large scale. There are meaning and value in the smallest as well as largest contributions we make on a daily basis.

Living with purpose is beyond fame, glory, and money and instead cuts to the heart of sharing what we truly believe and expressing our unique gifts. For example, a smile to a stranger at the right moment can mean so much more than closing a large business transaction.

It is important for us to know “why” we are doing what we are doing so we can live life full out in the most effective and efficient way. Retirement is not about slowing down or speeding up but being who we were always meant to be.

Retirement as a New BeginningRetire With A Purpose

The latter part of our life is more of a new beginning rather than merely an ending of a job or career and then being put out to pasture. Which of those alternatives sounds more appealing? I’m sure it is a no-brainer, and that is why it is so important to have clarity around how to retire with a purpose.

When we retire with a purpose we not only make better financial decisions, but we create the ideal retirement lifestyle that we deserve based on our specific desires and goals. When we have a mindset that revolves around being happy and staying fully engaged in life then anything is possible.

Practical things tend to fall in place as we are intuitively let to do the research necessary as needed. Things like health savings accounts, ensuring money will last through retirement with good financial planning, proper Medicare supplements, long-term care, Roth IRAs, Social Security benefits, dealing with inflation, and the many other topics dealing with a retired life are handled effectively and efficiently as part of our daily routine on a step-by-step basis.

Embracing the Present Moment

We let go of worry and stress and value the present moment for all it offers. The time is Now and always has been. Anything else is merely a thought form based on past or future imaginings that may or may not serve us well.

So let us now embrace this Present Moment fully as we confidently retire with a purpose of vision, positive expectation, excellence, unconditional love, unlimited integrity, overflowing enthusiasm, prosperity, creativity, and a magical sense of life and all it offers.

These are not just words or hopeful happenings, but rather qualities and values that we possess right this very moment. In many cases, we have merely forgotten that they are there. But no longer is this the case. Right now, we make the decision to live a life of unlimited curiosity of discovering our true potential and expressing our talents and gifts in ways that benefit all with whom we interact.

This is how to retire with a purpose at any age. With a little planning and determination, our visions become the reality that we desire.

May we all live purposeful lives,

Joseph William

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  1. I think I am almost more busy now since I have retired, then when I was working.  I can’t seem to get everything done in the day.  I make lists and work my way down them….but my lists are long LOL.  One thing I really did not consider when  I retired was the financial aspect.  I will be fine, but I sure would like to have more fun money.

    • Thanks so much Leahrae for your thoughts. I agree. I am busier now than ever, but fortunately with enjoyable stuff. All the Best. 


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