Make Money After Retiring

Although there are folks who are quite comfortable financially after retirement, there is a significant segment of the population who would very much like making money after retiring. This can be for a number of reasons. 

Many people find it challenging making ends meet and have some funds left over with which to enjoy themselves. After all, most of us would really like to relax and do stuff we like to do now that we have the time after a lifetime of labor. Whether we enjoyed our job or business during our working years is not the point here.

We quickly discover, if we have not already done so, that money is freedom and makes our life a lot more fun, tranquil, and harmonious.

Bottom Line: Money Is Important

As indicated previously there are specific reasons we desire more money. It allows us to do things, when we want to do them. It allows us to enjoy ourselves, as well as be in a position to do things for others. Some may think that Ayn Rand, the Russian/American novelist and philosopher, was harsh when she stated something about helping the poor by not being one of them. But it is a lot easier to be generous when we are financially secure ourselves.

I have found the key to making money is to add value to the lives of others, and then we are automatically taken care of. When we provide a valuable service, people will benefit and want to spend money with us. People recognize that it is to their advantage to do business with us.

When we have as our focus helping others solve their challenges/problems through our product or service, making money is a no brainer. It is the natural outcome of our efforts to do good.

Many Ways To Make Money

Of course there are numerous ways to make money when retired, as there was before retirement. I see many people working in retail positions, as security guards, do handyman tasks, consulting in areas of their expertise, etc. And for some folks this works well for them.  They desire making a few extra bucks/or more, and then head on home, or just have an activity that gets them out of the house.

On the other hand, for many of us like myself, I have chosen to be un-retired because I choose to earn money doing things I really like to do. All that I currently do is like a hobby to me in business and non profit work. And for those who would like to increase their income and enjoy the process, I am here to verify that this is entirely possible for “You”.

Here is an article I wrote called Baby Boomers and Marketing, which outlines a few ideas of how to get started earning some additional income.

Opportunity Is Everywhere

Once you tune into the possibilities of creating and designing a lifestyle which you truly desire, you will find yourself on a totally different wavelength, where you will notice opportunities which before you would have simply walked by and ignored. They would have been invisible to you.

One of the main reasons that I am an Un-Retired Entrepreneur is because there are just so many ways of making a difference in the lives of others, while creating prosperity and abundance for all involved. This has become a lifetime journey for me. It is never ending.

Recognizing Our Value

The really cool thing about all of this is not only the fact that we can make money and enjoy ourselves along the way, but it is who we become in the process which is the most beneficial factor. Each of us brings a unique set of values, abilities, skills, and creativeness to the table. Discovering how we can utilize what we have to benefit our self and others is a real eye-opening experience for many of us.

Whether retired, thinking about it, or nowhere near retirement, discovering our true value in this crazy world of ours opens up so many doors which we never even realized existed. It’s hard to walk through a door we don’t even see. If you are at a point in your life that making a few extra bucks/or even more, makes sense, then make a decision to commit to yourself that you will discover your true value, which you can then share with others, and thus benefit them greatly.

Here is a Review of a very viable vehicle which may very well be the Unseen Door!

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