Review: Travel Blog Success

Travel Blog Success Review  Blogging on the Move

Name: Travel Blog Success

Price: $297.00 or you could pay $87 per month for Four (4) months

Owners: Dave Lee & Michael Tieso

Rank: 95 out of 100

Travel Blog Success

Product Overview

This online course in the travel niche is geared to both beginners and experienced bloggers. The course shows you the ins and outs of travel blogging, as well as instructing you on how to monetize your blog.

I personally enjoy blogging so I will give you enough info on this course so that you can make a decision on whether this may be for you or not.

A Little Background

It was started by Dave Lee and Michael Tieso. Michael is still an active part of this community, although no longer part of the Travel Blog Success group.

This is basically a training program that takes you by the hand and teaches you all you need to know to set up a blog in the travel space. For the $297 Lifetime Membership, you receive basic and advanced training in how to effectively be a travel blogger.

You receive a good understanding of the travel industry while learning to monetize your blog to create income sources.

So What Do You Get?    Travel Adventure

Core Course #1: The Fundamentals of Travel Blogging

Six (6) Modules/30 Lessons

Module One (1): The Foundation of Your Travel Blog

Module Two (2): The Technical Set Up for Your Blog

Module Three (3): How to Create Great Content

Module Four (4): Other Forms of Content (videos, podcasts, images etc.)

Module Five (5): Promoting your Blog

Module Six (6): Building Success

Core Course #2: Advanced Travel Blogging

Module One (1): Transitioning from Hobby to Business

Module Two (2): Practicalities in Running a Blog Business

Module Three (3): Brand Partnerships Through Your Blog

Module Four (4): Earning Income Through Your Blog

Module Five (5): Additional Income Opportunities

Module Six (6): The Future of Your Blog

Additional Courses  Travel

They also offer additional courses beyond the main membership to assist you with marketing and scaling your blog. These aren’t necessary to create a successful travel blog, but it is nice to know the info is there if you want it.  There are additional fees for these courses.

The first course teaches you Affiliate Marketing for Beginners ($97), and what products to feature on your blog. It also has a Travel Writing for Bloggers ($97) course to increase your writing skills. The Complete Facebook Marketing Course ($127) teaches you how to build an audience for your blog through Facebook. Videography for Travel Bloggers ($197) will have you creating relevant video content in no time. You will find the right partners for your travel blog through the Bloggers, Brands, and Tourism Board: A Guide successful Partnerships ($197) course. And finally, you can take your writing skills to the next level with Bloggers to Bylines: A Guide to Freelance Writing ($147).

Again, these additional courses are not necessary to bring you blogging success in the travel niche.

Concluding Comments

If you do not have any interest in travel or blogging this is not for you. This is definitely not for everyone.

This is ideal for someone starting out who wants to concentrate on the travel niche or someone who has a travel blog now but isn’t earning the income they desire and wants to learn how to increase profits and take it to another level.

This course will help you narrow down a niche within the travel industry so that you are not competing against the big brands like Expedia.

To succeed as a travel blogger you have to have patience and a strong interest in this area.

There are a lot of travel bloggers out there, but most do not have the drive and experience to make a significant impact in this market.

Travel Blog Success will take you step-by-step in learning how to create a successful travel blog.

It all depends on you and your level of passion and interest. If you are committed to this niche, this is a very valuable resource to have.

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