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Lymphatic System Facts – Bouncing Your Way To Health

As part of the vascular system, the lymphatic system is a critical component of our immune system. These lymphatic system facts will increase your knowledge and enable you to learn ways to detoxify your system.   Lymphatic System

In the 17th century, Thomas Bartholin and Olaus Rudbeck were the first to independently give an overall description of the lymphatic system. Lymph, which is a clear fluid, is carried by lymphatic vessels toward the heart. While the circulatory system is closed, the lymphatic is not a closed system.


What the Lymphatic System Does

Let’s get technical just for a bit. The lymphatic vessel system is a waste removal system. This is key to our health. What it does is the lymph fluid transports proteins and other substances which are not able to be reabsorbed into the blood capillaries.

This is a drainage function that prevents fluid from accumulating in the capillary spaces. These lymph capillaries connect to lymph nodes which are filter depositories for germs and other substances, which then become harmless. The drainage flows through the body into internal and external regions. The lymph vessels then empty into lymphatic ducts which drain into two veins near the junction of the internal jugular veins.

That was a very simplistic explanation of what is going on. If interested, there is much information online and offline on this. But now let’s discuss why we are even talking about this in the first place.


Lymphatic System Facts — A Method of Self Healing

Applied lymphology is about getting oxygen to the cells. When properly activated, the lymphatic vessels eliminate poisons, dead cells, and water around the cells.  This gets the cells into a “Dry State”, which allows the cells to receive oxygen from the bloodstream.

The “Dry State” condition was actually documented between 1930 and 1961 at the Tulane School of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, and Mississippi School of Medicine. The actual researchers were Dr. H.S. Mayerson, Dr. Cecil K. Drinker, and Dr. Arthur C. Guyton.

When our cells are able to receive the required amount of oxygen, disease, loss of energy and pain seem to dissipate. According to this research, the body is able to heal itself given sufficient amounts of oxygen.


Lymphatic System Facts — A Simple Exercise Program

Since my Uncle was a Naturopathic physician I grew up in a world of both traditional and non-traditional healers, so I have always been fascinated with learning more about stuff like this. I discovered information about the healing benefits of the lymphatic system and how it functions in the early 1990s.

lymphatic system facts

Since then, I have made this simple exercise a part of my exercise program and this has served me well.

I have used a Rebounder (Mini-Trampoline) as part of my workout. By bouncing up and down on this, it somehow stimulates the lymphatic system, thereby draining the lymph, and creating a “Dry State” around the cells. This apparently allows the cells to become oxygenated.

Again, I do not fully understand all the specifics about how our bodies actually get this done, but this simple routine of bouncing on the rebounder a few minutes a day has kept me in good health and energized.

Now before you do any sort of exercise check with your primary physician so as not to over-exert yourself, as we are all at different levels of health and at different stages of our life.

I encourage you to do some research on this and decide for yourself.  Here is a link to The Academy of Lymphology which will provide a more in-depth explanation of how all this stuff works.


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    • You’re welcome Norman. Igniting the lymphatic system is a critical component that can be easily applied with the simple process of the mini rebounder or trampoline. Just a few minutes a day has had a tremendous effect on me over the years. All the Best.


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